Welcome to the Power Poll for another week!

1. Brock Lesnar (3)

If this week’s poll is any indication, wrestling fans want to see announcers get beat up and wrestlers demanding things from the General Manager.  Brock Lesnar returns to the top.

2. CM Punk (1)

They also love fake sobriety tests, apparently.  Though I have to admit, CM Punk was EPIC during this segment.  He still flubbed saying the alphabet backwards though.

3. Chris Jericho (NR)

Chris Jericho returns to action, defeating Kofi Kingston on RAW and setting up said fake sobriety test.  I’m sure it was the great match that sent Jericho back into the top 10.

4. Edge (NR)

Want to get into the top 5 on the Power Poll?  Go away for a while then come back.  The voters here LOVE a great comeback.  Hence, Brock Lesnar being in the top 3 every week since he’s been back.  Edge came to RAW to talk sense into John Cena, and he’s sitting at number 4.

5. Lord Tensai (2)

Lord Tensai dominates R-Truth, but fails to continue his Power Poll dominance, dropping 3 to number 5.

6. Sheamus (4)

The World Heavyweight Champion wins in a six-man on SmackDown (the SmackDown that counts towards these is LAST WEEK’s), but loses ground as he’s screwed over, then forced to tap out, by Daniel Bryan.

7. Big Show (10)

Show picked up the victory for his team in said six-man, then picked up the win for his team in a tag match on RAW.

8. Randy Orton (NR) 

The Viper didn’t do much of note on SmackDown, but came to RAW, kidnapped Kane’s father Paul Bearer, and then sent the Big Red Monster fleeing through the crowd.

9. Ryback (9)

Arrive.  Squash Jobber.  Leave.  A holding pattern for Ryback on both SmackDown and the Power Poll.

10. Nikki Bella (NR)

The new WWE Divas Champion rounds out the Power Poll for this week.

Fallen Out Of The Top 10:
Daniel Bryan, Santino Marella, Bobby Rhoode, Brodus Clay

(Last week’s Position)

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