Very late results this week mean a limited edition. But there are some things to be said. Many, actually. But few pictures. Only one wrestler gets an animated gif this week. And for good reason.

1. Edge

Everyone else in the list will be ignored this week. Their rank is included below. What can I say, that hasn’t been said already? I also want to endorse three articles by fellow BWF’ers and the man from TCRLand: Justin Ruff, ThinkSoJoE, and Al Creed. They all do a great job at celebrating the career of the great performer, and why he will leave a hole in the wrestling landscape. And they each do it in their own way. Just click the names of the guys in this paragraph to check out their respective, and respectful, articles. Worth a read!

2. The Miz

3. Alberto Del Rio

4. John Cena

5. R-Truth

6. Sin Cara

7. The Rock

8. Christian

9. Sheamus

10. Sting


Two friends of mine are participating in, which is a fundraising project for NHL fans who follow the sports’ Stanley Cup tradition of growing out their beards for the entirety of their survival in the tournament. It represents aspects of superstition, and team sportsmanship as well. And for ThinkSoJoE and Rich Flynn of Bored Wrestling Fan, it’s about helping to give back to the community of their favorite hockey team, by also growing their own playoff beards and collect money via pledge. Both men represent the Buffalo Sabres hockey club. Here’s what they are raising money for:

The Buffalo Sabres Foundation has chosen to make its primary focus to (1) assist youth hockey initiatives, (2) support children’s health and wellness initiatives, specifically those that serve the underprivileged and handicapped, and (3) provide support to non-profit organizations that provide vital services to those in need in our community.

They are having a friendly little competition between themselves, ThinkSoJoE and Rich Flynn. They are both competing for the same charity, but against each other for fun. Regardless, ALL funds donated to either will go to the Buffalo Sabres Foundation! So everyone is a winner. Please consider donating to either (or both)!

Donate to ThinkSoJoE? Click Here. Donate to Rich Flynn? Click Here.

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