It’s been a while since I posted one of these, and for a reason. More after the jump…

The Power Poll is an online project across multiple websites in which the rankings are amassed during a week that starts on Tuesday and ends at the end of Monday Night RAW. All promotions’ talent is eligible, and the ranking is intended to be based on the most notable contributions of said performer’s actions. It is not limited to matches.

With that being said, I’ve fallen out of the loop of being able to keep up with this project. Therefore, I invite any staff with the BWF or anyone who might be interested in picking up and representing this website’s eligible vote. You can do anything you like with the weekly results, for example, writing a paragraph about the wrestler in question, videos, animated gifs, etc. If you are interested, utilize the comments section below and let us know!

Here’s the results:

1. Alberto Del Rio (1)

2. Mark Henry (NR)

3. Randy Orton (3)

4. CM Punk (2)

5. John Cena (4)

6. Evan Bourne / Kofi Kingston (NR)

7. John Morrison (NR)

8. Daniel Bryan (8)

9. Kevin Nash (9)

10. The Miz / R-Truth (NR)

Fallen Out Of The Top 10:
Christian, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Kelly Kelly

(Last week’s Position)

The Power Poll is a weekly top 10 ranking of wrestlers as voted by members of these wonderful sites:, Future Endeavors, Hit the Ropes, NoVaWPodcast, Oh My WrestleBlog, PIZZABODYSLAM, Pro Wrestling Ponderings, Ringside Rants, RingSideXcess, Smark Out Moment, Smarks Anonymous, With Leather, Wonderpod-Online, The Wrestling Blog,, Wrestling Nuggets and Wrestlespective. Follow the Power Poll voters on Twitter.
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