The Power Poll is an opinion poll conducted each week among various professional wrestling sites to pick out the definitive top ten professional wrestling personalities of the week.

1. Paul Heyman (NR)

Want to hit the top of the Power Poll?  Show up unannounced after being gone for five years.  Welcome back, Paul!

2. Lord Tensai (NR)

Along with the number one contender at Over The Limit, Tensai decimated the WWE Champion on RAW.

3. Chris Jericho (NR)

He may have lost his two WWE Championship opportunities at WrestleMania and Extreme Rules, but can he push World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus Over The Limit now that he’s made his way into the Fatal Four Way?

4. Daniel Bryan (5)

He may not have pinned the WWE Champion, but it’s a victory for Daniel Bryan nonetheless.

5. Sheamus (4)

Sheamus went from having one opponent in Alberto Del Rio at No Way Out to having three.  Taking an RKO on Monday didn’t help his Power Poll rankings either.

6. Alberto Del Rio (NR)

Being named number one contender on Friday and then having it changed to a Fatal Four Way on Monday isn’t exactly what Del Rio wanted, but his work has impressed the Power Pollers regardless.

7. Brodus Clay (NR)

Today’s Mother’s Day.  Somebody call your Momma!

8. Ryback (9)

After weeks of squashing enhancement talent, Ryback steps up to squash Heath Slater.  What’s the difference?  One step on the Power Poll, apparently.

9. Randy Orton (7)

A Brogue Kick from Sheamus on RAW knocked Orton down a few notches, but the comeback RKO and the fact he’s now got a title opportunity at Over The Limit allow Orton to hang on to a top ten slot.

10. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston (6)

The new WWE Tag Team Champions continue their roll and cling to the bottom of the Power Poll.

Fallen Out Of The Top 10:

John Cena, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Layla

(Last week’s Position)

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