The title will be the only sarcastic line. I’ll keep voting, and look at this is a relative position for a while. And that might be for the best as I roll through the most demanding time of the year for my work. So let’s get positive, and check out the results!

Animated gifs are on hold until further notice, or I decide to change the format again. Evil G does things like this. I’ll comment a bit on the final results. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong in my assessment of the ranking!

1. Christian (4)
Nice to see Captain Charisma get the big one. Caught the match later in the week from the PPV, and it was a treat to watch him finally get over considering. Smackdown tonight was not cool. G spits the apple at it.

2. The Rock (NR)
Too much Rock on RAW. I enjoyed it, and I realize he will only appear occasionally and want to milk it…

3. John Cena (2)
New champion.

4. Kofi Kingston (9)

5. The Miz (1)
Not so much.

6. Kharma (NR)
NICE!!!! I fully endorse her breaking into the top ten. I kind of care about the Diva division again. I appreciated a few of them, but this program brings in some potential. It’s awesome to see them use Kong pretty much spot on as they should. Go Kharma!

7. R-Truth (5)
His new heel persona is working out ok. Time will tell, but I am certainly entertained to say the least.

8. John Morrison (6)
It’s all about the beard, and how you grow it. And it’s a good thing Orton bounced over, thus separating the newly-bearded. Morrison has cold-shouldered his way down a couple steps this week…

9. Alberto Del Rio (3)
🙁 As much as I love Christian as champion, I think Del Rio as a champion will be entertaining. His pompous persona will make him so hated, it will rule.

10. Randy Orton (NR)
He had to move his beard this week, and with it cracked the Poll. He will be ranked much higher next week, I’d imagine… BOO!

Fallen Out Of The Top 10:
Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk

(Last week’s Position)

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