Since the show this week is kicking off with the entrance of Hornswoggle, l think I’ll start by building on a thought I had this past Friday night in my SmackDown review.  Hornswoggle and his “father” Finlay are in line for a WWE Tag Team Title match against The Miz and John Morrison.  It was made official on last night’s show, as ECW General Manager Teddy Long gave the family from Ireland official contracts for a title match at Night of Champions.  Here’s what I want to know – why does the ECW General Manager have the authority to book a match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships?  Granted, the champions are ECW superstars, but still, wouldn’t the WWE Tag Team Titles be under the jurisdiction of SmackDown General Manager Vicki Guerrero?  If anything, she should be the one who made the match, with the story being that she wants SmackDown’s titles around the waist of SmackDown superstars.  In any event, the match is official, Finlay and Hornswoggle take on The Miz and Morrison at Night of Champions.

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As stated previously, our opening contest featured Hornswoggle.  He took on Armando Estrada in a comedy match, which featured the use of Super Soakers and marbles.  Hornswoggle, predictably, got the win with the Tadpole Splash, and Estrada is still without a contract.  Yet he can still afford those cuban cigars.  How ’bout that?

Mike Adamle came up with a pretty good nickname for Matt Striker.  The Extreme Educator took on Evan Bourne in a really good back and forth matchup.  Bourne got the win before being attacked by Mike Knox, who takes on Kofi Kingston when we come back from break.  That match is interrupted by “The Natural” Butch Reed “The Gold Standard,” Shelton Benjamin, who attacks Kofi, but inadvertantly hits his dragon whip kick on Mike Knox instead.

Mr. Money In The Bank, C.M. Punk is taking on John Morrison in our main event.  These guys are great in the ring together, and the matches are still so entertaining that it’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since Morrison, then known as Johnny Nitro, defeated Punk at Vengeance for the then-vacated ECW Championship.  Punk takes this one though, hitting the GTS out of nowhere.  With his little threat to Edge on Friday, and a win last night over Morrison, could this finally be the start of the C.M. Punk megapush?  Probably not, since his victory celebration was interrupted by The Miz, who reminds everybody that Morrison is still one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, and says that they’ll still be champions after they defeat Finlay and Hornswoggle at Night of Champions.

The show ends with an in-ring confrontation between ECW Champion Kane and The Big Show.  Teddy Long introduces Show as the only man to have ever held “The WWE, World Heavyweight, and ECW Championships.”  That’s not technically true.  Although the ECW title has lineage to the original ECW Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE was never held by The Big Show, and that title does not have lineage to the WCW Heavyweight Championship that the Big Show held.  To me it sounds better to call him the only man to have ever held the world championships of WWE, WCW, and ECW instead of listing off the WWE’s three brand’s top championships.  Basically here, Show wants his title back, Kane says it’s not going to happen.  Show calls him a sick, twisted, sadistic freak, and tells him he’ll take him through hell to take the title.  Kane responds that hell is standing right in front of him.  Mark Henry comes out to the ring with a microphone, and says if he’s not drafted on Monday, he’s coming after whoever the ECW champion is at Night of Champions, then gets double chokeslammed for his troubles.  The show ends with Kane and The Big Show in each other’s face, and an ad for the draft.

ECW is consistently good, it’s usually the best show of the week.  And that says a lot, considering that it’s only one hour long.  The brand is used to get over new talent, and since it’s inception, look at where it’s taken people – people like C.M. Punk, John Morrison, The Miz, Kofi Kingston is going to be a huge star, Evan Bourne could be a huge star, Colin Delaney is adored by fans – all have gotten themselves over on ECW on Sci-Fi.  One other thought before I go, and if I’m wrong here, somebody please correct me in the comments, but isn’t the Shooting Star Press banned in WWE?  Evan Bourne used it to win his match against Matt Striker, and surprised the hell out of me.

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