I tuned in to ECW last night, and died a little inside.  As a fan of the original ECW, to see a new belt – especially one so hideous – replace the original ECW Championship, it kills me.  You might as well fire Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, and Little Guido while you’re at it, because the ECW I knew is one step closer to being 100% dead.  The worst part about it was, last night’s show was in Philly.  I miss Paul Heyman and Joey Styles.  I miss the hardcore style, and I miss the old ECW Championship belt.  As soon as the words “WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT” became adorned on the ECW title, that was the absolute end of the ECW I knew and loved.  Especially since the show I’ve been watching on Tuesday nights for the last four weeks has pretty much sucked.

Whatever, I’ve got a job to do – ECW results and my thoughts, after the jump.

We kick off the show with that hideous new belt.  Teddy Long is in the ring, and introduces the World’s Strongest Champion, Mark Henry, and his associate, Tony Atlas.  Atlas says that he’s proud to be associated with the World’s Strongest Champion, and honored that they’ve given Henry this “beautiful” new belt.  Tazz dies a little inside as he says “yeah, that is a beautiful belt.”  The ECW that Philadelphia (and myself) knew and loved, it’s dead.  It’s in the past.  Mark Henry and Tony Atlas are the wave of the future.  Anybody not looking to the future will be crushed.  Somebody who is looking to the future, however, is Colin Delaney.  Delaney comes out, he says that he made a mistake in having Tommy Dreamer as his mentor, because he’s become a laughing stock.  He gets beat up every single week.  He’s honored to be in the presense of the champion, and offers to carry the bags of both Mark Henry and Tony Atlas.  Teddy Long stops him right there.  Carrying the bags of the Champion and his associate is all well and good – but first, you got a match, Playa.  The absolute last thing left tying this ECW to Paul Heyman’s, Tommy Dreamer, makes his way to the ring.

Tommy Dreamer def. Colin Delaney

They couldn’t at least make this one an “extreme rules” match?  Tommy got screwed out of the ECW title on Sunday night, they could have let him use weapons.  Didn’t really matter though, this one was a total squash, with Tommy taking the win with the Dreamer DDT.

Miz and Morrison say that this past Sunday will be forever known as “Black Sunday.”   They didn’t even get beat for the tag team championships!  Anyways, Morrison has an idea of who’s going to win tonight’s Fatal Four Way to go on to Summerslam to face Mark Henry for the ECW Championship – The Miz.  Miz thinks differently though – He thinks that John Morrison will be going for the title at SummerSlam.

Chavo Guerrero comes to the ring with Bam Neely, as Chavo is joining Adamle and The Tazz at the broadcast thing.  They recap what happened last week, with Chavo being beaten by Evan Bourne.  Chavito said that he was distracted by all the wedding stuff.

Evan Bourne def. James Curtis

As Bourne makes his way to the ring, Adamle calls him “Evan from Heaven,” and I miss Joey Styles just that much more.  Curtis put up a decent fight against a guy that the ECW fans are supposedly calling “AirBourne.”  I’ve never called him that, but then again, every week I become less and less of a WWECW fan.  Anyways, I digress.  Bourne eventually picked up the win with the Shooting Star Press.  Afterwards, Chavo tried to attack, but Bourne escaped.

Finlay thinks he’s going to win the fatal four way tonight.  He tells Hornswoggle that he’s got the luck of the Irish – but who needs luck, when you have a shillelagh?

Ricky Ortiz is backstage with Teddy Long’s assistant, Tiffany.  When Teddy comes back, he tells Ortiz that he used to have hair like that in the 70’s.  Ortiz has some ideas for catch phrases, t-shirts, and a nickname.  Apparently he wants to be called “The Latin Assassin.”  Teddy reminds him that he’s new and he’s only had one match.  Ortiz reminds Teddy that he’s undefeated.  Long agrees, and says that Ortiz is going to have a chance to go 2 and 0 next week on ECW.

Matt Hardy doesn’t have a friend to talk to, so he talks to the camera, telling it that he’s going to be the guy to win the fatal four way tonight, because when one door closes, another one opens.  That match is next.

Matt Hardy def. The Miz, John Morrison, and Finlay in a Fatal Four Way Match

I’ll be honest guys, I left for work during this match.  I didn’t really care about it anyway,  I could’ve told you who was going to win as soon as I heard about this match Monday night on RAW.  In the end, Matt Hardy picked up the victory with a Twist of Fate on Morrison.  Mark Henry and Tony Atlas came out to look at the number one contender to end the show.

My Thoughts

Does anybody else want to review this show for the site?  I’m so burnt out on the current ECW product right now.  The sad part is, this used to be the best show out of the four every week.  Now it’s not even as good as TNA iMPACT.  Hell, the AWA reruns on ESPN Classic are more entertaining than this show’s been recently.  I have hope though.  Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, The Miz, and John Morrison, are four bright spots on this show.  This week’s show though, it killed me to watch as another tie to the original ECW vanished without a trace.  If Tommy Dreamer ever loses his job with WWE, or gets drafted to a different show or whatever, the WWE had better change the name, because he’s the last remaining ECW connection.

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