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  1. Creative Control- Wrestlemania XXX

    Welcome on and all to the 2nd edition of Creative Control coming to you Live from GOLD MEDAL COUNTRY! On this week’s edition of Creative Control we will look at how I would book Wrestlemania XXX. When we last left off how I would book Elimination Chamber, Let’s see how Wrestlemania is going to shape up. Each paragraph will […]

  2. Creative Control-The Elimination Chamber.

    Welcome one and all to the debut edition of  “Creative Control”. I am your host Dan Thompson. It seems every week through various blogs, facebook posts, twitter,  and podcasts we here the same thing creative sucks, I hate the direction the company is going, PG Sucks. So came the idea of Creative Control. This will be a 13 part […]

  3. The RCW Report- Shockwave`

    Good Day All. My name is Dan Thompson and I come to you presenting the debut article of The RCW Report. Now I know your asking yourself a)- Who the hell is Dan Thompson? b)- What’s RCW? c)- What are you doing here? d)-Where’s Punk? While unfortunately I can’t answer D for you  I can […]

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