Welcome everybody to the critically acclaimed BWF Roundtable.  I am your host as tonight we talk about the 2010 Royal Rumble.  Joining me tonight are BWF authors Tharvey1 and ThinkSoJoE, as well as message board and Roundtable regular RYMAN to give everyone their picks for the Royal Rumble.  Well without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

1.  WWE Championship Match-  Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton:

RYTMAN-  Randy Orton wins the WWE title.

ThinkSoJoE-  Orton. I’m picking Orton for the sheer fact of who I’m picking for the Rumble win…

Tharvey1-  Shaemus gets the win over Orton. While they are not giving Shaemus enough exposure on RAW, they will keep the strap on him here and set up the inevitable HHH/Shaemus title match at Mania.

JT-  I’m gonna go with Sheamus here.  There is no point in having a title change in a heel vs. a heel title match.

2.  ECW Championship Match- Christian (c) vs Ezekiel Jackson:

RYTMAN-  (said he’d get back to me but didn’t)

ThinkSoJoE-  Jackson pinned Christian on SmackDown – that means Christian will probably win this Sunday.

Tharvey1-  Ezekiel Jackson over Christian here. I think it’s time that Captain Charisma drop the ECW belt and move on. He has done all he can for ECW and Big Zeke is believable as the Champ.

JT- Tharvey1 took the words right out of my mouth, it’s time for Christian to drop the title.  I’m going with Ezekiel Jackson to win here.

3.  Women’s Championship Match- Michelle McCool (c) vs. Mickie James:

RYTMAN-  Mickey James beats Michelle McCool for the Women’s title in some kind of “cover your opponent in slop mach.”  Also, Maryse beats Gail for the Divas title (which will suck. )

ThinkSoJoE-  After the whole “Piggy James” thing, Mickie better win – otherwise the whole thing comes off as pointless.

Tharvey1-  Mickie James defeats Michelle McCool. I think its set up for Mickie to win the title here. She has endured Lay-Cool’s harassment and will punish them at the Rumble. I think we might see Beth Phoenix interfere on behalf of Mickie James.

JT-  And I will make this one unanimous and pick Mickie James here.

4.  World Heavyweight Championship Match- Undertaker (c) vs. Rey Mysterio:

RYTMAN-  Mysterio beats Taker for the title (w/interference from Batista AND HBK.)

ThinkSoJoE-  Is there any doubt about it? The Undertaker is going to win.

Tharvey1-  Undertaker…nuff said

JT-  Undertaker with help from HBK.

5.  The 30 man over the top rope Royal Rumble Match-

RYTMAN-  Jericho wins the Rumble.

ThinkSoJoE-  There has been an awful lot of emphasis put on how many top stars there are in this year’s Royal Rumble. Triple H. John Cena. Shawn Michaels. Batista. Chris Jericho. CM Punk. The Big Show. Kane. The Great Khali. These are all names that have been announced for the Royal Rumble who have won either the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship. This is why my pick to win this year’s Royal Rumble is… Ted DiBiase. Legacy are on the verge of breaking up. DiBiase and Rhodes were in the final four last year, only being eliminated as they sacrificed themselves for Randy Orton. With Orton not being in the Rumble this year, what’s to stop Legacy from dominating the Rumble again, and having it come down to just the two of them?

Tharvey1-  Shawn Michaels to set up Taker/HBK II at Wrestlemania. Chris Masters would be a pleasant surprise, but I don’t expect that to happen.

JT-  I want Kofi Kingston to win, but I know that’s not gonna happen so lets see here.  Anybody notice that when Cena beat Sheamus by DQ in his rematch, he hasn’t tried to get another? Yeah, I know that he lost in the triple threat, but you’d think that by now he would’ve tried to get another 1 on 1 title match, so my pick sadly is going to John Cena.  It makes more sense to have Cena face Sheamus at Wrestlemania that HHH face Sheamus.  Just my opinion.

Wow som very interesting picks for this years Royal Rumble.  Who will be right?  Who will be wrong?  We will all find out tomorrow.  Thanks again for joining us for thins edition of the BWF Roundtable and goodnight everyone.

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