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  1. BWF Radio WrestleMania 28 Edition

    Oh, radio, tell me everything you know.  Do you hear voices in the air?  Hear them loud and clear?  Are they telling you to listen?  Then stop listening to Machine Gun Kelly, and start listening to BoredWrestlingFan Radio!  This week, we revisit the old “roundtable” format, as re-joining ThinkSoJoE, JT, and G are Drowgoddess and […]

  2. Random Randomness

    Welcome everybody to a (kinda) special edition of Random Randomness.  Today’s edition will be in two parts with part 1 being a shorter than normal Random Randomness and part two be a shortened edition of the Night Of Champions Roundtable featuring myself and Gee.  So without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

  3. Money In The Bank Roundtable

    Hello all and welcome to the Money In the Bank Roundtable, I am you host JT and tonight I am joined by BWF writer G as well as RYTMAN.  Welcome guys I hope we have a good discussion for this Sunday’s pay per view.  So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road:

  4. 2010 “Victory Road” Round Table

    TNA’s “Victory Road” pay-per-view of 2008 took place in my city, Houston, Texas, and was a rather awesome show. “Victory Road” of 2009 was quite possibly the worst wrestling ppv in the history of wrestling ppvs, with the possible exception of “Halloween Havoc.” At which end of the ppv quality spectrum will the 2010 version […]

  5. Extreme Rules Roundtable

    Just like the WWE, once a year the BWF network goes EXTREME!!!!!!!  Welcome everyone to the Extreme Rules Roundtable, I am your host JT and tonight is a Roundtable like no other, wait actually it is, oh well but it’s still cool though.  Joining me tonight is BWF’s very own lovely and talented Drogoddess, Gee […]

  6. Wrestlemania 26 Roundtable

    Welcome all to the first ever Wrestlemania Roundtable.  I am your host JT thank you for joining us as we talk about the big one, Wrestlemania 26.  Joining me today are fellow BWF writers Drowgoddess, Tharvey1, fellow readers and message board alumnus Rytman and Gee, and last but not least the boss himself ThinkSoJoE.  Thank […]

  7. BWF Roundtable: The 2010 Royal Rumble

    Welcome everybody to the critically acclaimed BWF Roundtable.  I am your host as tonight we talk about the 2010 Royal Rumble.  Joining me tonight are BWF authors Tharvey1 and ThinkSoJoE, as well as message board and Roundtable regular RYMAN to give everyone their picks for the Royal Rumble.  Well without further ado, lets get this […]

  8. BWF Roundtable: TNA Final Resolution 2009

    Hey folks, I’m ThinkSoJoE, and I’ll be your host for our TNA Final Resolution 2009 roundtable.  Ready?  Let’s go! TNA World Heavyweight Championship match:  AJ Styles (C) vs. Daniels Drowgoddess: AJ retains after the possible match of the night, and some skullduggery on the part of Daniels. AJ/Daniels can continue to build for a while, […]

  9. BWF Roundtable: TLC

    Welcome to another edition of the BWF Roundtable.  I am JT, your host for the evening as we look at the TLC pay per view.  Joining me tonight are BWF writers Drowgoddess & Tharvey1 along with fellow BWF follower RYTMAN.  Well without further ado lets get this show on the road:

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