Welcome to another edition of the BWF Roundtable.  I am JT, your host for the evening as we look at the TLC pay per view.  Joining me tonight are BWF writers Drowgoddess & Tharvey1 along with fellow BWF follower RYTMAN.  Well without further ado lets get this show on the road:

1. Tables Match for the WWE title, Shaemus vs John Cena:

Tharvey1- I think Shaemus wins this one. There has to be a reason why they are pushing someone this new this early.

Drowgoddess- Sheamus to win. No, seriously. At least for a minute or two. A tables match is the only way that Super Cena can reasonably be beaten by the guy. Additionally, Cena’s comment about immediately exercising his rematch clause if Sheamus wins can’t be for nothing. I honestly think it might happen purely for the shock value, even if it comes to nothing in the long run.

RYTMAN- John Cena over Shaemus UNLESS Orton interferes. It’s just too soon for Shaemus and he can afford to lose to Cena.

JT- This is the perfect match for these two. If Shaemus loses, he can still walk around with the “I have never been pinned” gimmick foe awhile.  The same for Cena until he gets his rematch.  For my pick I going along with the majority here and gonna pick Shaemus for this one.

2.  Ladder Match for the ECW title, Christian vs Shelton Benjamin:

Tharvey1- Shelton gets his chance to carry the brand title. I see Christian moving to Smackdown in a free agent acquisition.

Drowgoddess- If it’s true that ECW and its championship is going away forever, this could be a great way to send them off. I would say Christian retains, except that this is the last chance to put somebody over with an ECW title win, and Christian HAS held the belt for a while now. I’m going to go with Shelton Benjamin to win this.

RYTMAN- Let’s say Shelton Bejamin over Christian for the ECW title, just for shits and giggles.

JT- If ECW is going away at the end of this month like has been rumored, then I don’t see the point of a title change here, Christian has had it long enough, him having it a couple more weeks wouldn’t kill.  But if ECW isn’t going away than a title change is needed.  I’m gonna make this unanimous and pick Shelton Benjamin.

3.  Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Title, Batista vs. The Undertaker:

Tharvey1- I think Batista wins here. They have to give it to him before he gets hurt again.

Drowgoddess- Undertaker retains.

RYTMAN- Maybe Batista over Taker, so Taker can get time off to heal.

JT- I’m gonna go with Undertaker here, just too soon for Batista to take the title.

4.  Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston:

Tharvey1- Orton wins this one. I don’t think Kofi will be allowed to rise any further than this.

Drowgoddess- Kofi wins. The “rubber match” is the one that he needs to win to cement his position anyway.

RYTMAN- Sadly, I’m going with Orton over Kofi. Hell if I know why. (Side Note: If Orton wins, look for Shaemus to beat Cena.)

JT- Kofi wins and moves up to the main event picture.

5.  Intercontinental Championship, John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre:

Tharvey1- McIntyre shoots to the top of Smackdown really quickly and wins the IC title here. Do you think Vince wants to look stupid for endorsing this kid on TV?!

Drowgoddess- Drew McIntyre wins. Aside from his undefeated streak, a feud between these two over the IC belt will be money with Morrison chasing McIntyre, trying to get his belt back. Yes, I know that the IC title has traditionally been on the #2 guy in the company, but sometimes you need to shake things up a bit.

RYTMAN- I think Morrison might take it over McIntyre to set up a ruber-match at Royal Rumble.

JT- McIntyre wins by either count-out or DQ.

6. Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool:

Sorry this match wasn’t announced until this weeks Smackdown (which I watched this morning) so I didn’t know about it and RYTMAN & Tharvey1 had already sent me their picks no predictions from them.

Drowgoddess- Mickie James wins, and celebrates by putting McCool through a wood chipper. Hey, I can dream!

JT- What Drow said. 

7.  TLC Match for the Unified Tag Team Titles: DX vs. Jeri-Show:

Tharvey1- Jerishow will win. HHH and HBK won’t want to appear on Smackdown on a weekly basis.

Drowgoddess- I hope to every form of divinity ever devised by the minds of men that JeriShow retains. Part of this is because if Edge returns, I want to see him go after Jericho and tag with Christian one last time to take the titles from JeriShow. Unfortunately, between the show being in San Antonio and JeriShow getting the last word in on DX on RAW, I’m pretty sure DX is winning here. Boo.

RYTMAN- Now this is interesting. Shawn doesn’t want to go to SD, I think Hunter wants to stay on RAW, but I doubt they’re willing to job out.  I’m calling some kind of swerve ending where DX winds up w/the RAW titles and Jeri-Show winds up with the SD titles.

JT- The only way I see DX winning this is that the next night on RAW, Jericho calls out Big Show for being injured and demands his rematch.  He them picks a young guy (say Jack Swagger, McIntyre, or Ziggler) and they defeat DX for the belts.  Other than that Jeri-Show should win this one.

Well, we got some great predictions here. That’s all we have time for this week, I’d like to thank Drowgoddess, RYTMAN and Tharvey1 for joining me in this discussion.  Thanks again for reading and tune in next pay per view time for another edition of the BWF Roundtable.


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