Welcome everybody to a (kinda) special edition of Random Randomness.  Today’s edition will be in two parts with part 1 being a shorter than normal Random Randomness and part two be a shortened edition of the Night Of Champions Roundtable featuring myself and Gee.  So without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

Part 1, Random Randomness:

1.  I picked up Sully Erna’s solo CD “Avalon” this week. Who is this you ask?  Well for those who don’t know, he is the lead singer of Godsmack.  So the result is a great CD just as long as you go into it not expecting it to be a Godsmack CD.

2.  Weezer’s new CD “Hurley” also came out this week too and is also worth checking out if you are into their stuff.

3.  RIP Bastion Booger.

4.  Can someone tell me why is John Morrison not in the main event picture?  His performance on Monday proved he could be capable of being in it.

5.  R-Truth rapped his new theme song last Monday, at the same time paint dried somewhere I think.

6.  Ezekiel Jackson is working dark matches, so hopefully we’ll see him soon.

7.  Good to see Regal and Goldust on RAW even though they had to do each other’s gimmicks for a match during the totally “random” roulette.

8.  Jericho moved up to almost Cena like status by defeating the tag team champions in a handicap “steel cage” match this week.  Oh and thanks to Davis Hart Smith for his assist in eliminating himself early in the match to make it easier for Jericho to win.

9.  Remember when WWE was hight on pushing the Uso’s as a monster tag team? Yeah me neither.

10.  With the S.E.S. now disbanded, Luke Gallows, your days are numbered.

11.  Why do I think that tonight’s CM Punk vs Big Show match is gonna become a tag match?  Oh yeah because of Alberto Del Rio’s involvement at the end of Punk vs Christian and also because of Christian’s challenge to Del Rio.

12. Stop trying to teach Hornswoggle how to speak, please just stop.

13.Remember Jack Swagger, World Champion? And yet he hasn’t been on a ppv in almost two months.  Wow has your stock fallen.  I wonder what he did to piss off management.

Ok I think that’s all for this part now let’s go on to the Roundtable portion of this article.

Part 2, Night Of Champions Roundtable:

Welcome everybody to the Night Of Champions Roundable, I am your host JT and joining me tonight is none other than our resident Smackdown reviewer Gee! Welcome and thanks foe being here.

Gee: Thanks for having me buddy, it’s an honor to be here. now without further ado, lets get this show on the road!

Match 1:  Women’s/Diva unification title match Melina vs. Layla

Gee- Don’t really care. On Smackdown changed it to McCool. Layla is all pissed off I guess, so Melena for the win.

JT- I agree this match is pointless and will lead to the Lay Cool split when Melina wins.

Match 2: Intercontinental Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Gee- Dolph. I hate to say this, but the chase will continue as I don’t see where either of these guys would go from here if the feud ends.

JT- yeah but the feud doesn’t end here if Kofi wins, Dolph will at least have his rematch clause, but yeah with the stipulations in favor of Kofi (if Ziggler gets DQ’d or counted out, he loses the title) Ziggler should win here.

Match 3: US Title match: The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

Gee- Daniel Bryan for the upset win. I call it an upset because having the title on the heelish Miz is indeed “awesome.” On the same token, I am thinking Miz will start teasing the briefcase cash-in (or possibly even at the PPV). I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Miz lose both the title and be the first person to lose a Money in the Bank contract-cash-in at the same PPV. If not here, I think this will happen.

JT- Dude it’s like you are reading my mind with this, thought great minds do think alike, Bryan to win here with The Miz not being done for the night yet.

Match 4: Tag Team Title match: The Hart Dyansty vs. (insert random tag team)

Gee- Looks like they’re up against McIntyre and Rhodes. Going with the Harts to retain.

JT-  We hardly see The Harts in the last two months and now they have a match against ??? Really?  I see some sort of mini-Gauntlet match here where they take out teams like the Uso’s and the Douchebusters out quickly only to be defeated by the last tag team to come out, so expect a title change here.

Match 5: Big Show vs. CM Punk

Gee- With the SES disintegrating, this one is a wee bit difficult to assess. If the plan is to complete dissolve Punk’s faction, I’d argue that Luke Gallows will cost Punk the match in some capacity allowing the Big Show to win. So I will go with that.

JT- If Punk is supposed to be getting this huge push I’ve been hearing about than it should start here with the biggest guy on the roster. So I’m gonna pick Punk for the win.

Match 6: World Title Match: Kane vs. The Undertaker

Gee- Kane to retain. This feud will be (sadly) drawn out.

JT- Don’t be so negative, with all of their feuds, this is the first time it’s been for a World or WWE title so this excites me a little.  Kane should win here sin (ironically) next month is the Hell In A Cell ppv where this all began (though in match form only).

Match 7: WWE title Match: Sheamus vs. SuperCena vs. Moongoose McQueen vs. Los Conquistidor Numero Uno vs. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

Gee- I think Sheamus will somehow retain here. Not that I like that outcome, but feel all the other drama and soap opera stories will put everyone else into distraction allowing for a sneaky albino win. If I chose who I WANT to win, I’d go with Wade Barrett. Time to step the Nexus up to the NXT level.

JT- I think Sheamus will retain also but after a long and grueling matchup, I also think a certain Money In The Bank contract will be attempted to be cashed in but when Sheamus stands up, The Miz goes running.

Well here you go the Night of CHampions Roundtable.  I want to thank my guest Gee for all of his picks and I want to thank you all for reading and I will see you all next time!


  1. Part 1:
    8: I hate this. NOBODY should be able to single-handedly defeat a legit tag team, and certainly not the tag team champions. EVER!!!

    9. There is no excuse for that, either. An Uso/Hart tag team feud could go for months, and culminate at Mania. Now we get the standard "makeshift tag team of two singles guys who have nothing else to do" with Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Granted, I really like the pairing, and they could do well, but not in place of the Usos.

    10. I stand by my assertion that the SES should have had the Nexus position. It could have been the greatest faction ever, and it never really went anywhere.

    13: Yeah, no kidding!

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