Just like the WWE, once a year the BWF network goes EXTREME!!!!!!!  Welcome everyone to the Extreme Rules Roundtable, I am your host JT and tonight is a Roundtable like no other, wait actually it is, oh well but it’s still cool though.  Joining me tonight is BWF’s very own lovely and talented Drogoddess, Gee from out friends at Project Wonderboy, and the author of The RYT Opinion Rytman. So without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

1.  Steel Cage Match: Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Gee- Is this the blowoff to the feud? That’s what I’m thinking, since I think Edge is bouncing over to RAW. Thus, Edge wins with his… sigh…. spear.

Rytman- If Swagger keeps the belt, Edge; so he can resume the hunt.

Drowgoddess- Hmmm. Edge has a Mania loss to avenge, and since neither guy is in the title picture right now, the time seems good for a Rated-R Superstar victory. A loss also gives Jericho something else to bitch about, which is always gold.

JT- I’m gonna make this a unanimous and go with Edge here.

2.  Strap Match: Shad vs. JTG

Gee- What are the stipulations here? The loser is future endeavored? The least entertaining of the two, Shad, will pick up an non-charismatic win. Shad will be pushed briefly, miserably fail, and then join his former tag partner in the indies shortly thereafter.

Rytman- How did this make the PPV? Too soon for me to care.

Drowgoddess- Don’t care. The guy getting the push who isn’t in trouble wins.

JT- Wow som harsh words from Drow and Ryt.  That being said it looks like WWE creative is going somewhere with Shad so I think he get the win here. Though I don’t think either will be released just yet.

3.  Street Fight Match: HHH vs. Sheamus

Gee- Sheamus should have won at WrestleMania, but no! The palest Irishman will win and end his feud with HHH. This will allow for him to travel to the land of Smackdown and reboot his character as a top heel. Possibly to challenge Orton for his title?

Rytman- HHH for shtz/giggles. (Waste of time on my part.)

Drowgoddess- Sheamus should win. HHH probably will.

JT- If HHH has is as injured as I’ve heard and is gonna be taking time off, then this would be the opportunity to do it and get Sheamus over, so he can go around and say that “I put HHH out for good!” I’m going with Sheamus.

4.  Hair vs. Nothing match: CM Punk (hair) vs. Rey Mysterio

Gee- Punk for the win. This character and Straight Edge Society stable is too strong for the WWE to end now. With all the rumours swirling about Mysterio needing time off again, this would be an easy way to write him off of TV for whatever time he needs.

Rytman- Since the Mask isn’t on the line, let’s give Punk the win here, just to keep the program moving.

Drowgoddess- If Rey has nothing on the line, Punk wins. This feud is far too hot for Punk to lose his hair over nothing. This needs to go at least one, possibly two more ppvs before Punk gets shaved.

JT- Unanimous again here, Punk for the win.  After what we saw on RAW this past week makes me believe it more.

5.  World Title Match, Extreme Rules: Jack Swagger © vs. Randy Orton

Gee- The real question here is whether Swagger is indeed a transitional champion. I’m betting that he is, and am going with Randy Orton to win. And then we’ll see him switch brands in the draft and possibly continue the feud on Smackdown.

Rytman- I’m gonna say DQ win for Orton. Too soon for Swagger to drop the belt, but I doubt they’ll job out Orton. I’m thinking they’ll use this to set the stage for Orton moving to Smackdown in the draft.
(Side Note: HUGE mistake.)

Drowgoddess- I hope against hope that Swagger retains. If he doesn’t, everything involving him since Mania has been wasted. Orton doesn’t need the win here, and a win for Swagger would be HUUUUUGE!

JT- Unfortunately Rytman, I don’t think there are DQ’s in an Extreme Rules match, but watch WWE will try and prove me wrong. But back to the subject, Swagger has lost almost every match since becoming Wold Champion except two and one of those wins was a pin-fall victory with the title on the line, so sonce the title is on the line, I’m going with Jack Swagger.

6.  WWE Title Match, Last Man Standing: John Cena © vs. Batista

Gee- Cena will retain. If Batista wins, I riot… not because I love Cena, but because I tend to hate on Grandpa ‘Tista more so.

Rytman- I’m gonna say Batista wins it. It sets up a “rubber match” for the next PPV; UNLESS Cena gets traded. If he does, then we have the potential for a Batista/Orton program with “FACE” Orton chasing “HEEL” Batista.

Drowgoddess- I don’t care anything about either of these guys, though I know many others are raving about how Batista is the greatest heel in the history of heeldom now. Batista wins.

JT- I’m gonna go outside the box and say that neither man makes the 10 count and their is no Last Man Standing, which means that Cena will retain.

Alright that’s all for now thanks again every for participating int this month’s Roundtable.  And as always thank you all for reading and I will be back tomorrow with another Random Randomness.

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