Welcome all to the first ever Wrestlemania Roundtable.  I am your host JT thank you for joining us as we talk about the big one, Wrestlemania 26.  Joining me today are fellow BWF writers Drowgoddess, Tharvey1, fellow readers and message board alumnus Rytman and Gee, and last but not least the boss himself ThinkSoJoE.  Thank you all for joining me today, now lets get this show on the road:

1. CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio– If Mysterio loses, he joins the Straight Edge Soicety and becomes Punk’s slave

Gee- CM Punk picks up a shocking win here. Originally this was rumoured to be a hair versus mask match… and I still think that will happen in the future. However, to build that storyline, it would be likely that Punk will torment Rey into “coming clean” and revealing his true identity. This could very well culminate and be drawn out all the way to Summerslam if handled correctly.

Rytman- Rey takes it, but this fued is only getting warmed up.

Tharvey1- While I think seeing Rey struggle in the Straight Edge Society would be great television, I honestly just see him getting his retribution in this match. This was another match that was just really thrown together without any real build. It kind of came out of nowhere over the last month and probably deserves to be blown-off fairly quickly. That’s what she said.

Drowgoddess- Punk wins. It’s a street fight, which favors the Straight Edge Society. After Rey is forced to join them, THEN dissention builds into the “mask vs. hair” match that has been all over the interwebs. That’s where Rey will win.

ThinkSoJoE- If Mysterio loses, he has to join the Straight Edge Society. I can’t see that happening, so Mysterio.

JT- Well we all know my thoughts on Mysterio around here, but for some reason I think he’s winning this match.  He has been in feuds before where he wins every match in it.  WWE loves playing the underdog gimmick with him and with the Straight Edge Society in Punk’s corner, Mysterio will shocking overcome the odds and win.

2.  Triple H vs. Sheamus

Gee- I have this bad feeling Triple H will win this, even though Sheamus is his “buddy.” I’d like to be wrong here even though I am not really a fan of the palest bacne infestation known as Sheamus.

Rytman- HHH will job if it’s good for business. Sheamus needs the win. WWE needs Sheamus to win.

Tharvey1- I think being HHH’s friend will help Sheamus in this matchup. Traditionally, HHH has sold really well for his close friends and has put them over more than anybody else. Sheamus wins this one and continues his rise to main event status.

Drowdoddess- HHH wins. Sure, he COULD lose to Sheamus at Mania, but I’m just not seeing it.

ThinkSoJoE- Sheamus will impress, but Triple H will pull out the victory.

JT- If there was a title on the line, I would go with Triple H, but since this is a one on one match, Sheamus wins here.

3. Money In The Bank Ladder Match- Christian vs. M.V.P. vs. Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston

Gee- Christian or McIntyre are my two favorites, but have to give the edge to McIntyre here. They have built him up so much as of late, he seems a likely candidate to hold the briefcase as a heel more so than Christian. Although, I would LOVE to see Christian stalk Edge in a storyline after Edge wins the title (or so my pick below would say).

Rytman- McIntyre in some type of elaborate screwjob, as part of his “I’m Vince’s favorite” gimmick. (Or Kofi if he gets in, as a restart on his push.)

Tharvey1- Christian should win. I have my doubts considering Drew McIntyre, with the McMahon endorsement, is in the match. However, I do think Christian should and will win. This will no doubt be a great spot fest… as usual.

Drowgoddess- Kane wins. In a perfect world, Christian would win, and cash in his title shot against Edge, who would defeat Chris Jericho and win the title. However, that probably won’t happen. Since a future Heavyweight Championship title shot is at stake, the only ones with a believable shot at winning said title are Kane, MVP, and McIntyre. Of those three, McIntyre already has the Intercontinental title, and it’s too soon for a shot at the biggest title. MVP hasn’t had a main event push. That leaves Kane.

ThinkSoJoE- Drew McIntyre has got to be the favorite. If not him, it’s either Christian or Kofi, but my money will be on the Intercontinental Champion.

JT-  Look I said that this year’s Money In The Bank winner will be the first to cash in and lose and am sticking with so my pick is someone who can believably do it.  I thought I was on the outside with with pick but now am in agreement with Drowgoddess in saying that Kane win.

4. Unified Tag Team Championship Match: ShowMiz (c) vs. R-Truth & John Morrison

Gee- ShowMiz should win here, and that’s my pick. I can’t see why Morrison and Truth would win as it seems just like a way to get them on the big show (ha ha!).

Rytman- Showmiz, why not?

Tharvey1- ShowMiz will win. The only reason Truth and Morrison are tagging are because they really don’t have anything else going on at the moment. They should have been in MITB, but WWE creative went this direction instead.

Drowgoddess- ShowMiz retain. As popular as Morrison and R-Truth are as singles competitors, it just isn’t right that a recently thrown-together tag team wins the titles at a Mania match. I love good tag team wrestling, and this just isn’t the same thing.

ThinkSoJoE- If there is any intelligence in the WWE booking team, ShoMiz will retain the titles one way or another.

JT- I’m gonna go on the outside here and pick Morrison and R-Truth with help from Daniel Bryan.  If Big Show is as injured as I’ve heard, the he’ll be the first to get his surgery after Wrestlemania, while The Miz can go on and feud with Daniel Bryan.

5. Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs Cody Rhodes

Gee- Dibiase wins via pin. Orton doesn’t need the win, and Rhodes is clearly not ready (nor good enough yet), but Dibiase could benefit big time here. And it would completely add an end to the Legacy faction whose slow death has been built up to logically end here.

Rytman- Cody swerves Ted and helps Randy win, BECAUSE I BARELY CARE AS IT IS!

Tharvey1- Is it me or is this one of the most apprehensive face turns ever? Just 2 months ago, Randy Orton was the top heel in the company and now he can’t get the fans to stop cheering him. I don’t think that was intended, but it has worked out. Having Orton as the face in this matchup really helps to build heat on DiBiase and Rhodes. Any of these guys winning would be ok with me, but I think DiBiase needs it more. Cody can handle himself and get a reaction on his own without winning, but DiBiase seems to really need a push here. I think DiBiase gets the win and then goes on to feud with Orton by himself.

Drowgoddess- DiBiase wins. Normally, I’d say Orton wins, but this could be the breakout victory and subsequent push that we all seem to feel DiBiase needs.

ThinkSoJoE- DiBiase’s momentum has completely stalled as of late. I say they build it up by having him pin Orton for the win.

JT- I’m gonna go with Cody Rhodes putting the other two to sleep while cutting a promo.  Then when Rhodes thinks they’re both out, he continues the promo and unbeknownst to him DiBiase was just faking and he pins Orton for the win. Seriously, I’m picking DiBiase in this one.

6. No Holds Barred- Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart

Gee- Bret Hart wins via Sharpshooter on McMahon – This is what the fans will pay to see, and Vince will give it to them… it closes the chapter in the long history of the screwjob once and for all on the grandest stage of them all.

Rytman- Bret, or this all becomes a waste of time.

Tharvey1- One of two things will happen here; either Bret gets a great send off with a win, or Vince “screws” Bret again. I really don’t think this will be a very long match and probably won’t have many dangerous spots in it. From everything I have heard and read, Bret can’t take any shots to the head without risking another stroke. My pick here is for Bret to get his win though.

Drowgoddess- Bret wins. If Bret doesn’t win, none of this has had any point at all. It’s about fifteen years of payback.

ThinkSoJoE- To quote Aerosmith, “Pink, it’s my new obsession. Pink, it’s not even a question.” The Hitman takes this one.

JT- Nice quote JoE.  But yeah when Vince wrestles at Wrestlemania, he doesn’t win so I’m making this unanimous and am picking Bret here.

7.  Divas match- the babyface ones vs. the heel ones

Gee- The winner is my bladder which is happily relieved of the plethora of beer and spirits stored there within. If its a battle royal, I’ll go with Beth Phoenix.

Rytman-I’m the only one who cares right?  Smackdown Divas, because I love Layla L.

Tharvey1- No comment.

Drowgoddess- Does anyone really care? If it doesn’t involve Beth Phoenix or Natalya, I’ll be taking a potty break here.

ThinkSoJoE- Who cares?

JT- WOW what insight, but yeah who cares except the divas themselves. Potty break for me too.

8. The Carrer vs. The Streak: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

Gee- Undertaker wins via pin after multiple tombstones, etc. I cannot see Taker losing his streak, although I can’t see HBK retiring this way either. The reality is that it would be easier to just write HBK back into the storyline after a long rest.

Rytman- You know, I’m gonna go w/Shawn. Because so many people expect this to be Shawn’s farewell, I’m thiking this would be a great swerve.

Tharvey1- I don’t think there is any possible way that WWE can justify ending Taker’s streak. For something that has taken so long to build up, they should not ruin it. Shawn doesn’t need the win here. We all know he is taking time off anyways, so this is a good way to do it. He will be back eventually, but this can explain his hiatus.

Drowgoddess- Taker wins. Please, dear Jeebus, let Taker win! HBK has no reason whatever to be the guy who ends the legendary Streak. No one benefits from it. Just let it alone.

ThinkSoJoE- I’d hate to say it. I’d really really hate to say it. WrestleMania is never going to be the same after this Sunday. Either the streak is over, or the man who steals the show every year will be gone. I’d say the streak stays in tact.

JT-  It’s gonna take everything he’s got and we will see multiple chokeslams, Last Rides, Hell’s Gate’s and probably 3 or 4 Tombstone’s, but Undertaker will prevail this year.

9. World Heavyweight Championship: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Edge

Gee- Edge wins via pin after multiple spears. This seems like the logical outcome with the return of Edge as a face. It might also set him up to slowly turn tweener or heel over a long title reign.

Rytman- Edge. The WWE wants a big “comeback” story w/happy ending.

Tharvey1- Jericho will win and Edge will continue to chase him. Alot like the WWE Title match, it doesn’t make much sense to put a title on a guy only to have him lose it a month later. Also, a blow-off here would be wrong.

Drowgoddess- Jericho wins. I want Edge to win. The problem is, it’s too soon. Jericho will get the win here, but the feud will continue and Edge will take the title from him eventually. Let’s face it, considering the outcome of the other match, it’s almost a given that Edge can’t win at Mania.

ThinkSoJoE- Spear. Spear. Spear. Spear. Spear. Edge takes this one.

JT- One of the two titles will change hands, but not both.  I’m picking Jericho to retain here and Edge to win at a later date.

10.  WWE Title Match: Batista (c) vs John Cena

Gee- Cena wins via pin. I am pretty on the fence about this match up. Batista is certainly excelling in his latest heel persona…

Rytman- Cena’s won over a lot of Haters, now’s the time for him to get the belt.

Tharvey1- I have been wavering back and forth on this one, but I will take Batista to win. With the title being put on him so recently, I don’t think it would make much sense to have him drop it. With the win, Batista can play up the “John Cena can’t beat me” angle a little while more and continue to build more heat.

Drowgoddess- Cena wins. I just don’t see Cena having a Mania title match and not winning it. Batista has brought up the injury history and the “You can’t beat me” part, which means Super Cena shall overcome. If Cena wins here, Jericho has to retain in his match, just because I don’t see two babyfaces winning titles and effectively ending two different feuds at the same time.

ThinkSoJoE- Depends. If this is the last match, Cena. If it’s anywhere else on the card, hopefully Batista will pick up the victory and some credibility.

JT- I’m gonna go with Cena here because of the whole “Cena can’t beat Batista” angle and since he’s the top guy in the company, then why not.

Alright there you have it folks out Wrestlemania Roundtable thanks again for eveyone who participated and tune in tommorow night to find out who’s right and who’s wrong. And as always thank you to everyone for reading.


  1. Cannot have two heel wins in the main events. Either Edge and Cena win, or Edge loses and Cena wins. I don't see Cena losing, the build-up has been too big.

    What are the stips in the HBK/Taker match? No count-outs, no DQs? I'm seeing the possibility of a HHH run-in to basically stop Taker from winning, resulting in Shawn going pscyho-heel on Trips for "costing him his moment of glory" while the response will be "I did it to save you."

    And where' s my invitation to the Dark Caras Galadon for viewing, damnit?!?!? 😉

  2. There seems to be a lot of consensus in many of the picks here. That's pretty cool, although I wonder if we will get one incredibly shocking moment tomorrow. Either way, it's going to be a fantastic show if the card delivers as it should! I'm also curious to see how BWF's picks square off against PW's picks in which JT and I are both involved… RIVALRY! Ha ha! Good work JT!

  3. Thanks, but the Roundtable is a group effort, I just copy and paste and add my thoughts last. This time I didn't look at everyone's picks until I got to that matchup so I wasn't influenced by any person's picks. I was totally surprised when I got to the MITB match and found out that I wasn't alone in my pick. I thought I was way out there with that one. But we'll just have to wait and see.

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