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  1. “Impact” Impressions 6/30/11

    The grand and glorious GIFmaster G is rocking out to concerty goodness as we speak, so the burden of recapping this week’s “Impact” returns to your friendly neighborhood Drowgoddess. Huzzah? While I lack the technical prowess and Charles Barkley connections of my comrade, those things will be represented in this week’s “Smackdown” review. Let’s check […]

  2. “Smackdown,” 5/13/11

    On behalf of His Mighty Mighty Flynn-ness, your friendly neighborhood Drowgoddess presents this “Friday the 13th” review of “Smackdown!” In the role of King Philip of France, we have Randy Orton. Representing the Knights Templar, we have (no pun intended) Christian. What will the conspiracy theorists have to say by the end of this? Let’s […]

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