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  1. Kurt Angle to WWE?

    According to a recent report on, Kurt Angle says that he would go back to WWE right now if he could. His TNA contract expires next fall, and the Olympic gold medalist is said to be “unhappy with the creative direction of the company” and “does not have much faith in Jeff Jarrett’s lead.” […]

  2. “Final Resolution” Review and Thoughts

    Better late than never! Your Empress of “Impact” is here, largely because no one else will do it, to review TNA’s December pay-per-view offering, “Final Resolution.” Yes, I even paid for it. What do you want from me, I have my reasons. Or more precisely, my reason. 🙂 On paper, this show doesn’t look good. The […]

  3. Thoughts on “Impact” 11/20/08

    Your Empress of “Impact” is back for another week’s thoughts on TNA. And there was much rejoicing! We open with the Main Event Mafia and the casket representing Christian Cage and his career. Kurt HHHAngle spews on about how Christian wouldn’t commit to the TNA family, and had been in negotiations with WWE, so he […]

  4. TNA’s “Turning Point” PPV

    Wassupwiddit? The Empress of “Impact” is here, with’s review of TNA’s November ppv offering, “Turning Point.” Better late than never, right? Will Samoa Joe cripple Kevin Nash more than Nash himself already has? Will AJ Styles cut Sting’s World title reign short? Will the Motor City Machine Guns finally make their mark on the […]

  5. TNA “Impact Review (11/6/08) & “Turning Point” Predictions

    TNA “Impact” Review (11/6/08) and “Turning Point” PPV Predictions   Greetings all, and welcome to the first of many TNA “Impact” reviews for! Actually, it just looked bad not to have our own reviews posted…. In any case, as my hero Spider Jerusalem put it, “journalism is for the madly passionate,” and no review […]

  6. World … Entertainment?

    “World … Entertainment?”   I know a thing or two about entertainment. My degree is in theatre. I have spent the last decade teaching theatre arts and speech in public schools. I have directed numerous stage productions, some involving over fifty people, armed with little more than a script and a deadline. I have been […]

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