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  1. Top 5 Wrestlemania Moments

    Ahhhhhhh Wrestlemania. The very name conjures up countless images which have both thrilled and entertained millions upon millions of people, never failing to lose its appeal in almost 30 years. It’s actually scary for yours truly to think that the very fist ‘Mania I can recall was way, way back in 1990 – when the […]

  2. Why Do YOU Watch Wrestling?

    Why do you watch professional wrestling? Is it the excitement of the crowd, the larger than life personalities of the performers or the tough, in-ring action which draws you back for more each week? Perhaps it’s the entertainment aspect of WWE which you like, with slick presentation and cartoon-like performers who both captivate and thrill […]

  3. Retro Post – Toys! Toys! Toys!

    Here’s another installment of “Retro” articles by yours truly. This one is a particular favourite of mine as the memories of sitting in my room as a small boy it helps conjour up give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. No, not THAT warm and fuzzy feeling. That one didn’t start happening until I was […]

  4. Retro Post – Top 5 Theme Songs

    Hello to all you lovely men, women and children of the Bored Wrestling Fan community! I thought it might be fun to post an article straight out of the “Jamie Kennedy Experiment” vaults for your perusal and this is something I’d quite like to do over the next couple of months! Of course, my writing […]

  5. Mat Musings: Cool, Vicious & Clever

    With the “Road To Wrestlemania” now upon us and the wheels to that event fully in motion, there’s an awful lot to talk about this time of year in the world of professional wrestling. It’s no secret that our friends at WWE put a lot of faith in the annual extravaganza known as Wrestlemania and […]

  6. Merry Christmas!

    It’s that time of year again ladies and gents. The time of year when Mr. Santypants decides to amble down your chimney with all the grace of Big Daddy V after one too many sherries and leaves all those shiny new presents for you to open come the morning. The day when family members converge […]

  7. Mat Musings #2

    …like Sliced Bread #2, only not as yummy! With quite a lot going on in the wrestling world as we head towards the end of the year and into the annual “Wrestlemania Season”, you fine readers may well see a lot more of the “Mat Musings” concept. This is simply because there is a hell […]

  8. Full House

    Rather ironically, when I was approached about penning a column on wrestling house shows – I picked up the latest copy of the UK-based grap magazine “Fighting Spirit Magazine”, only to find that they themselves had written an article dedicated to the art and history of the non-televised event. This has happened to me quite […]

  9. Exposure

    The tag-team of moving house and work has recently nailed me with a fearsome double-dropkick to the solar plexus with all the power of “The Rockers” back in the late 80’s. Needless to say, that awesome double-team move has left me struggling to make the hot tag to my partner – the Bored Wrestling Fan […]

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