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  1. BWF Radio Episode 316 [PODCAST]

    WHAT?  It’s episode 316!  WHAT?  Three-Hundred-Sixteen!  WHAT?  Another episode!  WHAT?  Another show!  WHAT?  Yes folks, BoredWrestlingFan Radio celebrates 316 episodes by making random Stone Cold Steve Austin references throughout the show.  We kick things off with technology not working (so don’t be alarmed when the MP3 starts in mid sentence).  We run down the card […]

  2. BWF Radio Episode 315 [PODCAST]

    This week on BoredWrestlingFan Radio, Joe talks about the prominence of Bullet Club t-shirts at concerts.  We discuss voice actors who don’t change their voice for their characters.  We discuss the WWE incarnation of the nWo and Nitro parties.  Drow catches us up on the happenings of NJPW.  JT and Mark compete in movie trivia. […]

  3. BWF Radio Episode 314 [PODCAST]

    This week on Bored Wrestling Fan, Joe, JT, and G discuss sports they wouldn’t watch on TV, musicians who have just stopped caring, and who out of the numerous artists who are on “farewell tours” this year will be back again.  JT discusses Black Panther in relation to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In […]

  4. BWF Radio Episode 313 [PODCAST]

    Today on BoredWrestlingFan Radio, the crew talk about frivolous lawsuits and how they’ve drastically reduced the effects of Darwinism.  We struggle to remember what happened on WWE Television despite the fact that some of us actually watched some of it.  Drowgoddess catches us up on the recent happenings of New Japan Pro Wrestling. In the […]

  5. BWF Radio Episode 312 [PODCAST]

    This week on BoredWrestlingFan Radio, Joe, JT, Coester, and G talk football as we prepare to watch the commercials Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.  We also discuss the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view, specifically it’s two namesake matches. In the news, Jeremy Borash leaves Impact for WWE.  Bobby Lashley and […]

  6. BWF Radio Episode 311 [PODCAST]

    This week on BoredWrestlingFan, we jump right in to wrestling talk, including WWE RAW 25, NXT Takeover: Philadelphia, and NJPW’s New Beginning in Sapporo shows.  Plus we run down the card of tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble event, and answer the question of “who do you want to win the Royal Rumble?” In the news, the WWE RAW […]

  7. BWF Radio Episode 310 [PODCAST]

    This week on Bored Wrestling Fan, we have a lot of awkward silences.  Then we talk about Braun Strowman’s backstage rampage on RAW, Bobby Roode’s glorious SmackDown US title win, and for some reason, Brayden Walker. In the news, our boys Booker Tees are back!  We clarify some information on the Roman Reigns steroid scandal.  […]

  8. BWF Radio Episode 309: BWF Awards

    This week on BoredWrestlingFan Radio, we give out our annual BWF Awards.  Find out who wins in such categories such as Tag Team of the Year, WWE Male Wrestler of the Year, Non-WWE Male Wrestler of the Year, the Aksana Award for Worst Wrestler of the Year, and much more! In the news, Paige may […]

  9. BWF Radio Episode 308 [PODCAST]

    This week on BoredWrestlingFan Radio, we’re back!  We discuss our Christmases.  We celebrate New Year’s by discussing Drowgoddess’ trip to Japan for Wrestle Kingdom 12 over the holiday break.  We watch the Buffalo Bills play in a playoff game for the first time since we’ve known each other! In the news, the WWE Slammy Awards […]

  10. BWF Radio Episode 307 [PODCAST]

    This week on BoredWrestlingFan Radio, we debate about Star Wars, including which was the best film.  There are no “The Last Jedi” spoilers though, so no worries!  We review a couple of songs sent to us, or at least attempt to.  We run through RAW and SmackDown, plus we take a quick look at the […]

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