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  1. WWE Superstars Results

    Hey, my Peeps!  Sorry for the absence as of late.  I’m in Colorado at the moment and have been really busy lately.  That’s no excuse, but life happens.  I’m here today to give you some results from this past week’s WWE Superstars.  I understand that some people don’t get the channel that carries Superstars, so […]

  2. WWE Superstars

    I’m back this week with WWE Superstars.  What happened?  Let’s find out. Match 1:  Primo vs JTG Primo gets the win with the Backstabber.  Interesting to see Primo get a win on TV when he wasn’t anywhere to be seen for months.  Match 2:  Goldust vs William Regal Goldust gets the win with the Final […]

  3. WWE Superstars

    Hey everybody.  It’s your favorite WWE Superstars reviewer.  I am here this week with actual thoughts this week instead of the generic results.  Enjoy! Match 1: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs William Regal and Primo Colon In the opening minutes of the match, Santino pulled off a Primo cartwheel and started power-walking off the […]

  4. WWE Superstars

    Match 1: Chris Masters and MVP w/Percy Watson vs The Dudebusters MVP picks up the win for his team after he hit the 305 on Caylen Croft. Match 2: Chavo Guerrero vs JTG Chavo gets a rare win with the Frog Splash. Match 3: Yoshi Tatsu vs Primo Colon Primo gets the win after he […]

  5. WWE Superstars Results

    Match 1:  Primo Colon and Jillian vs Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim (Bella Twins are Special Guest Referees) Gail Kim rolls up Jillian with a very quick count by one of the Bella’s. Match 2: Zack Ryder vs Goldust Zack Ryder doesn’t wear the half pants tonight, but instead just goes with the trunks.  Ryder […]

  6. WWE Superstars Results

    Hola!  Como estas?  That’s the extent of my Spanish.  Let’s delve into this thing. Match 1:  JTG vs Caylen Croft of Dudebuster fame w/Trent Baretta I hate JTG’s straight hair.  It’s time for him to go back to the braids.  Speaking of JTG, has anyone seen Shad Gaspard lately?  The Dudebusters suck…plain and simple.  They […]

  7. WWE Superstars Results

    What’s up, my peeps?!  Are you ready for another stellar WWE Superstars? (I hope you caught on to the sarcasm) Match 1:  Alicia Fox vs Gail Kim This was your standard, crappy Diva’s match.  Alicia Fox wins after she knocks Gail Kim off the top rope and hit her scissor kick.  Oh, Scissor me!  Match […]

  8. WWE Superstars Results

    Mark Henry vs Primo Mark Henry gets the win in a quick one. Gail Kim vs Jillian Hall Gail Kim gets the win in this random divas match that nobody really cares about. Co-Women’s Champion Michelle McCool vs Tiffany McCool gets the win here in yet another divas match on Superstars. Chavo Guerrero vs Christian […]

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