Match 1:  Primo Colon and Jillian vs Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim (Bella Twins are Special Guest Referees)

Gail Kim rolls up Jillian with a very quick count by one of the Bella’s.

Match 2: Zack Ryder vs Goldust

Zack Ryder doesn’t wear the half pants tonight, but instead just goes with the trunks.  Ryder gets the win with the Ruff Ryder.

Masterlock Challenge:  The Dudebusters

First, Masters locked it on Croft, then he invited Baretta to take the challenge.  As Masters was about to lock it in on Baretta, Croft jumped in and The Dudebusters inflicted a little double team punishment on him.

Main Event:  LayCool vs Tiffany and Kelly Kelly

Really???  This is the main event?  Absolutely pathetic.  Layla gets the pin when Michelle McCool kicked Kelly Kelly in the face with the referee distracted by Tiffany.

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