We’ve got William Regal challenging Christian for the ECW title in his homeland of England. No interference from Kozlov or Ezekial allowed.

We open with The Abraham Washington Show. He’s got Yoshi Tatsu as a guest. Washington does some shilling then brings out Tatsu. Unfortunately he doesn’t speak much english. Tatsu predicts Christian will retain the title.

Next week we get the mask vs “career” match between Burchill and Hurricane. This week Ripper is taking on GOldust. Dust runs through him a couple of times with a shoulderblock then works and armbar. A knee by Paul ends that.

Butt bump by Dust. Burchill takes the advantage and works the ribs. Dust misses a corner moves and Burchill pushed him into the ringpost and then dropkicks him into the post.

Working a body scissors. Dust fights out but Burchill keeps working the ribs.

Dust with his dropping uppercut, then hits a couple of clotheslines. Burchill shoves him off when he tries a bulldog. Hurricane runs down around ringside causing a distraction that allows Goldust to hit the Final Cut for the win.

Ryder vs Shelton on Superstars.

Ryder is psyching himself up then Rosa shows up. He doesn’t blame her for his losing and invites her to come down to be in his corner anytime. She says maybe and he has another fantasy sequence.

Regal and Tiffany are talking. Regal’s promoting himself, Tiff takes the air out him saying she does want a fresh start. Whether he’s ECW champion or not.

Vance Archer is wrestling against a guy named Jason Blackwell. Is this guy in WWE developmental, because he reminds me of the fake Hurricane. Archer slaps him then clotheslines him. Picks him up and throws him down with an uragage. Boot to the throat then a belly to belly. HE hits his finish for the win.

Time for the main event. Collar and elbow tie up. Christian breifly on his knees but he gets up and gets Regal in the corner. Rolls through an armbar by Regal and reverses it, flipping Regal.

Christian snapmares Regal, who rolls out and the champ gets a baseball slide. Regal comes back with a Euro uppercut and another.

Chrisitan rams Regal’s head into the turnbuckles, gets a backdrop and a Reverse DDT. He grabs a chinlock. Christian hard intot he turnbuckles, then works a facelock. Forearms to the face and he’s apparently attempting a superplex. Christian stops it and comes off the top with a crossbody block. He then steps on Regal’s back as he’s draped across the second rope. Over the top and he decks him.

But Regal catches him up top. Regal with a butterfly supex off the top. A move I would love to see more of. It’s a seriously great move.

Christian misses a baseball slide and Regal hits an exploder suplex on the floor. A series a Euro uppercuts and a kick to the chest get two. He grabs a submission but Christian fights out. He runs into a forearm though. Regal actually steps on him in the ropes. Christian kicks Regal away but Regal yanks him off the second rope by the ankle.

Regal’s pounding him with forearms to the chest. Regal sits down on a sunset flip attempt but grabs the ropes so the ref stops the count. Regal’s got a full nelson on now.

Christian fights out but eats a forearm to the back of the neck. Poorly done Killswitch and he takes a while to get a cover so Regal kicks out.

They both sit up and Regal just kicks him in the face. They’re actually fighting on the mat. Flashpoint by Christian. Regal blocks a tornado DDT and just shoves him over the top rope.

Christian comes back with a flurry and two missle dropkicks. Regal with a forearm shot. Christion avoids the running knee, Regal hits a half-ass version going the other way. Regal blocks the Killswitch and apllies the Regal Stretch. Christian elbows out. Regal runs into a dropkick.

Diving Euro uppercut by the champ. Regal blocks the Killswitch with an exploder. Christian avoids the knee and gets the Killswitch.

ECW continues it’s streak of strong shows. I was surprised by them having Burchill lose one week prior to his match with Hurricane.

Of course they are making the Hurricane less grimy than he started out this time, so he may unmask and be wearing a smaller one.

Ryder’s thing with Rosa could be interesting, but his fantasies showing up on TV are annoying.

Archer looked better this week. The bit of stubble and more agressive moves worked his apparent “intense” gimmick. But a reverse DDT isn’t an intense move and the bodyslam setup makes it looker weaker.

Meanwhile, Christian has another great match. They’re doing some unepxpected things in Christian’s matches to setup big moves and I love the way they book him with him coming back with flurries of offense. You’re never sure if he’s going to come back this time or if it’s just a tease and he’ll be cut off.

In some other ECW related news Christian and Regal have been booked on opposite sides of Survivor Series teams so this isn’t over.

Unfortunately they’re essentially the fourth and fifth members of their teams respectively. Christian is on Kofi Kingston’s team along with MVP, Mark Henry and R-Truth, while Regal is on the team with Legacy and CM Punk.

It’s a shame since it means they’re being devalued and the WWE is missing the chance to have Yoshi Tatsu, Ezekial, and Kozlov (and others) on a PPV.


  1. Ryder's fantasies about Rosa are so stupid, yet oddly entertaining.

    In any event, that was a hell of a main event between Christian and Regal, though I'm very surprised that Christian walked away with the win.

  2. Christian/Regal was indeed a really good match. I honestly thought Christian was going to tap during the Regal stretch. Awesome sell job by CC.

    I agree with Joe, Ryder's fantasies are just so corny, but at the same time…I find them hilarious and entertaining. They remind me of the Undertaker/Teddy Long limo segment a month or so ago which I didn't like, but for whatever reason I'm finding the Ryder/Rosa fantasies entertaining. Whatever the case, I'm hoping for another on Superstars or on next week's ECW. Go figure.

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