Tonight we’ve got The Hurricane putting his mask on the line against Paul Burchill, who will leave ECW and take his sister with him if he loses.

We open up with CM Punk talking about returning to ECW. He says he’ll get the loudest longest standing ovation in ECW history. So is his current gimmick that he’s secretly doing some sort of drug?

He and William Regal will team against Christian and R-Truth

We open with Zack Ryder coming to the ring with Rosa Mendes. Ryder’s offically intro’ing the crowd to her. Rosa babbles on about nothing important and Ryder says he’s challenging Shelton Benjamin to another rematch and he still wants Rosa in his corner.

Shelton comes out and accepts the challenge. But he suggests Ryder sits in the corner while he and Rosa have a little wrestling match. Shelton tells Ryder that he’s always been a tool, but with Rosa in his corner he needs to change his name to Black & Decker, because now he’s a power tool. Anyway Ryder says he isn’t ready to have the match now, and warns Shelton not to disrespect Rosa. She gets in Shelton’s face and then Ryder decks him with the microphone before they head out.

Promo for the Hurricane/Burchill match which surprisingly is the first match tonight.

Hopefully wherever they go after this Katie Lea won’t be gone to long. I’d miss those leather pants. We start out with Burchill getting a couple of takedowns for two coutns. Hurricane gets a side headlock take over and Ripper tries to roll him over. Burchill ends up backed into the corner, then rolls out to gether his thoughts.

Shoulder in the corner but when he tries to whip the Hurricane into the other corner he gets a headscissors out of the ring and the superhero dives over the top rope.

Katie Lea causeas a minor distraction and Paul hits a back suplex.

Ripper stops a brief comeback with a short clothesline. He slaps on a half-nelson chinlock. Hurricane fights out, then flips out of a back suplex but eats a clothesline. Paul backs him up into the corner and starts working the ribs.

Hurricane avoids a corner charge and starts punching away. Thesz press. Euro uppercut and a clothesline. Hurricane’s ready to finish him off. Burchill blocks the Eye of the Hurricane and hits a Pele Kick. A second attempt is blocked into a Northern Lights. Burchill wants some help from Katie Lea.

Hurricane with a hurricanrana off the second. Hurricane distracted by Katie Lea and Burchill hits his finish. But only gets two.

Hurricane reverses a second attempt and hits the Eye of the Hurricane. And only gets two. Burchill catches Hurricane on the top. He tries to suplex him to the floor. Hurricane fights out. And takes him off the top with a neckbreaker. I have never seen that move before.

Katie Lea looks like she’s going to cry. They’ve staring at each other. I think the fans are doing the good bye chant.

Tiffany welcomes CM Punk. He starts getting preachy.

Vance Archer has the next match. He’s looking a little more distinctive this time. Archer is just pummeling away. He rams his opponents side into the ringpost, the hits a release Uranage. THen finishes him with his non-intense bodyslam into a reverse DDT. Interesetingly, the ring announcers announced his opponent Johnny Andrews as from Florida, then during commentary Josh Matthews claimed he was from Philly, where they’re broadcasting from.

CM Punk talks to Christian. Christian wonders if Straight Edge allows Punk to hold hands with a girl. In Philly they don’t call what Punk does Straight Edge. They’d call him a nerd/ This leads to them back and forth calling each other nerds. Punk begins to list his accomplishments and why he deserves respect. Christian responds with Punk WAS a champion. He still is.

Christian and Punk trade slaps then Christian yanks Regal in and throwns him into Punk. He tags R-Truth in and they both hit missle dropkicks, sending the heels to the outside.

R-Truth hits a spinning headscissors on Regal. Punk in and is sent outside. Christian with a baseball slide and R-Truth with a dive. Regal attacks Truth by pulling him off the apron. Punk starts working the leg. Regal tags in and continues. Punk applies some sort of leglock.

Regal’s in dropping elbows and knees on the leg. Punk with a body slam. He misses a legdrop, but stops Truth from making a tag. Truth hits an enziguri on Regal. Punk and Christian in. Running forearm by the champ then a tornado DDT. He knocks Regal off the apron and hits diving Euro uppercut. Killswitch to GTS to Killswitch. Christian sent into the corner and Punk hits the high knee.

We get a brawl, Christian tries to hit the Killswitch on Punk, but Regal hits the running knee and Punk hits the GTS for the win,.

Another strong show from ECW. It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve seen Jackson and Kozlov. I’m wondering if Burchill’s loss will have them show up a bit more. But it’s entirely possible he comes back under a mask. And the absence of the Ruthless Roundtable may be to help Vance Archer get over.

It’s time to get a few more guys back on TV, like Tatsu and Dreamer.

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