Still feeling out the whole reviewer thing here, My last review didn’t get as many comments as my first. I’m not sure if that’s because I focused to heavily on calling the show, or the first week out was just people welcoming me to the site.

I’m a little more familiar with the way things work this week though.

Anyway on this week’s ECW out main event is Christian teaming with Yoshi Tatsu against Ezekial and Vladimir Kozlov. We also should have an in ring confrontation between The Hurricane and Paul Burchill.

We’re opening up with Christian heading out to the ring. Christian says that after last weeks attack and having to see it again he wants Regal in the ring. He calls him out. If Regal won’t come out he’ll find Regal. He’s interrupted by Tiffany with her non-PG rated music.

She says that the attacks happened because she denied him a title shot. Christian says Regal’s disrepected everyone. But he’s won . He wants Regal in the ring now.

Regal comes out and says he now has all the cards. If he’s going to take his ECW match he wants it in front of deserving fans. He wants it in front of his home crowd next week in England.

Tiffany says the match will happen under the condition that Kozlov and Jackson will be banned from ringside. Also his match is next.

He heads to the ring and is met with a Christian dropkick.

Hearing the announcers reminded me of a question I thought of last week after the show. Why call up Saxton and not just use Abraham Washington?

His opponent is Goldust. Regal pushed Dust to the ropes and shoves him. Dust reponds with a punch then takes him down hammering away. He heads out, then when he gets back in he sends Dust out. They brawl on the outside a little.

The bizarre one hits an atomic drop then ten punches in the corner. Regal kicks him in the gut and takes over. He delivers some crossface before putting on a type of headlock. Dust fights out and delivers couple clotheslines. He runs into a boot but comes back with a powerslam. Bulldog by Dust.

But Regal avoids a move then hits his running knee after Goldust gets shoved into the corner.

Zach Ryder is checking himself out when Rosa Mendes comes up. She says she’s announcing his match. We get a fantasy sequence from Ryder as she’s babbling.

Rosa won’t be doing to much announcing with how much talking she does before bringing the guys to the ring. Ryder is wrestling Shelton Benjamin. Shelton gets a takedown then goes into a headlock. Shoulder takedown and Ryder takes a walk. Shelton follows, Ryder runs, then gets a dropkick as they head back in.

Facewash on Benjamin. I just heard a let’s go Shelton chant, so the face turn has worked. Rear chinlock by Ryder. Shelton gets up, but Ryder sweeps the leg. Nice move. SHoves Shelton back to the corner but he postures to much and Benjamin takes over. Stinger Splash. Overhead belly to belly. Which gets a great reaction.

Ryder tries to slingshot Shelton back in, but the Gold Standard lands on his feet. Meanwhile Ryder’s staring at Rosa touching up her makeup. Paydirt hits and Shelton picks up the win.

Here’s Paul Burchill and Katie Lea. Love those pants on Katie Lea. Ripper’s complainging that Hurricane isn’t already there. Here comes the hero, carrying the Hurri-Cane. Burchill tells him Halloween is over. Hurricane says for some people Halloween lasts all year. Ask his sister.

Burchill wants to know why these people look up to Hurricane instead of him. Paul lists all his positive qualities while insulting the crowd. Hurricane suggests the reason fans like him and not Burchill is because he doesn’t call them “mindless soulless freaks.”

Burchill makes the challenge. One more mask. They win, Hurricane unmasks. They lose, they leave. Hurricane paraphrases the Green Lantern oath, accepting the challenge.

Tony Atlas is talking with Abraham Washington. After Regal wrecked the set they need a new one. Washington runs through all the things they want as they head for Tiffany’s office. THey meet someone coming out who just kind of stares at them. Tiffany tells them that’s ECW’s newest Superstar, Vance Archer. He’s… intense.

Archer comes out with a sneer on his face. He’s wrestling a jobber. First thing he does is shove him out of the ring off the lockup. He hits a kick as Logan Jones comes in. He’s jsut tossing him around. His finish is a reverse DDT out of a bodyslam.

Time for the main event. Kozlov and Jackson are in the ring. Sounds like Big Zeke now has an extended version of Domination. In fact without one line just as it cut out I wouldn’t have recognized it.

Yoshi Tatsu even has fans with signs in the crowd. Zeke and Tatsu start. Zeke no-sells a couple of kicks, but a dropkick to the knee followed by a second get him in. Kozlov tags in. Yoshi ducks a kick and hits one to the sternum. Runs into the headbutt and Kozlov shoves him to the corner.

Zeke tags in and works the ribs then bodyslams him. Then he steps on his head. Double underhook submission. Kozlov in. Shoulders in the corner and he chokes him. Armtrap headbutt and a belly to belly. Zeke with kind of a modified surfboard. Clubbing forearm to the head.

Zeke misses a corner charge. Christian and Kozlov in. Diving Euro uppercut and he sens Zeke off the apron. Canadian backbreaker by Kozlov. Tatsu and Christian flip Zeke over the top and Tatsu hits a plancha.

Tornado DDT by Christian and the Killswitch gets the win. Here coems Regal . Christian heads him off but he can’t fight all three men. Regal traps him in the Regal Stretch.

Good show. For those who don’t know Vance Archer is Lance Hoyt from TNA. And he’s apparently a guy who needs long hair and facial hair, because without them he looks kind of like a demented version of the main character from Scrubs. He’d be better served using a big boot or pumphandle slam as his finish. He definately needs some work unless he wants to be the next Braden Walker.

Good move introducing him though. ECW gains a heel at a time when they might lose a heel with Burchill coming up with that stipulation of his. Who here thinks they lose and a masked villain called Ripper appears?

Shelton and Ryder had a good match. And in a definate plus he got cheered against another guy who’d been borderline turning recently. I just hope they skip anymore fantasy sequences.

I’m also hoping Regal loses next week. I liked the way the storyline was going and I’d love to see him have to earn a title shot. Tatsu unfortunately didn’t get to do much this match. It would have been nice to see his finishing kick have as much effect on a big guy.


  1. Nice job on reporting. I would like to see Burchill come back as a masked villain. Can't wait for Regal to lose in front of his own people.

  2. I don't worry about the number of comments, some weeks I get more some weeks less. If you get less comments, it doens't necessarily mean that less peole are reading. You're doing a good job and that's all that matters.

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