It appears that everyone else has forgotten about the little one-hour show every Tuesday nights on Syfy called ECW, so I am here to catch you up.


Shelton Benjamin def. Zack Ryder

After last week’s actions in the Abraham Washington show between the two, it was Benjamin who got the win with the Pay Dirt.

Paul Birchill attacks Gregory Helms, accusing him of being the masked superhero who has been coming to the rescue in recent weeks.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Random Jobber #1

After Kozlov won, Ezekial Jackson also beat down Random Jobber, causing a staredown between the two.

Yoshi Tatsu def. Paul Birchill via DQ

Birchill’s valet, Katie-Lea got involved, causing the DQ. After the match, the Hurricane came to the ring and attacked Birchill.

Tyler Reks def. Random Jobber #2

Not much to say, really.

On the Abraham Washington show, William Regal was announced as #1 contender for Christian’s ECW Championship. Nothing wrong with Regal being #1 contender, but someone should mute Abraham Washington.

William Regal def. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer, still suffering injuries from the Extreme Rules match with Christian the week previously, fell to the man from Blackpool, England.


The Hurricane def. Paul Birchill

In his first offical match back, the Hurricane is victorious after hitting the Eye Of The Hurricane.

The Abraham Washington show featured Goldust, and then Sheamus. Sheamus calls Goldust lucky for beating him on Superstars, a stare down followed.

Zack Ryder def. Yoshi Tatsu

Ryder won after the Zack Attack. Does ECW have more than 10 guys on the roster?

ECW Champion Christian and Ezekial Jackson def. William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov by DQ

Dreamer was scheduled to be the Champ’s partner, but he was beat down by Regal and Kozlov earlier, so Christian chose Big Zeke, who proceeded to join Regal and Kozlov in a 3-on-1 assault on Christian.

That’s ECW all caught up. Tune in next week, for more ECW action.


  1. The Hurricane and Paul Burchill stuff is great! I really like both guys, and the fact that they're getting tv time is a major plus.

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