We’ve got a tag team match for the main event. Four guys who shouldn’t like each other are teaming with Shelton Benjamin teaming with Christian to take on Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekial Jackson. Apparently pummeling the boss and only other employee isn’t firing grounds

The show opens with the Abraham Washington Show. His guests are Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes.

Ryder parodies Tom Cruise jumping up and down on the couch.

Regal actually watched the tapes of last weeks shows. He apoligizes for blaming him. But Jackson still has issues with Kozlov.

Rega’s taking on Goldust. Bill has the Roundtable while Dust comes out alone. Dust backs Regal into the corner and pounds away, Irish whips him, kicks him and hits a suplex. They go outside, Dust gets a clothesline and comes back in for an atomic drop.

Shattered Dreams is set up but by the ref and Regal’s crew freeing him. Regal comes back, starts working the arm, then applies a full nelson. Regal blocks a sunset flip and hits a knee. Now he’s working the neck. Knee to the gut and a running forearm. He’s got a type of chinlock but Dust fights out.

Clothesline and a bulldog. Dust gets a boot up in the ropes. Kozlov tries to interfere but Zeke stops him. Regal hits an exploder but gets distracted breaking up the argument. He gets rolled up and Goldust escapes with the win.

Burchill and Katie Lea are arguing to get their jobs back. But Paul lost fair and square.

The Dudebusters arrive as they leave and reference Paul’s time as a pirate. Hard to say if they’re heels or not. They’re nice enough to her, but very arrogant. They’re going to revolutionize tag team wrestling. They tell her to get wheelchair and learn to talk through a computer like Stephen Hawlking. They’re about to make her look like a genius.

They’re introduced under their indivual names. Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft. I’d say they’re heels. Their nusic’s annoying as hell. Forearm knock down.

Baretta backs his opponent into the corner and pounds away with fist a and knees. Croft is in and they hit a double team gutbuster.

Snapmare and a kneedrop by Croft. Chinlock. They;ve kept this guy isolated all match but Crodt misses in the corner and their victim tags out. The other jobber is immediately knocked down and he hits legdrop.

Baretta comes in and they end it. Croft kind of atomic drops their opponent and Baretta hits a high speed running single leg dropkick.

Definate heels. Zack Ryder may now have a crew.

Savannah is interviewing Vance Archer. He’s fondling his stubble. He says he knows he’s destined for greatness, so rather than walk in and demand a shot he plans on savoring every step. He’s painting a masterpiece of anarchy.

Good interview.

Backstage Shelton is playing the new WWE video game. Christian comes in. THey briefly talk about their title match in two weeks and theire match tonight. Christian pushes the power button just as Shelton is about to win the match.

Christian and Jackson start off. Big Zeke just shoves the champ across the ring. Christian grabs a headlock, the hits a couple of punches. He runs into a kick to the gut and gets pounded to the mat. He sidesteps a charge and Zeke goes out but comes back in with a slam. Shelton comes in and hits a couple of punches.

He tries a whipe but is sent to the corner. Ezeklal runs into two boots. Benjamin goes up top, but hits Kozlov as he comes across the apron. Ezekial charges and knocks him off the apron.

We come back and Zeke has a reverse bearhug. Shelton tries to elbow out but Jackson increases the pressure. Shelton escapes leaps to the top rope, CHristian make a tag, Shelton nails him and then Christian hits a crossbody. But the advantage is shortlived.

Kozlov comes in. Koz with a choke in the corner, then he yanks Christian off the second rope. Jackson back in with a shot on the arm. He starts working it with a top wristlock. Christian fights out but is knocked outside with a shoulderblock. Regal rams him into the ringpost.

Kozlov comes in and continues working the arm. Christian comes back with a tornado DDT. Jackson walks off and Shelton comes in. He hits a Stinger Splash and hits Paydirt for the win.

Another strong show by ECW. I kind of hope Regal and Kozlov team up and go for the tag belts in between wrestling Ezekial. The two of them might work. They’ll need to find someone for Baretta and Croft to face to make their obnoxiousness tolerable. Archer added a bit to his character and Burchill reminds the fans he’s around.

Christian and Shelton did fine building to their match. I’ve seen people playing it twice on the show though and both times it’s face vs face though. Sure Shelton was working out his match at TLC, but last night Verne Troyer was playing Undertaker against MVP. I wonder if they’ll ever show any heels getting pummeled.

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