ECW’s already had a busy week. On Sunday Christian defeated Shelton Benjamin to retain the ECW title.

On Raw he was challenged to a six man tag team match by William Regal. He chose Kane and Khali as his partners to limit the amount of work he had to do and got his second win.

And Yoshi Tatsu scored a quick win in a six man tag pinning Zack Ryder.

And now Tiffany has invited Kane to be on the show. To quote Kane “I’m back.”

We start off with Tiffany in the ring welcoming the particpants of the ladder match Shelton Benjamin and Christian.

She thanks them for stealing the show. SHelton praises the fans for inspiring them. But he wants a rematch. Tiffany says he can earn but she gets interrupted.

William Regal says he always means to ask Tiffany about her voice. She sounds like a goose blowing a kazoo. But there’s a bigger issue than Shelton’s rematch… Kane. Kane is a monster etc. etc.

Tiffany says she’s created a new concept. She’s bringing in several former ECW champs for what she calls ECW Homecoming. The winner of this little mini tournament will get a shot at Christian.

THe first matches will be Zack Ryder vs Kane and Vladimir Kozlov vs Ezekial Jackson. Which kind of blows the conecpt.

The first match of the night will be Ripper fighting for an ECW contract agains The Hurricane.

THey start off slow but Ripper is able to toss Hurricane to the outside. He hits a baseball slide then delivers a back suplex onto the barricade. Hurricane is suplexed back in the ring then goes to a resthold. During the commentary Saxton asks if Josh was fired if he could come back under a mask. Josh says yes.

Hurricane fights out and hits acrossbody but the comeback is stopped. Bodyslam but a top rope moves fails. Clothesline by Hurricane. Ripper runs into a Euro uppercut. Hurricane-rana off the second rope. Shining Wizard misses and Ripper hits a modified backbreaker. Tornado DDT by Hurricane . He yanks off the mask and then hits the Shining Wizard for the win.

By the way, Katie Lea’s masked name was Beautiful Nightmare. I;m surprised that she didn’t use the name of one of Jack the Ripper’s victims.

As Paul and Katie Lea are leaving Gregory Helms approaches and asks how it worked out for them. Burchill just screams and walks away. Helms asks whats up with that and as he walks away we see his cape underneath his jacket.

Next up is the Abraham Washington Show, with Maria as a guest. He shows a clip of Batista playing Kanye during Maria’s speech.

Our first ECW Homecoming match is Ezekial vs Kozlov. Regal accompanies Kozlov. Did they just say he was from South America? Matthews gives Jackson what sounds like a catchphrase, saying he has an “Appetite for Ahnihilation.”

Kozlov hits a knee, but Zeke comes back with forearms and three strait bodyslams. He gets distracted by Regal and Vlad knocks him down and hits some elbows. Armtrap headbutts. Regal just tripped Kozlov. Jackson hits the Uranage for the win. And he raises Jackson’s hand. Kozlov attacks him Regal butt gets laid out. Regal calls him a traitor.

Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft are playing a video game and beat DX. They talk about how easy it was and one of them says video games mirror reality.

THey’re wrestling Julio Cruz and Jorge.. something. Knee and a forearm by Baretta. He eats a dropkick, but his a chopblock and starts working the leg. Croft comes in and they slam his knees to the mat and then just keeps working the leg. Croft holds the leg out and Baretta hits a running knee.

Cruz hits a spinning kick but before he can make the tag his partner is knocked off the apron. The hit a double team neckbreaker powerbomb for the win. Then they take the mike from Savannah and tell her they can announce the winners better than her. They say they’ll be next years Slammy winning tag team of the year.

Goldust is backstage talking to Yoshi Tatsu. He congratulates him on his win on Raw after talking about how sensitive the crowd was during his(Dust’s) Slammy presentation. Kane walks by and Yoshi says something in Japanese. I think there may have been a reference to Godzilla. Kane asks Goldust what he said, but the Bizarre One just freaks out. Kane walks away, “And they say I’m a freak.”

Next week we’ll have Yoshi Tatsu vs Jack Swagger.

Zack coems to the ring with Rosa of course. She looks terrified. Ryder ducks a shot and pounds away on the corner, but gets an uppercut. Low dropkick by Kane. Kane eats a boot in the corner. Crossbody caught and he’s bodyslammed. Ryder hits a dropkcik and goes to a chinlock. Kane back suplexes out. Big Boot and a corner clothesline. Ryder spins out of a sideslam but gets grabbed by the throat. He gets a death grip on the ropes.

Kane’s foot gets caught up on the ropes and Ryder starts kicking and dropping elbows on the rope. He starts choking away in the corner. Chopblock. Twists it around the ropes but gets several thoughts to the throat. Low dropkick to the leg, then he hits the Rough Ryder. Kane comes back off a second Rough Ryder attempt and hits the chokeslam for the win.

All around aswesome show. Except for one thing.

The swerve with Ezekial and Regal tossing Kozlov was pretty cool. But this is the second time in less than six months the fans have been teased with Ezekial turning face and been denied. The crowd obviously wants to cheer him, but keep being denied. They may eventually stop caring.

I was surprised to see Burchill unmasked so quickly. I’d heard rumors they were Raw bound after this, but the Ripper seemed to say that wouldn’t happen. Now they could be. Or maybe Regal will hire them.

I liked Baretta and Croft’s new finisher, though they should keep the old one around so they have more double team moves.

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