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Evan Bourne def. Chavo Guerrero in a Cyber Sunday qualifying match.

Finlay def. John Morrison in a Cyber Sunday qualifying match.

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Mark Henry makes his way to the ring, and he’s not in a good mood.  He took a spear from Batista last night on RAW… wonder if that’s what he’s pissed about?  Well, before we can find out, we see a recap of what Henry did to Jamie Noble and Matt Hardy last week on ECW.  Tony Atlas says that last week, he sent a painful message to Matt Hardy.  This week’s message is less painful – Mark Henry wants the ECW title, and that message will get clearer and more painful the longer they have to wait.  He’s interrupted by the music of Teddy Long, who makes his way to the ring.  He tells them that just because they jumped Matt Hardy last week, doesn’t mean they get a title shot.  Henry got one at No Mercy, and he lost.  T-Lo is fair, he’ll give Mark an opportunity, but he won’t be the one to make the decision.  Mark’s going to be one of three candidates to face Matt Hardy at Cyber Sunday.  We’ll find out later on who the other two are, as we see qualifying matches throughout the night.  T-Lo calls it “power to the people.”  The qualifying matches start… right now!

Evan Bourne makes his way out to the ring with Mark Henry still standing there.  Bourne extends a hand, and when it looks like Henry is going to accept the handshake, Bourne pulls the hand away.  Henry leaves, and so do we, as we go to visit a…


Evan Bourne def. Chavo Guerrero to qualify for a chance to face Matt Hardy at Cyber Sunday.

Bourne backs Chavito into the corner to start but Chavo takes over, locking Bourne in a headlock.  It doesn’t last long, and we get the match you’d expect from these two.  Chavo takes control for a little bit, but it doesn’t take long before Bourne sends Chavo flying out of the ring, flying out after him himself, and sending us flying into a…


When we come back, Bourne goes for a standing moonsault but Chavo gets his knees up and Chavo locks in a submission hold.  He lets go but continues his assault, maintaining control as he’s done since the beginning of the match.  Borune manages to roll Chavo up for a weird two count and then takes control.  As Bourne goes to catch Chavo with a top rope Hurricanrana, Chavo moves and Bourne crotches himself on the top rope.  Chavo goes right back to the submission.  After Bourne gets out, the two men exchange kicks before Chavo goes for the Three Amigos – but Bourne escapes after the second suplex.  He takes Guerrero down and hits a picture perfect Shooting Star Press to earn a spot in the Cyber Sunday voting!

As soon as the match is over, Mark Henry attacks Bourne from behind – and after taking him out, finally gets that handshake he wanted earlier.

Speaking of Cyber Sunday, Finlay faces John Morrison later on tonight in the other qualifying match!


WWE Rewind – Jeff Hardy defeats MVP on SmackDown, and is taken out by Vladimir Kozlov.

Jeff Hardy takes on Kozlov this Friday on SmackDown.  For the second straight week, I will not be providing real-time coverage here.

Tiffany is dressed as a Vegas show girl backstage, and she tells T-Lo he needs to get in the spirit.  She shows him an Elvis jumpsuit and says he’d look great in it.  Jack Swagger barges in and wonders why he’s not getting a chance to face Matt Hardy at Cyber Sunday.  T-Lo explains that you have to work your way up from the bottom here in ECW.  Tommy Dreamer comes in and asks if he can get a title shot after Cyber Sunday.  Long says he’ll take it into consideration.  Swagger tells Dreamer that he needs to step aside and make room for those creating memories in ECW instead of those bastardizing theirs.

Rundown of the Cyber Sunday card.  John Morrison is walking backstage with The Miz.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK> (MyTV Buffalo coincidentally has a tuesday night programming block called “Crime Time Tuesdays.  Also, according to the advertisements in the area, the main event for Armageddon in December will be John Cena challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship.)

Finlay def. John Morrison to qualify for Cyber Sunday voting.

Finlay is making his way to the ring with his boy Horny.  By the way, thank you WWE for making the names of WCW guys shorter.  I mean, I’d hate to have to type “Fit Finlay,” “Rey Misterio, JR.,” or “Chavo Guerrero, JR.”  This is another back and forth match, like the other match we saw earlier.  This time, it’s the face locking in submission holds with the heel fighting out.  This match is actually pretty slow paced.  The fans start chanting “Johnny Nitro.” Finlay tosses Morrison out of the ring then convinces the referee that he’s got something in his eye.  As the ref is checking on him, Hornswoggle does a sucide-diving clothesline and connects with both Miz and Morrison before escaping under the ring.  Miz is pulled in after him, and Finlay rolls Morrison back in the ring and us into…


Morrison is in control, with Finlay lacked in an arm wrenching move.  Still no sign of Miz and Hornswoggle.  Finlay gets out of the hold, but charging after Morrison, he misses and goes shoulder first into the post.  Morrison continues to  work over the arm.  Mike Knox comes out at one point and tries to distract Finlay, which he does but Morrison only pulls off a two count.  Knox winds up getting pulled under the ring, and we find out that Cryme Tyme was under there.  They handed Finlay his Shillelagh, and he clobbered Morrison with it behind the referee’s back, picking up the win.

After the match, Finlay blasts Shad and JTG with the Shillelagh.  As he heads back up the ramp, Mark Henry takes him out from behind.

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