I’m in a pretty good mood. I’m six days away from attending a WWE event in Buffalo for the first time since December 2007, and just three days away from moving into my new apartment. I may have a new job on the horizon, and I’m enjoying my life for the moment. Enough about me, though, you guys are here for ECW on SciFi! Christian is the new ECW Champion, what will Jack Swagger have to say about it? Will we find out tonight? Who knows!

ECW opens with highlights of the opening match of Backlash, where Christian captured the ECW Championship.

Christian is introduced as the new ECW Champion, and he brings his shiny new belt to the ring.  He said he was going to be ECW Champion, and it’s sinking in right now.  This is the greatest day of his career, standing in Madison Square Garden as a champion!  Christian invites Jack Swagger to interrupt him, but instead he gets a suit-clad Tommy Dreamer.  Dreamer shakes Christian’s hand, and congratulates him.  For the first time in three months, we have a champion that represents what ECW is all about.  Dreamer and Christian have been friends for a long time, but he’s not only here to congratulate Christian.  Dreamer made a promise to himself to win the title once more before his contract expires, or he’d walk away.  His time is running out.  He’s got less than six weeks before his contract expires.  He’s out here in the building – the crowd chants ECW and Dreamer gets all choked up – but he’s out here in the building that made him love the business to challenge Christian for the ECW Championship.  Christian says let’s do it tonight.  Jack Swagger doesn’t seem to think that’s a good idea, as he interrupts the proceedings.  He was willing to let this go on because the moment is fleeting, but enough is enough.  The only reason Christian is champion is because he cheated.  It’s not fair!  Dreamer thinks he deserves a championship match?  That’s a joke.  Dreamer’s a joke.  The only thing saving them from Swagger dropping them both is the fact that in three weeks at Judgment Day, he’s got a rematch and will be taking back his title.  Talk about championship matches, waste everybody’s time, but nobody is getting a title match until Swagger does.  Torrie Wilson’s music hits – and apparently it’s been re-assigned to Tiffany.  The ECW GM welcomes everybody to ECW.  Swagger’s right, he’s got a title match at Judgment Day, but he’s wrong about nobody else getting a title match before him.  So later on tonight, an ECW Championship match will take place.


The new breed of the Hart Foundation, Tyson Kidd and Natalya make their way to the ring.  This past Thursday on Superstars, the pair were beaten by Finlay and Hornswoggle.  Speaking of Finlay, guess who Kidd’s opponent is…

Tyson Kidd def. Finlay

For the record, this is the final ECW in REAL TIME for a little bit, as next Tuesday the show returns to it’s 10 PM time slot.  Striker tells us that not only is Kidd a graduate of the Hart Dungeon, Finlay is a graduate of the same school of wrestling that produced Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid.  Finlay focuses on the leg of Kidd early in the match, then dumps him over the top rope, sending us to…


Back from break, and it’s Kidd working over the leg of Finlay with a barrage of submission moves.  Kidd, I’m sure, knows how to stretch a body part from his time in the Dungeon.  Kidd yells out “I’m gonna break his leg” as Natalya cheers him on, yelling “yeah, break it!”  Finlay tries to fight back but Kidd is relentless.  Finally, Finlay recovers enough to score a two count on a backslide, but Kidd won’t let him maintain offense for too long.  Natalya causes a distraction as Kidd grabs Finlay’s Shillelagh and hits him in the  back of the leg with it, scoring a three count off of the blow.

Still to come, ECW Champion Christian defends against Tommy Dreamer.


Vladimir Kozlov is dressed up like M. Bison and has a microphone.  He says he’s a product of the Russian Army and skills honed by Russian athletics.  There’s nobody in ECW or Double Double E who can compete with him, and it will be only a matter of time before he achieves global domination.

Gregory Helms is apparently now a member of the ECW broadcast team, and he’s here to interview Evan Bourne.  Bourne says that things are happening in ECW, and happening quickly.  He says that Dreamer’s not the only person with Championship aspirations.  Paul Burchill says Bourne’s championship aspirations are going to be put on hold.  This Thursday they’ve got a rematch.  Bourne got lucky last week, and this week, his luck will run out.  Katie Lea brushes up against Helms, who says “WASSUPWITDAT?!?”

Tommy Dreamer’s heading towards the ring, which can only mean one thing…


Dreamer is still awaiting the ECW Champion as we’re reminded once again about the time change to 10PM starting next week.  Christian’s music hits, and Captain Charisma heads to the ring, showing off his new belt, which is way bigger than his old belt that apparently was a figment of our collective imaginations since this is supposedly his first World Championship.

Tommy Dreamer def. Christian by count-out in an ECW Championship Match.  Christian retains the title

Madison Square Garden is no stranger to championship matches (a stranger to champions though, isn’t that right, 1994 New York Rangers?) as we’re reminded of WrestleMania XX sans a Chris Benoit mention. Dreamer’s pants are hideous, but maybe they give him some magic powers, because he’s holding his own against Christian.


When we come back, Dreamer crashes into the steel post shoulder first.  Christian goes after the arm.  Dreamer gets a two from a superplex, and then the action spills to the outside.  Dreamer gets in at 8 and Christian at 9, and Dreamer starts to build some momentum, hitting a reverse DDT for a two count.  He gets another two by sitting down on a sunset flip attempt by Christian, who reverses the pin attempt into a two of his own.  Dreamer tuns Christian inside out with a clothesline.  Tommy ties Christian to the Tree of Woe, but before he can hit his running dropkick, Jack Swagger takes him out, earning Tommy the win but not the championship.

Swagger takes out both men in mere moments and stands tall over both Champion and challenger to close the broadcast.

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