Greetings!  We’re doing ECW Real-Time tonight!  What I’ll do to keep the front page clean is post the quick results up here, and the detailed results in the full post.

Tommy Dreamer was kicked out of the building by Teddy Long after bashing Mark Henry across the skull with a frying pan.

Mike Knox d. Shannon Moore

Evan Bourne d. Chavo Guerrero

Colin Delaney is attacked by Mark Henry backstage

The Hardy Boyz d. The Miz and John Morrison in a non title match.

Full details after the jump!

Tonight’s show kicks off with a recap of last week’s Tony Atlas heel turn.

Mike Adamle welcomes us to Charlotte, NC (WOOOOOOOOOO!) and reminds us that The Hardyz are reuniting for one night only to take on WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison.

Tazz is in the ring, and introduces us to The World’s Strongest Champion, Mark Henry, who is coming to the ring with Tony Atlas.  Tazz asks the question – “Why?”  Well, Mark Henry offered Tony Atlas a job carrying his bags, and Tony wouldn’t just carry anybody’s bags, but he’s proud to carry the bags of the World’s Strongest Champion.  Just to prove that Henry is the World’s Strongest Champion, he’s got a little demonstration lined up.  Atlas is handed some frying pans.  To show that it’s a real frying pan, Henry bangs one against the steel post.  Atlas challenges anybody who thinks they’re strong to try and bend the frying pan.  A fan named Chad from Lexington, NC thinks he’s strong.  He comes in the ring, and verifies that those are real frying pans.  He tells Atlas that he’s strong.  Atlas wants to see him bend the frying pan.  He can’t do it.  Atlas hands the frying pan to Mark Henry, who manages to roll up the frying pan like a scroll.  The only person who can do that is Mark Henry, according to Atlas.  His statement is cut off by some generic Alice in Chains, and Tommy Dreamer makes his way to the ring.  He’s not out here to fight though, he’ll save that for Sunday.  He’s impressed by what Henry just did.  He wants to take a stab at it.  Dreamer can’t do it, but he can smash a frying pan over the head of the ECW Champion.  Come to think of it, he dented the frying pan on Henry’s head – he CAN bend a frying pan after all!

Back from break, Dreamer is kicked out of the arena by Teddy Long.

Mike Knox is on the way to the ring.  His opponent is a native North Carolinian, Shannon Moore.  Moore uses his quickness in the early going, but ran into a Knox shoulder.  After that, it’s all Knox.  Moore is beaten literally from pillar to post.  He does mount a small comeback, once again using his speed to his advantage, even hitting a Hurricanrana for a two count.  He goes for a spinning leg kick in the corner, but gets caught with a backbreaker and then hit with Knox’s finisher.  Knox gets the pin.

The RAW Rebound shows off the craziness that was last night’s Monday Night RAW.

Chavo Guerrero heads down to the ring with his bodyguard, Bam Neeley.  Chavito is in competition tonight against the high flying Evan Bourne (also known as “the best thing on this show”).  Evan says he’ll defy the odds, because he defies gravity.  This one is going to be good.  Back and forth action to start things off, and it’s hard to keep up.  Chavo sends Bourne flying out of the ring.  He follows him out, kicks him, and sends him back into the ring.  Chavo goes on the offense, using strikes and submissions to ground Bourne.  Bourne battles back though, using his martial arts style kicks to take down Chavo before hitting an arm drag and a standing moonsault.  Chavo took a slight advantage, but went for a splash from the top rope.  Bourne got the knees up, and hit Chavo with the Shooting Star Press for the victory!

Colin Delaney is hanging out with Teddy Long’s assistant in the back, when he’s approached by Mark Henry and Tony Atlas.  They tell him he’s got nothing to worry about because he had nothing to do with what happened to Henry earlier.  Then Henry bearhugs Delaney and slams him into some gear boxes.

We get another recap of RAW last night, showing Kane’s match with Punk, Kane’s assult, Batista’s save, and the subsequent spinebuster on Punk.

We get a rundown of the Great American Bash card.

Then we get the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison.  They’re opponents tonight are former 6 time World Tag Team Champions, Matt and Jeff, The Hardy Boyz.  That match is NEXT!

Back from the break, the match is underway.  Matt Hardy is in the ring with The Miz, and in control of the match.  Miz reverses a reverse chinlock, but Matt takes him back down with a headlock.  Miz backs Matt into the corner to break the hold, and then eats a few right hands from the US Champion.  Jeff gets the tag from brother Matt, and hangs on to the advantage until Miz nails a thumb to the eye.  Morrison gets the tag, and Jeff takes advantage.  Matt gets a tag back in, and the Hardyz hit one of their unique double team moves – sort of like a reverse double suplex.  Matt continues to work over John Morrison until he is distracted by The Miz.  Matt moved out of the way of a charging Morrison, but didn’t see Miz make the blind tag.  As Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate on Morrison, Miz takes him down.  The tag champions show why they’ve held those belts since November, keeping Matt Hardy cut off from his brother, and utilizing quick tags to their advantage.  Morrison goes for a powerbomb, but it’s reversed into a Russian leg sweep.  Both men make tags, and Jeff comes in and takes over on The Miz.  Jeff uses his speed to his advantage, and the Hardyz hit Poetry in Motion on The Miz in the corner.  Jeff goes up for a Swanton, but Morrison pulls Miz out of the ring, leading us into a commercial break.

As we come back to live action, Morrison has Jeff Hardy grounded with a chinlock, adding extra pressure with a knee in the Rainbow Haired Warrior’s back.  Hardy battles out with his reverse ensiguri move, but Morrison is quicker to his corner than Jeff is, and The Miz comes in and goes back to work on Jeff’s back.  Jeff makes a reversal, but still can’t capitalize as Miz tags Morrison back in.  Jeff manages to hit his jawbreaker on Morrison, but once again, the tag champs get the quick tag and keep Jeff away from Matt.  Miz ties Jeff to the tree of woe, slides out of the ring, and pulls back on Jeff’s chin, wrenching his back.  Miz goes for a back superplex, but is elbowed off the ropes, and hit with a Whisper in the Wind.  Miz gets to Morrison first, but it’s too late, as Matt gets tagged in as well.  He’s fresh, and he’s going to work on Morrison, hitting a bulldog on Morrison and clotheslining Miz off of the apron at the same time.   Matt Charges at Morrison, but gets stun-gunned for his trouble.  Matt kicks out of a pin, and catches Morrison with a sitout splash mountain bomb, getting a two count before Miz breaks it up.  Miz eats a side effect for his trouble, but Matt gets hit with a Moonlight Drive by Morrison.  As Morrison goes for the cover, the referee is distracted trying to get Miz out of the ring, which Jeff Hardy capitalizes on, hitting a Swanton on an unsuspecting Morrison, allowing Matt to pick up the win for his team to end the broadcast!

Wow, I picked a good night to do realtime.  This show was pretty good compared to the last few weeks, which is good because the Hardyz reuniting for one night only probably brought in some new viewers who might tune in next week.  Having Evan Bourne on this edition of ECW was a pretty good call too, because he’s got that same high-flying style that made the Hardyz a household name in the WWE.  I’ll see you guys tomorrow night for the podcast – which unless I get more votes either way is probably still just going to be an audio.

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