Yes folks, with ECW’s move to 9PM starting tonight, we’re now able to bring you ECW on SciFi in Real-Time!  This is going to work the same as the real-time SmackDowns, in that we’re going to have quick results on the main page and detailed results after the jump!

Teddy Long announces Miz, Morrison, and Mark Henry vs.  Ricky Ortiz, Evan Bourne, and Matt Hardy for later tonight.

Jack Swagger def. Lenny Lane

Mike Knox def. Tommy Dreamer

Mark Henry, The Miz, & John Morrison def. Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, & Ricky Ortiz

Full details, after the jump!

ECW kicks off with Tiffany in the ring introducing GM Theodore Long.  She then introduces the ECW Champion, Matt Hardy!  Matt comes to the ring, and Tiffany introduces Matt’s No Mercy opponent, Mark Henry, who is accompanied by Tony Atlas.  Long reminds them that we’re just five days away from No Mercy.  Long said he wanted to bring them together face to face one last time for any final comments before the match.  Henry says that Matt’s got a bad week ahead of him.  Not just No Mercy, but Friday, he’s wrestling Triple H and Chris Jericho in a championship triple-threat.  He says that Long wishes Henry was still ECW Champion so that ECW would win that match, as opposed to Matt, who will suck.  Matt says he’ll represent ECW proudly and he’ll do just fine.  Henry says that’s the problem.  Matt shouldn’t be in the match.  Matt didn’t beat him for the title, nobody did.  On Sunday though, he’ll right all the wrongs.  Matt says it’s a big week for him, the kind of week he knew he’d face as ECW Champion.  It’s the kind of week he likes.  He loves the challenge.  He realizes that the title isn’t all about him, it’s about representing all the ECW Superstars and fans.  It’s not about feeding your ego or getting a Hall of Famer to carry your bags.  It’s not about puffing out your chest and saying “I’m the World’s Strongest Champion.”  Nope, it’s about being the ECW Champion, and on Sunday he’ll prove it once and for all.  Henry says to say that to his face.  Long says he doesn’t want it to break out into a fight, this is not the place.  John Morrison’s music hits.  Miz says that if Long wants action, like the action they gave last week against each other?  Morrison says it was the match of the year until Ricky Ortiz ruined it.  Morrison says they want Ortiz and Evan Bourne in the ring right now.  They call them nerds and start chanting “nerds.”  Long says that since Henry and Hardy want action too, it’s going to be Miz, Morrison, and Mark Henry taking on Ricky Ortiz, Evan Bourne, and Matt Hardy.


Back from break, The All-American American Jack Swagger is making his way to the ring.  He’ll be taking on… HOLY CRAP!  IT’S LENNY LANE!

Jack Swagger def. LENNY FREAKIN’ LANE!

I almost didn’t recognize Lenny.  I almost called him “some jobber” before I saw his name on the screen.  Swagger dominated and squashed the former WCW Superstar before hitting the Red White and Blue Thunderbomb for the win.

After the match, Swagger hit Lane with a neckbreaker, prompting Tommy Dreamer to run to his aid, chasing Swagger away.  Dreamer will be in action, next!


Mike Knox def. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer’s already in the ring when we come back, and Mike Knox makes his way out.  Knox starts off on offense, but the “O.G. of Extreme,” Tommy Dreamer holds his own.  That’s not to say that Dreamer is getting a heck of a lot of offense in, just that he’s managing to defend himself well.  That said, Dreamer starts to build some momentum, taking Knox down and getting a two count.  He maintains his offense by drop-toeholding Knox into the middle turnbuckle, but he misses when he goes to charge in.  Knox capitalizes and hits his finisher on Dreamer for the victory.

After the match, Jack Swagger makes his way back out to the ring.  He attacks a defenseless Dreamer, dropping him with the Red White and Blue Thunderbomb.

Still to come, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, and Ricky Ortiz to take on Miz, Morrison, and Mark Henry!


Metallica is thanked for the theme for No Mercy, “All Nightmare Long” from Death Magnetic.

We get a WrestleMania video package, hyping up this Thursday’s airing of WrestleMania on MyNetwork TV.  That’s on for one hour at 8PM, so you iMPACT viewers can still catch TNA’s program.

Then we get a rundown of the No Mercy card.  No Mercy is this Sunday night at 8PM on Pay Per View.

Miz’s music hits, and he and John Morrison make their way to the ring for 6 man tag team action.


The rest of the competitors make their way out to the ring when we get back, and we’re set for our ECW main event…

Mark Henry, The Miz, & John Morrison def. Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy & Ricky Ortiz

Bourne kicks things off with The Miz.  The Chick Magnet backs Air Bourne into the corner, and goes on the attack.  When the referee forces a break, Bourne takes advantage and goes on the offense.  He gets the tag in to Ricky Ortiz, who continues the offense for his team.  Morrison gets tagged in, and gets a bit of offense in before Ortiz takes back over.  He tags Bourne back in, and Bourne gets tripped up by The Miz on the outside, giving Morrison the opportunity to go on the offense.  Morrison keeps control and tags in The Miz, who continues working over Bourne.  Bourne manages to escape and get the hot tag in to ECW Champion Matt Hardy, who goes on the offensive, dropping Miz with the side effect, and taking care of an interfering Morrison as well.  When Hardy takes out the former WWE Tag Team Champions by himself, Mark Henry enters the ring, and he’s confronted by all three of his opponents as we go to…


Back from break, Hardy is in control of Morrison.  He tags in Ricky Ortiz, who maintains control for his team.  The team of Bourne, Ortiz, and Hardy utilize quick tags to keep Morrison in their corner and keep a fresh man in the ring.  When Morrison finally makes it to his own corner, it’s bad news for the faces – he gets the tag in to Mark Henry, who proceeds to work over Ortiz.  Henry back Ortiz into the corner, where The Miz tags in and works over Ortiz.  Apparently at some point there was a “King Mabel” reference from Matt Striker, but I missed it.  Grisham told him to keep it more current.  Anyways, I digress.  Now it’s the heels utilizing the quick tags/cut off the ring strategy.   Hardy and Bourne try to will on Ortiz, and it seems to work, as he picks Morrison up and drops him.  As Ortiz reaches for the tag, Morrison tags in The Miz, who stops him from getting there.   Matt Striker says that Ortiz is in quite a quagmire then says “giggity giggity.”  Ortiz gets the tag in to Bourne, who starts to take it to John Morrison.  He hits the top rope and takes Morrison down with flying knees.  This is when all hell starts to break loose.  In the confusion, Henry gets tagged in and starts manhandling Evan Bourne, putting him down with the World’s Strongest Slam for the victory!

And that’s it.  That’s the end of the show.

My Thoughts:

An hour long commercial for No Mercy and SmackDown’s move to MyNetworkTV.  Yup, that’s what it was.  Not necessarily a bad show, in fact it was pretty decent for what it was.  I enjoyed it, and I’ll see you guys Friday morning with TNA iMPACT coverage!

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