I figured since I just got done watching that I’d give a quick review.  Sounds good?  Yes, well here we go:

1.  Jack Swagger def. Finlay- Very good match between the two.  Swagger is getting better every week, but I’m still not drinking the Kool-aid.

(commercial break)- No Kennedy, I’m not going to see you movie no matter how much you promote it.

We come back and Jack Swagger wants his title shot.  Well guess what, he’s getting it. Next week!

2.  Katie Lea Burchill def. Alicia Fox- It’s funny that Paul Burchill can’t buy a win with JBL’s money yet in Katie Lea’s first match in weeks, she gets the win.

(commercial break)- The Royal Rumble is coming 

3.  Boogieman def.  some  jobber guy-  Boogieman came out with his face painted all black.  I guess Jeff Hardy used up all of his red face paint last week.  But yeah, this was a squash plain and simple, then the jobber got fed worms.

(commercial break)- usual commercial madness

We come back to a behind the scenes look at Kennedy’s new movie. Fast forward button.  NO KENNEDY I AM NOT SEEING YOUR MOVIE NO MATTER HOW MUCH WWE CRAMS IT DOWN MY THROAT!

4.  Matt Hardy def. Mark Henry-  Well I guess that makes Matt the king of the wrestler with M.H. for initials.  Fairly good match with Matt hitting the Twist of Fate and pinning Henry for the 3 count.

 Well thats ECW on DVR for this week thanks for reading. and see you thins weekend!

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