Who will face Mark Henry in ECW’s Championship Scramble at Unforgiven?  Every match is a qualifier tonight, so we’ll know in about an hour!

Results and analysis, after the jump.

Teddy Long’s assistant, Tiffany introduces the GM to start the show.  He announces that at Unforgiven, ECW will have their own Championship Scramble.  We’ll find out who’s in it via qualifying matches tonight.

Matt Hardy def. John Morrison to qualify for the ECW Championship Scramble

As you’d expect, a back and forth encounter between these two.  When Morrison knocked Hardy to the outside before the commercial break, however, he took control of the match.  Matt Hardy will not die, though, he battles back and starts hitting his signature moves, but Morrison avoids two Twists of Fate.  Both men get near falls.  Morrison goes for a crucifix, but Hardy slams him down, getting a two before Morrison manages to get a two of his own.  Once again this match goes back and forth.  Morrison takes Hardy down with a nice springboard roundhouse, but only gets a two.  They take each other down with clothelines, the referee getting to five before the men get back up.  Morrison goes for the Moonlight Drive, but Hardy reverses it into a Twist of Fate to pick up the victory, and earn his spot in the ECW Championship Scramble.

Backstage, Mark Henry catches up with Teddy Long.  He wants to know if T-Lo has an issue with him for putting him in the Championship Scramble.  It’s not fair!   Well, life’s not fair.  T-Lo gives Henry some words of encouragement and sends him on his way.


RAW REBOUND:  John Cena is injured.  Here’s Rey Mysterio instead.

The Miz def. Evan Bourne to qualify for the ECW Championship Scramble

Miz mocks Bourne to start the match, and the two put on a good show.  When the Miz knocks Bourne out of the ring, he starts to show an aggressive streak.  Bourne manages to battle back, using wicked looking kicks to take The Miz down.  Miz grabs Bourne’s tights in an effort to slow him down, but it fails.  Bourne looks for a super-hurricanrana, but the Miz drops out of the way, leaving Bourne to crotch himself.  One Reality Check later, and The Miz is going on to Unforgiven to compete for the ECW Championship.

Up next, Tommy Dreamer takes on Chavo Guerrero in our third qualifying match!


Chavo Guerrero def. Tommy Dreamer to qualify for the ECW Championship Scramble

Chavo gets in control early, though Tommy holds his own.  Dreamer manages to take Guerrero down, and take control of this match, momentarily at least.  Chavo gets caught in the Tree of Woe, which Bam Neely considers cheating.  He gets up onto the apron to argue with the ref, when Dreamer is shoved into him.  Guerrero snaps a distracted Dreamers neck over the top rope, then hits the Frog Splash for the victory.

The guy that Tim White shot and killed is at the Democratic National Convention with Batista and Candice Michelle.  They’re promoting the SmackDown Your Vote program, which, if you’re like Batista and haven’t voted before, you should get on and register if you’re a US Citizen.  Hey, it’s your future.

Up next, Finlay takes on Mike Knox in the final qualifying match for the Championship Scramble.


Finlay def. Mike Knox to qualify for the ECW Championship Scramble

Unlike the previous matches tonight, this one is not a solid technical battle.  It’s a brawl, in fact, though that’s what you’d expect, given the history of these two.  A battle on the outside sends us to a commercial, and when we come back, Finlay has an armbar applied to Knox.  He continues to work over the arm, but when Knox gets out of the ring to cause some separation, Finlay comes after him and gets bodyslammed on the outside for his trouble.  Knox takes control from there, brutalizing the Irishman.  The fans get behind Finlay, and he starts to battle back, but Knox takes him back down, then goes after Hornswoggle.  This distracts Knox long enough for Finlay to recover.  Finlay goes for the Celtic Cross, but Knox escapes.  He pulls the turnbuckle pad off, and while the referee is distracted, Finlay gets his shillelagh and tries to use it, but Knox catches him with a boot to the midsection.  When the referee turns back around, he thinks Knox used the shillelagh.  As the ref gets rid of that shillelagh, Hornswoggle gives Finlay another one, which he nails Knox with behind the referee’s back to pick up the victory.

After the match, Hornswoggle and some children from the audience run around the ring.

My Thoughts:

I could take or leave the whole Championship Scramble thing.  I don’t see the need for three on one pay per view.  Maybe do one, say on the RAW brand, and then if it’s successful have the other brands copy it.  Whatever.  The matches were solid tonight, and for the first time in a while I think ECW may be the best show of the week.  That’s really all I have to say.

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