Alright, confession time.  I completely forgot to set my DVR for ECW tonight.  Not that it really matters, I’m not going to be home tonight to review it on DVR anyway.  So, I did a little improvising, and have ECW streaming live on my laptop and I’m doing this review on the work computers in real-time – but not posting it in real-time.  I tuned in a few minutes late, but I think I saw enough to accurately give you an idea of what’s going on.

ECW Review after the jump!

Matt Hardy comes out to the ring, and he’s in a great mood.  After all, he and his brother accomplished something over the weekend – they’re both World Champions on different WWE brands, something they’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.  In fact, this Friday, they’re going to have a celebration on SmackDown.

Ooh, Chavo!

Chavo Guerrero says not to celebrate just quite yet.  He helped Jeff steal the WWE Championship from Edge.  Edge will take care of Jeff, but tonight, he’s going to take the ECW Championship from Matt.  He already talked to Vickie, and Vickie talked to Theodore Long, and it’s officially on later tonight!

You know it’s the Mack Millitant

T-Lo is dressed like an elf, and he says that the match will happen, but not later tonight.  It’ll happen RIGHT NOW!

Matt Hardy def. Chavo Guerrero

Guerrero gets off to a great start, working over the arm of Matt Hardy much like Vladimir Kozlov did at Armageddon.  He locks Hardy’s arm in a key lock as we go to a…


Back from break, Chavo is still working on Hardy’s arm.  I stop paying attention to start writing this review, and when I look back, Chavo is going for the Three Amigos.  He hits two, but Matt reverses the third into a Twist of Fate and pins Chavo to retain his ECW Championship.

RAW Rebound:  Legacy took out Batista with a punt to the head after manipulating themselves into a handicapped match against Batista and John Cena last night.


WWE Rewind:  The Boogeyman beat some jobber last week and fed him like a baby bird.

Finlay and Hornswoggle are in the ring.  Hornswoggle runs out and puts his hat on Matt Striker’s head, then steals Striker and Grisham’s Slammy.  We then get an Armageddon recap of Finlay defeating Mark Henry in a Belfast Brawl.

Finlay def. Gavin Spears

Spears didn’t even get a name plate.  Luckily, I recognized him from his days in NeoSpirit Pro Wrestling.  Well, I’m sure you can figure out what a match between Finlay and Gavin Spears would look like, so I’ll spare you most of the details.  Spears did get a bit of offense in, working over Finlay’s back, which is still hurting from Armageddon.  Spears, BTW is a former Blackjack dealer in Niagara Falls, ON.  If I walk outside from where I am right now, I can see one of the Boku deposit casinos he worked at.  Finlay picked up the victory here with a Celtic Cross.

Todd Grisham tries to convince Matt Striker to go get back the Slammy from Hornswoggle.  Striker tells him he’ll go only if Grisham distracts Finlay.

Still to come, World Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison team up with Jack Swagger to take on CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, and Ricky Ortiz.


The DX ad for the shock t-shirts and hoodies airs again.  I wish this were a DVR review, because then I’d be able to fast forward it.  Come to think of it, I’d be done by now, because I’d be able to skip the commercials too.  By the way, HBK’s “Conan the Bar-“bear”-ian” joke sounds like it was stolen from an episode of Stroker and Hoop, which does not strike me as a show that HBK would watch.  Maybe if it were on 10 years ago, but not nowadays.

DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox are dancing backstage when Mark Henry and Tony Atlas, dressed like Santa Claus and Rudolph respectively.  Henry tells us the story of The Night Before Christmas, except in his version, a leprechaun gets splattered by the World’s Strongest Santa.

CM Punk and Kofi Kingston are backstage with Ricky Ortiz and Ricky Ortiz.  Ortiz got Tiffany a Ricky O Rally towel.  Punk says it’s a better gift than an XFL jersey.  He says that Ricky might win the OMG moment Slammy next year for that.  He then says that Kingston is a huge Ricky Ortiz fan and that he wants a Ricky O Rally towel too.  Ortiz gives him one.  What do we get?  A…


The World Tag Team Champions and Jack Swagger are already in the ring.  We get a photo recap of Miz and Morrison winning the titles at a live event in Hamilton, Ontario.

Kofi’s music hits, and he comes out to the ring waving his newly acquired Ricky O Rally towel.  Ortiz follows, also waving a Ricky O Rally towel.  CM Punk makes his way out, and ECW is brought to you by AutoZone as we’re ready for our main event.

Miz, Morrison, & Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, & Ricky Ortiz

This match belongs to the faces throughout the early stages, with Punk, Kingston, and Ortiz standing tall as we go to what should be the last…


Punk is still in control over John Morrison when we come back, and the faces still have a firm grasp on this matchup.  Kingston climbs the ropes and starts punching away at Morrison, but Swagger pushes him off the top rope to the floor, instantly swinging the momentum into his team’s favor.  Swagger keeps control for a few minutes before Ortiz gets the hot tag in and starts to pick up the pace, even hitting an impressive missile dropkick, getting a cover but having it broken up by Morrison.  Chaos ensues, but Ortiz falls short of a top rope move on Swagger, allowing Swagger to nail the Gutwrench Powerbomb for the victory!

My thoughts:  I think I hate writing BWF articles in Internet Explorer.  As a native FireFox user, I’m used to using CTRL+B for bold and CTRL+I for italics.  That’s not important here, what’s important is that I actually enjoyed tonight’s broadcast, mostly because it wasn’t just more of the same old stuff.  Apparently the Henry/Finlay feud isn’t quite over yet, but at least we got a week away from seeing the two compete against each other in the ring.  Swagger looked great tonight.  Ortiz, not so much.  I just can’t wait for Friday – it’s my next day off, and I get to spend it with an ice cold beer and a celebration of Jeff Hardy’s title victory!  Until then, take care!

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