Tonight, ECW Champion Jack Swagger teams with Mark Henry to face off against Christian and Finlay.

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ECW kicks off with a recap of Christian interrupting Jack Swagger and subsequently defeating him later in the night.  We’re then told that Christian and Finlay would be teaming up tonight against Mark Henry and Jack Swagger.  But first…

I’m the Boogeyman, and I’m comin’ to get ya!

The Boogeyman is set for action.  A couple weeks ago he faced Paul Burchill, who escaped without getting wormed.  Speaking of, his opponent is Paul Burchill – hooray for rematches.

Paul Burchill def. The Boogeyman

Since it’s only been done once, this match doesn’t really feel old or stale yet.  It ends with Burchill rolling up Boogeyman as he goes for his bag of worms and getting the three count.

After the match, the Burchills escape the Boogeyman and his worms once again.

Next week on ECW, Christian faces Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship.


The World Tag Team Champions never bother to show up on RAW anymore, it seems – but they’re here on ECW, and they’ll probably beat Primo and Carlito again on SmackDown, since that seems to be the thing to do for these guys lately.  Morrison is the only one in action tonight, however, as he takes on Tommy Dreamer.

If this were the original ECW, not only would Dreamer win his matches, his opponents would probably leave bloody and broken, perhaps disfigured, which of course wouldn’t bode well for The Miz and John Morrison.  The Miz gets ejected from ringside (Morrison loses the Hall to his Oates, or if Todd Grisham prefers, the George Michael to his Andrew Ridgeley, according to Striker), and Dreamer takes control for a while, but it’s the crafty John Morrison who capitalizes on Dreamer climbing the ropes by pushing him off, then hitting the Moonlight Drive for the win!

Finlay is backstage with Hornswoggle, and Christian joins them.  He asks Finlay to make sure Horny’s not a distraction at ringside tonight.  Finlay says they’ll hold up their end.


There’s a cool promo video for Evan Bourne’s return, which I’m looking forward to.

Speaking of things I’m looking forward to, I’m looking forward to Tyson Kidd not wrestling jobbers.

Tyson Kidd def. Caden Matthews

Kidd is pretty athletic, but come on, when they don’t even bother to mention the opponent’s name more than once, you know he’s going to win  (thanks to Jason from the forums for giving me the name of the guy).  And he does, with a springboard elbow drop.

Still to come, Swagger & Henry vs. Christian & Finlay.


WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT: WrestleMania XIV had attitude.  Even the celebrities had attitude – Pete Rose got Tombstoned for his.  HBK took on Steve Austin with Mike Tyson as the special guest enforcer.  Austin won his first WWE Championship, and Michaels got dropped with a Tyson right hand.

Dreamer is sitting in his locker room when he gets a Ricky O Rally towel draped over his shoulder.  Ricky Ortiz tells Dreamer that he was the first person to welcome the young Superstar, and the only one to give him advice.  He tells Dreamer to “rally up.”

WWE Hall of Fame: Terry and Dory Funk Jr. will be inducted by Dusty Rhodes.

Mark Henry makes his way down to the ring, which signals that it’s main event time here on ECW.  Jack Swagger is out next, and he manages to not drop his belt this week.

Christian and Finlay will make their entrances, NEXT!


Christian comes to the ring, followed next by Finlay, and Matt Striker makes no secret that he’s getting sick of Hornswoggle, and that he feels that Hornswoggle is being detrimental to his father.

Christian & Finlay def. Jack Swagger & Mark Henry

It’s three rematches in one, kids!  Swagger vs. Finlay, Swagger vs. Christian, and Finlay vs. Henry.  At one point here, Christian looks for a tag to Finlay, who is on the floor with Hornswoggle.  Finlay reluctantly gets up on the apron and accepts the tag.  In the end, Hornswoggle provides a momentary distraction to the team of Swagger and Henry, but Swagger manages to get Christian set up for the Gutwrench Powerbomb anyway.  Christian flips out of it, and hits the newly re-christened Killswitch (formerly the Unprettier) for the victory!

My thoughts: Christian has had help from Hornswoggle and Finlay to pin Swagger over the last two weeks, and it’s making him look like he can’t beat Swagger without assistance.  I guess next week we’ll see how true that statement is.

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