From Columbus, OH, Confirmed for ECW is an interview with Mark Henry and the SmackDown Divas in action.

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Miz and Morrison make their way to the ring, and they are not happy.  Miz was screwed last week.  Evan Bourne didn’t beat him, Ricky Ortiz distracted him long enough for Bourne to pick up a meaningless victory.  What’s up with Ortiz’s hair?  He’s a grown man who got his hair cut like a poodle, and it’s his fault that The Miz lost.  The point is that Miz and Morrison are two of the top superstars today, and together they’re the best in the world.  They should be main eventing PPVs, not babysitting the new kids.  This whole thing is Teddy Long’s fault.  T-Lo could never hang out at the Palace of Wisdom.  Teddy Long comes out and says that Evan Bourne beat Miz last week.  It seems like the New Superstar Initiative is successful.  Oh yeah?  Good call on Braden Walker.  I’m sure he’s been successful in his future endeavors (Morrison’s words, not mine).  T-Lo says we can’t always hit home runs.  If Miz and Morrison don’t want the competition, they can gtfo.  They said they’ll take on Bourne and Ortiz tonight.  Long says that they all know that Bourne isn’t here tonight.  Morrison says that just proves Bourne can’t hang with the big boys.  Ricky Ortiz comes out and says that Evan may not be here, but he is, and he’ll take on either one of them.  Both Miz and Morrison say they can beat anybody on the roster.  Teddy Long says that if they can beat everybody, they can’t both be right.  Who would win in a match against each other?  We’ll find out, because later on tonight it’s going to be Miz vs. Morrison, and as soon as that match is over, the winner will face Ricky Ortiz.  Miz and Morrison protest, to no avail.


RAW Rebound:  Evan Bourne gets his ass kicked by Kane.  Then Mysterio gets his chest kicked by Kane.

Ricky Ortiz tells Teddy Long that he’s up for the challenge tonight.  He says he’s got something in his pocket, when Tiffany comes by and says that she knows for a fact that Ricky’s up for the challenge.  He reiterates that he’s got something in his pocket.  T-Lo asks if it’s going to be appropriate.  Ortiz tells him of course it is, it’s the Ricky O. Rally Towel.  Tiffany takes it and puts it around her neck.  She says she likes it and it feels good.

Finlay def. Bam Neely

Bam is pretty much a glorified jobber at this point.  The main difference between Bam and a guy like Barry Horowitz is that Bam actually manages to get some offense in and actually has a chance of winning a match.  That said, he’s on the defense for most of this match, taking advantage for a few moments, but not for very long.  Bam allows himself to get distracted by Hornswoggle, whom he tosses across the ring.  As the referee is checking on Hornswoggle, Finlay blasts Bam with the shillelagh and picks up the victory.

After the match, Finlay and Hornswoggle dance in the ring with some young fans.


WWE 24/7 Classics on Demand:  March 23, 1992 – Huldk Hogan & Roddy Piper took on Sid Justice and Ric Flair at MSG.  Hogan pinned Flair after a clothesline.

Don’t forget, ECW moves to 9PM starting next week – and BoredWrestlingFan moves to doing real-time coverage of ECW!

Maryse def. Michelle McCool

McCool starts off on offense this time.  Maryse turns the tide on the outside, and as she hits offensive moves, she takes time to show off.  She locks in a Camel Clutch, which Michelle fights out of.  This match goes back and forth for a little bit, but when Michelle climbs the ropes, Maryse catches her and slams her to the canvas.  She then drops the Diva’s Champion with a DDT before seductively covering her for the victory.

We get a rundown of the No Mercy card.

Mark Henry comes out and reiterates that Matt Hardy never pinned him for the ECW Championship.  He says that it’s because Matt can’t pin him.  At No Mercy, he’ll leave Matt a battered mess in the ring and he’ll once again be the World’s Strongest Champion.

Still to come, Miz takes on Morrison with the winner facing Ricky Ortiz


Matt Striker says thanks to the Master of Puppets themselves, Metallica for the theme for No Mercy, “All Nightmare Long.”  He says that JR is a Metallica fan.  JR sarcastically says he is.  Striker tells him to Ride the Lightning.

Mike Knox def. Chase Stevens

Chase Stevens is the guy I was tring to think of earlier to compare Bam Neely to.  Needless to say, Knox destroyed him.

After the match, Jack Swagger came out and hit Stevens with the Red White and Blue Thunderbomb.  Tommy Dreamer came out wondering what Swagger was doing.  Knox came after Dreamer from behind, destracting him long enough for Swagger to get back in the ring and drop Dreamer with the Red White and Blue Thunderbomb.

Up next, Miz takes on Morrison.  The winner gets Ricky Ortiz


SmackDown Rebound:  Vladimir Kozlov destroys Jeff Hardy & Triple H in one night.

Miz vs. Morrison went to a double count-out

When this match was announced, I said to my girlfriend that if I were Miz and Morrison, I’d intentionally go for a double count-out, thus screwing over Teddy Long’s plan to have the winner face Ricky Ortiz.  Either there would be no match, or it would be a handicapped match.  Miz and Morrison put on a pretty competitive match, which is what I’ve always liked about matches between friends, going back to matches such as Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior and Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper.  Unlike those matches though, these guys do wind up trying some underhanded tactics to take the advantage.  Matt Striker talks about Teddy Long’s assistant Tiffany, saying “Tiffany, if you’re a Pokemon, I’d love to get a Peek-at-chu.”  I laughed so hard that Miz and Morrison fell down from the top rope, and couldn’t get up to answer the referees ten count.

After the match, Ricky Ortiz came down and attacked both men while they were down.  ECW goes off the air with Ortiz getting a kiss on the cheek from a female fan at ringside.

My Thoughts:

This was a better show than it had any business being.  I mean, come on.  The matches included Finlay vs. Bam Neely, Maryse vs. Michelle McCool, Mike Knox vs. Chase Stevens, and Miz vs. Morrison.  The only match on this card that you could convince me would be any decent at all would be the main event, but somehow this show was great.  I enjoyed all the matches and all the promos.  I enjoyed ECW.  Hopefully when it moves to 9PM and I start doing real-time next week it will be as good.

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