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ECW on The Sci Fi Network
Taped in San Diego, CA

– In memory of Conrad Efraim is shown before ECW goes live.

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ECW Opener:

Teddy Long is shown dressed up as Ron Burgundy. He goes over matches that are taking place on ECW tonight. Horsnwoggle pops out after playing a prank on Teddy.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Evan Bourne makes his way out to the ring first. Matt Hardy, the ECW World Champion comes out next, followed by Finlay. Bam Neely and Chavo come out after our face opponents come out. Last but not least, Mark Henry comes out.

Bourne and Chavo start of the match by locking horns. Chavo gains the upper hand with a headlock as Bourne struggles to break loose. Bourne gains control after a rebound off the ropes and makes the take into Finlay. Finlay gains control of this match with several headlocks executed on Chavo until Chavo makes the tag into Bam but that doesn’t slow Finlay down. Bourne gets the tag back in as he sends Bam to the outside. Bourne fly’s in over on top and hits him. The crowd is really into this match as we go to commercial.

Back from the commercial, it appears as if Mark Henry is killing Evan Bourne in the middle of the ring with several slams. In the corner, Mark makes the tag back to Bam as Evan is dished more punishment. Chavo now in the ring continues to beat down Bourne as another tag is made back to Mark. Bourne at this point is pretty much helpless. Yet another tag to Chavo, and finally Bourne gets the tag to a fresh Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy in control manages to get a pin on Chavo but only gets a two count. Hardy on the second rope hits an elbow on Chavo. Bam gets involved and gets a twist of fate, but Mark comes in and slams Matt to the ground. There is charlie everywhere. Everyone is in the ring. Chavo gains the victory as he is the legal man, with a frog splash on Matt Hardy.

Winners: Chavo, Bam and Mark Henry

– Advertisement is shown for the Dirtsheet before going to commercial.

– Back from commercial back, John Cena return promo video is shown.

– Promo is shown of Jack Swagger cutting a promo towards Tommy Dreamer last week.

– Tommer Dreamer says today is his 19th anniversary of his first wrestling match, and he still loves ECW and that Jack Swagger bashed his legacy last week. He says Swagger is 6’6 and an All-American and should be able to beat him in 5 minutes. Tommy then says, well what if he doesn’t? We then go to another commercial.

– WrestleMania 25 Promo is shown.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger

Dreamer makes his way to the ring first, followed by his opponent, Jack Swagger. Swagger has a cheesy grin on his face on the way out. The two in the middle of the ring lock horns with Swagger getting the upper hand. Dreamer executes several arm locks on Swagger and takes control of this match.

Dreamer sends Swagger to the outside of the ring, where Tommy Dreamer is still in control of this match. The two finally make their way back inside of the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break, Jack Swagger is in control and taunting Dreamer. Swagger takes Dreamer down with some sort of sleeper hold. Swagger executes a huge slam and Dreamer is down. Dream manages to execute a swinging neck breaker to get the upper hand. Dreamer is now in control hitting several slams on Swagger.

Dreamer goes upstairs on the top rope but Swagger interupts it and manages to execute a northern lights suplex. Swagger hits a powerbomb for the 3 count.

Winner: Jack Swagger

– Miz and Morrison’s Dirt Sheet is up next.

John Morrison and The Miz are in the ring talking about there match against DX next week. They then talk about what they were doing in 1997. Morrison says in 1997 he was in high school. The two then go on to brag about how they won the championships.

They continue this segment with talking about how Triple H and HBK both got married and had children. Afterwards they show a promo video of Shawn Michaels and Triple H in comparison to John Morrison and The Miz.

After the promo they bring out their special guests, DeGeneration X. Two Jobbers dressed up as HBK and Shawn Michaels make their way to the ring portraying the famous tag-team. Miz and Morrison ask them if they have anything they want to get off their chests. The guy dressed up as Triple H trys to cut a DX promo until Morrisoninterrupts . He goes on to say they are A-listers. Miz then talks more about their accomplishments in comparison to DX’s. Miz then says they are better then DX then, and they are better then they are now. Miz then goes on to say that next week they will prove it.

The fake Shawn Michaels interrupts Miz but only to receive a beat down from the Miz and Morrison. Both the impersonators are laid out. Miz and Morrison then tell DX to “Be Jealous” as ECW goes off the air.

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