Alright, a Tuesday off!  For the first time since the ECW time slot change a couple months back, we’re running ECW in real-time (sort of).  Not sure what’s booked tonight, so let’s jump right in!

This review is being done in real-time so keep your refresh button handy if you’re joining us between 10 and 11 PM Eastern on June 16, 2009.

Don’t question my heart.  Just because I like this ECW doesn’t mean I didn’t love the original ECW!  Speaking of the original ECW, Tommy Dreamer is the ECW Champion and facing Jack Swagger in non title competition tonight.

But first, the battle of Canada.  Calgary’s own David Hart Smith of the Hart Dynasty will take on Toronto native Christian.  It’s WWE’s version of the Leafs vs. The Flames on Wrestling Night in America (that’s a reference to Hockey Night in Canada, for those of you who haven’t brushed up on your hockey during the finals.  BTW, everybody please shut the hell up about Sidney Crosby already.).

David Hart Smith def. Christian

The fans are behind Christian who is decidedly at the disadvantage when it comes to the power game, but being the ring veteran that he is, that’s not going to be enough to keep him down for long.  Captain Charisma outsmarts Smith, blocking a suplex to the outside, then pulling Smith down, causing him to land face first on the apron.  When Christian tries to follow up, however, he’s hit with a modified Uranage onto the ring apron – sort of.  He pretty much missed and hit the floor.  Smith capitalizes with submission holds targeting Christian’s back, and then drops him with the delayed vertical suplex, as made famous by Davey Boy Smith, his father.  Christian pulls the top rope down on a charging Smith, sending him crashing to the floor.  He follows up with a springboard splash, sending us to a…


Smith is back in control when we come back with a chinlock applied.  Christian tries to battle back, but to no avail.  He finally causes some separation in the corner and nails a top rope dropkick on Smith for a two count.  Christian hits his teeter-totter kick on Smith twice, scoring a two count on the second attempt.  Christian chokes Smith on the ropes, diving out to punch him in the cace, then takes the time to chase Tyson Kidd around the ring.  When he gets back in, Smith hits a clothesline, but it doesn’t take Christian too long to regain the advantage.  Christian tries the Killswitch a couple of times but Smith battles out of it, the third time turning it into a running powerslam for two.  Natalya climbs onto the apron and causes a distraction, allowing Tyson Kidd to get in a cheap shot, which is followed up by a Smith reverse suplex for the victory.

After the match, the Hart Dynasty attempt to continue their assault, but Finlay returns to make the save.  As the Dynasty backs up the ramp, Finlay cracks Christian in the skull with his shillelagh.

The announcers are shocked by the events here, and they’re also shocked that Evan Bourne beat Tony Atlas last week.  Mart Henry attacked Bourne after the bell, hitting the World’s Strongest Slam.  Henry and Bourne will face off for the third time in a month, NEXT!


So, for the benefit of those with short attention spaaaaaans: Finlay attacked Christian for no apparent reason after saving him from the Hart Dynasty.

Hurricane Helms wants answers.  Finlay explains that about three weeks ago, Dreamer and Christian got into a fight, which Finlay tried to break up, but wound up getting his eye injured.  In Ireland, there’s a saying, an eye for an eye, and that’s what Finlay intends.

Mark Henry is accompanied by Tony Atlas, and he’s very angry about his current losing streak against Evan Bourne, who is conveniently his opponent tonight.  Bourne’s ribs are taped up from the assault by Henry after his match with Atlas last week.

Mark Henry def. Evan Bourne

Henry wastes no time in going after Bourne, tossing him to the outside almost immediately.  Bourne tries valiantly to fight back, and manages to use his quickness to avoid taking too much damage.  The problem is, with the bad ribs, everything Henry does hurts, and Bourne doesn’t get the power behind his kicks.  Bourne makes an attempt to Crucifix Henry, but Henry reverses it into a World’s Strongest Slam for the victory.

After the match, Henry hits another World’s Strongest Slam on Bourne.

Later on tonight, Tommy Dreamer takes on Jack Swagger in a non-title match.


RAW Rebound: Randy Orton won the WWE Championship, My hero Donald Trump is the new “owner” of Monday Night RAW, and… well, here, read all about it.

Backstage, Hurricane Helms swoops in from off screen and asks Jack Swagger how he feels about his match tonight.  He can’t decide what’s a bigger joke – that he has to earn an ECW Championship match, or that Tommy Dreamer’s the ECW Champion.   Actually he’s kidding.  He knows it’s the fact that Dreamer’s the Champion.  Tonight he’s going to prove that new ECW is better by beating Dreamer and earning his title shot.


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Jack Swagger makes his way out first, which means it’s MAIN EVENT TIME, kids!  The ECW Champion, Tommy Dreamer follows, and if Swagger wins, he gets an ECW title shot down the line.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger

Fans of the original ECW know Tommy Dreamer as the Innovator of Violence, the guy who has used things such as skillets, stop signs, and even NES’s back in the day, but make no mistake, Dreamer can wrestle.  Matt Striker says he’s been training with Dean Malenko as of late, which can only help.  Dreamer controls the match early, but when he goes for his sommersault from the ring apron on the outside, he gets powerslammed on the floor for his troubles, sending us into a…


Dreamer’s eyes are bulging out of his skull when we come back as Swagger is wrenching his neck in a submission hold.  Swagger slaps Dreamer around in the corner, telling him “you ain’t no champ.”  Dreamer fights back for a moment but finds himself trapped in an abdominal stretch.  Swagger tries to go old school and use the ropes for leverage, but is caught immediately by referee Scott Armstrong.  Swagger continues his domination of the ECW Champion, wearing him down with submission holds in between power moves.  Dreamer finally causes some separation, sending Swagger face first into the turnbuckle.  Dreamer connects with a bulldog and a reverse neckbreaker, getting a two count.  He goes for the DDT, but Swagger reverses into a Northern Lights Suplex for a two.  Dreamer goes for a middle rope move, but Swagger catches him and goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb, which Dreamer reverses into a reverse DDT for two.  Tommy goes to the top rope but misses the splash he was going for.  Swagger hits an Oklahoma roll for the three count, earning him an ECW Championship match.

Finlay runs down to the ring, Swagger bails, Finlay hits Dreamer with the shillelagh, but Christian runs in to make the save, brawling with Finlay until Swagger attacks Christian, tossing him out of the ring.  Finlay then nails Swagger with the shillelagh, standing tall over three men as ECW goes off the air.

My Thoughts: You guys ever watch The Soup on E!?  You know how Joel McHale makes fun of Spencer from The Hills and his “creepy, flesh-colored beard?”  That’s what Jack Swagger looks like.  He’s the Spencer from the Hills of the WWE.

Finlay is a heel, apparently, yet he’s still using Hornswoggle’s music.  Whatever, I guess.

That’s it, that’s my only problems with the show.  Other than all that, it was awesome, as per usual.  Thanks for visiting  Please feel free to come back every day as we’ve always got something going on.  Upcoming posts include another Wednesdays With Legend Killer, WWE Superstars with tharvey1 and Impact Impressions with Drowgoddess on Thursday-ish, Friday Night SmackDown with yours truly followed by ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts on Saturday and JT’s Random Randomness on Sunday.

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