by John “JT” Traylor

Hi everyone, JT here doing the ECW review.  First, I want to thank Joe for the opportunity to do this.  BTW this is my first ever review so be nice.

We start out with talking (as per usual).  Matt Hardy comes out and wants everyone to text their vote for Mark Henry (I won’t be).  Then Finaly comes out and says that since coming to ECW they have yet to face when the title is on the line and if they do Finlay will walk out as champion.  This brings out Evan Bourne (to a huge pop) who speaks his case, but is then picked on by Finlay.  Finlay called him Bourneswoggle (I lol’d) and that he had to outweigh the title by more than 5 pounds.  Then Mark Henry comes out, speaks his case to a bunch of “What?” chants.  I know there are some people who don’t like the “What?” chants, but in some cases they fit in just perfect as in tonight.  He says how he is gonna prove that he deserves to be voted the one to face Hardy at Cyber Sunday.  Hardy says that no matter what , he’ll still be ECW champion after Sunday.

WWE wants you to pick who refs the Jericho/Batista match. I personally won’t be voting.

Commercial BreakThe new Spiderman game looks awesome, I hope it’s available for the PS2

Wrestlemania Tickets go on sale on November 8.  I wish I could afford to go.

Match 1: Jack Swagger defeated Brett Badery via pinfall

Wow, I weigh the same as Brett (pointless JT fact).  Turnbuckle, turnbuckle, flip, weird looking power bomb, Swagger wins.  Then after the match Todd Grisham asked Jack about Tommy Dreamer, Swagger replied “Tommy who?”

To the back (take a shot). Lena interviews Miz and Morrison.  They want you to vote for them.  Miz thinks he can get McCain more votes than Palin can. JT rolls his eyes. I’m not a big fan of the Miz or Morrison, they’re both talented but I just don’t like them.

Commercial BreakDid you know that Smackdown is now on Mynetwork TV?  Well if you didn’t know you know.  Plus it’s Undertaker vs HHH this week.  I personally will catch it either Saturday or Sunday, because I go out on Friday nights.

ECW had more viewers than shows on other cable networks (like anyone cares).

Match 2: Shad def The Miz via DQ

Back and forth matchup between the the two with a botched move by Shad, Grisham tries to talk ghetto, Striker tells he look more like Harry Potter than Kool Moe Dee (I lol’d).  Both JTG and Morrison get involved, but Morrison got caught and Miz was DQ’d.

Commercial Break- Sanctuary is apparently a hit, too bad I’ve never heard of it.

This John Cena guy is returning, I wonder who that is?

Cyber Sunday promo, I’m not ordering

To the back (take another shot)- Tiffany (dressed as a go go dancer) is seen with Tito Ortiz outside the GM’s office.  Gladly Ortiz isn’t allowed to say much (sorry Joe) but are then interrupted by Hornsowggle who it Trick or Treating 11 days early and in no costume (WTF???)  They knock on the GM’s and who do we see, none other than SHAFT himself, not really just Teddy long dressed as Shaft.  Hornswoggle gets his candy an is on his merry way.

Commercial Break– WWE wants you to pick who HHH pins at Cyber Sunday: Jeff Hardy, Koslov or both.  If I were voting, I’d pick both.

Match 3: Evan Bourne def Mark Henry and Finlay via pinfall

Henry dominates at the beginning as Finaly and Bourne try to double team him but are unsuccessful. Then as Henry goes to the ropes Bourne duck sending Henry out of the ring leaving Bourne and Finlay 1 on 1 for the time being.  Then Bourne hits a flying headscissors sending Finlay to a meeting of the minds with Henry.  This somehow revives Henry (it sure wouldn’t revive me) and he regains control.

Commercial Break Saw V, go see it or you might end up in Saw VI

We return with Henry dominating, then a free for all then some double teaming on Henry, knocking him outside again, back and forth between Finlay and Bourne as Henry slowly returns to the ring, then Henry regains control, then picks up BOTH Finaly and Bourne and slams them both, pins Bourne for only a 2 count.  Finlay looks like he got hurt on that move (hopefully it’s not too bad). Finaly goes for a DDT and gets a 2 count.  Atlas grabs Hornswoggle, throws him to Henry. As Henry attempts to slam Horswoggle, Finlay takes out his leg. Finlay then goes for the shillelagh hits Henry with it, the gets with hits a double knee off the top rope by Bourne.  Bourne then hits with the Shooting Star Press and pins Henry for the win as we fade to black.

All in all, good program as per the norm with ECW. But then anytime you get to see the Evan Bourne Shooting Star Press it’s worth it.  Thanks everyone for reading, hope to see you soon.


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