An ECW review?  On Bored Wrestling Fan?  Yes folks, I’m finally back to watching the silver brand of World Wrestling Entertainment on a weekly basis, and for the first time in quite a while, I’m reviewing it!

Tommy Dreamer won the ECW Championship this past Sunday at Extreme Rules.  You can read about that a few posts back.

Don’t question the heart of ECW.  You think they picked that as the theme song as a way to say “hey, sure, we’re not the original ECW, back the hell off?”

Tony Chimel introduces ECW General Manager Tiffany, who in turn introduces the new ECW Champion, Tommy Dreamer!  This is Tommy’s second ECW Championship – and already his longest, as he lost his first one to Justin Credible within the hour.  5 months ago, Tommy bet his career that he’d be ECW Champion by time his contract ran out, and he’s done it.  Hell, Tommy couldn’t believe it.  Each and every one of us made him believe, and it’s because of us that it happened.  Tommy thanks us all for making this the highlight of his career.  He picks up his new contract and goes to sign it…

GO!  If you close your eyes, your life, a naked truth revealed…

Christian, the former ECW Champion comes to the ring with a box of tissues as a victory present, calling Dreamer a crybaby.  Christian’s got somebody to thank too.  He’s got to thank Jack Swagger for getting involved so much that their match became a triple threat, and Christian didn’t get pinned to lose his title.  “Thanks Swagger, you dork.”  Tommy owes Christian a rematch, and he vows to regain his title.  From one friend to another, Christian is glad Tommy’s still around.  Tommy picks up the pen again to sign…

Check one two… awww yeah!

Jack Swagger steps out on the stage, surprised that Christian shook Dreamer’s hand.  Nobody is happy that Dreamer is still here.  Especially not anybody in the TV production truck.  The people came to see Swagger, not Multiple HD images of “Fatty Dreamer’s” rear end.  Besides, this was between Christian and Swagger, how can Christian congratulate Dreamer for something he shouldn’t have been involved in?  Tommy’s contract expired Saturday, the day before the PPV.  How can they trust the one day extension that Tiffany and Tommy worked out?  Tiffany tries to explain, but Swagger tells her “there are no excuses, Blondie.”  Don’t worry though, the most it’ll cost her is her job.  He’s talked to his lawyer and his agent, who are also willing to represent Christian.  They’ll take it to the board of directors and have Dreamer stripped of the ECW Championship.  Unless, of course, Dreamer wants to do the right thing and forfiet his title.  Dreamer should walk away while he’s still ahead.  Christian thinks Swagger’s got a point.  Maybe Dreamer should do the right thin, like Christian’s about to do right now.  With that, Christian takes a swing at Swagger and dumps him out of the ring.  Dreamer takes the opportunity to sign his contract.  He climbs up on the middle rope to celebrate, but Christian grabs him from behind and powerbombs him through a table.

Later tonight, Christian and the guy he just put through a table, Tommy Dreamer, will team up to face off against the Hart Dynasty.


A stagehand is backstage with Tiffany, he’s explaining that he tripped and almost had a lighting rig fall on him, but a guy in green saved him.  Tiffany makes sure he heard the guy right, “a guy in green?”  The man confirms it, and Tiffany excuses herself to talk to Christian.  She wants to know why he did that to Tommy Dreamer.  Christian says it’s a reciept for getting DDT’d last week.  Tiffany tells him Dreamer can’t compete tonight.  Christian asks if they can make the main event a singles match.  Tiffany tells him no.  Instead, it’ll still be a tag match, and Christian’s partner will be Jack Swagger.

Tony Atlas is on the way to the ring, accompanied by Mark Henry, as Striker falsely states that it’s the first time Atlas has wrestled here on ECW (Atlas teamed with Henry against Finlay and Hornswoggle on the December 9, 2008 edition of ECW on SciFi).  We’re shown Evan Bourne’s victories over Henry over the last two weeks – first by count out and then by disqualification.  Bourne makes his way out to the ring, and we’re set for action.

Evan Bourne def. Tony Atlas

Atlas uses his power early on and looks to see if Henry is impressed.  Matt Striker says kids today like Young Jeezy (whoever that is), but Tony Atlas is the Run DMC of pro wrestling.  Atlas keeps control of this match as Mark Henry looks unimpressed.  Bourne starts to battle back with a series of kicks and knee strikes.  He hits a standing moonsault on Atlas for two, and Atlas goes right back on the offensive.  Bourne manages to take Atlas down, and immediately climbs the ropes and hits the Air Bourne Shooting Star Press for the victory.

Henry attacks Bourne from behind and drops him easily with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Still to come, Christian and Jack Swagger take on The Hart Dynasty.


Did You Know: More men watched ECW last Tuesday than any program on ESPN.  Take that, Jonathan Coachman!

Vladimir Kozlov is all smiles as he heads to the ring.  His opponents, Luke Hawx & Chris Lewie, don’t share his enthusiasm.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Luke Hawx & Chris Lewie

Once the bell rings, the smile is gone from Kozlov’s face and he’s all business.  Lewie starts off , but Kozlov tosses him around and tosses him over to his corner, where he tags in Luke Hawx, who gets beaten around the ring.  Hawx manages to get the tag in to Lewie, who tries to come off the top rope – and gets headbutted out of midair.  A big Sambo Slam later, and Kozlov picks up the win and is all smiles again.

Christian and Swagger are gearing up backstage.  Swagger knows Christian doesn’t want to be his partner tonight, but he didn’t become an All American American by accepting defeat, he’s a winner.  Christian says he’s a gear box, whatever that means.  Swagger reiterates that he’s a winner.  Christian doesn’t have to worry about Swagger holding up his end of the bargain tonight, he needs to worry about holding up his.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK – I want the Macho Madness DVD.  Too bad I’m flat broke.>

RAW Rebound: Legacy took out the new WWE Champion.  Triple H took out the former WWE Champion.

This Monday on RAW, Triple H, The Big Show, Randy Orton, and John Cena will be in a fatal four way for the WWE Championship, and Christian will get his rematch against Tommy Dreamer.

The Hart Dynasty make their way to the ring.  Natalya, Tyson Kidd, and David Hart Smith have something to say before their match, however.  Smith and Kidd will face two former ECW Champions tonight, but they’d like you to know the difference between former champions and future champions.


Jack Swagger makes his way out first for his team, followed by Christian.  They keep their eyes on each other as they enter the ring, and we see what happened to Tommy Dreamer earlier at the hands of Christian.  Swagger convinces Christian to let him start the match.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Christian and Jack Swagger

Christian and Swagger have difficulty getting along, at one point Swagger tags out by shoving Christian off the apron.  He then shoves Christian moments later into a Tyson Kidd dropkick, putting the Hart Dynasty in control just before the…


David Hart Smith is firmly in control of Christian when we come back.  Smith uses the stalling vertical suplex that his father used to use back in the day and gets a two count.  Tyson Kidd gets the tag in and uses some innovative offense to score a couple of two counts on Captain Charisma.  The fans start to rally, and The Instant Classic starts to battle back.  Kidd keeps control momentarily, but misses a moonsault.  Christian goes to make the tag, but “too slows” Swagger, opting instead to punch him in the face.  The ref didn’t call it a tag, so Christian is still legal.  He and Smith exchange near falls.  Christian misses a diving headbutt, allowing Smith to tag Kidd, who almost gets caught with the Killswitch, but he battles out.  Christian gets a two on the reverse DDT.  He goes for another Killswitch, but Swagger hotshots Christian over the top rope, allowing the Hart Dynasty to drop Christian with the Hart Attack for the victory.

Swagger and the Hart Dynasty put the boots to Christian until Tommy Dreamer shows up with a cane in hand to save him.  This coming Monday, it’s Christian vs. Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championship.

My Thoughts: Good show.  Dreamer as an honorable Champion is not necessarily a bad thing – he’s been a face for most of his career, why change it now.  He’s the last connection to the original ECW, and deserves this title run.

I like the Hart Dynasty.  They’re the Hart Foundation with a hell of an attitude.

A guy in green, huh?  I like where that’s going – WHASSUPWITDAT?!?

That’s it for me today, tharvey1 and Drowgoddess will be here with Superstars and iMPACT reviews in the next day or so, I’ll have SmackDown at some point on Friday, another ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts on Saturday and JT will be here with Random Randomness on Sunday.  Have a good week, folks!

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