Last week, interim General Manager William Regal was pinned in a tag team match by Yoshi Tatsu.

Speaking of Regal, he’s the first one out to start the show tonight, along with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson.  He sends his best wishes to Tiffany as she recovers from her injury.  Last week, Regal was told not to make any decisions regarding the ECW Championship.  However, in the face of adversity, sometimes you have to bend the rules, and therefore, William Regal is the new number one contender.  Zack Ryder disagrees, bro.  Regal and Ryder argue, until Christian comes out and has news for them – neither one of them deserve it.  Need proof?  A janitor, Tony Atlas, and Yoshi Tatsu come out to the stage.  The janitor replaced all the urinal cakes in the bathrooms in section 105 today, which means he accomplished something, which is more he can say for Regal or Ryder, which makes him more deserving of an ECW title shot than either of them.  Tony Atlas may hang out with Abraham Washington, but he’s a hall of famer, and he does the laugh, which is a great accomplishment, and better than anything Regal or Ryder’s done.  Yoshi Tatsu has won some matches, including matches over Regal and Ryder.  Regal protests, and Christian tells him to be quiet and calls him Bill.  Christian says that Tatsu should be the number one contender.  It’s not up to Bill who the number one contender is, because Christian happened to run into somebody in the hallway…

I know I want that girl so bad…

Tiffany is here, arm in a sling and she’s ready to be General Manager again.  She has not yet decided who the number one contender is, but all of them can make their case tonight in singles competition.  Ryder will face Christian, Regal will face Tatsu, and Jackson and Kozlov will be in tag team action, next!


So, just who are Kozlov and Jackson’s opponents?  Well, the generic Alice In Chains knockoff of a theme song indicates Tommy Dreamer, and the fact that my picture just went into letterbox format despite the fact this show is already airing in widescreen seems to indicate Goldust.

Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Tommy Dreamer & Goldust

I haven’t really paid a lot of attention to ECW lately, and that includes last week when I watched the show, and Goldust seems to be in much better shape right now than he was the last time I actually watched one of his matches.  In the end, Dreamer takes his eyes off of Jackson to focus on Kozlov for a split second and falls victim to the Uranage, allowing Jackson to get the pinfall.

Backstage, Regal is sucking up to Tiffany, who seems to think that John Cena would actually come to ECW instead of SmackDown if he were to lose at Bragging Rights.  She tells Regal to get ready, because his match is next.


RAW Rebound: Complete with SportCenter highlights.

Yoshi Tatsu and his DDR music make their way to the ring.  William Regal is not in a good mood when he makes his entrance, and seems like he just wants to dispose of Tatsu and get this over with.  By the way, the new ECW ring announcer SUCKS!

William Regal vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Because Regal doesn’t believe in runsheets, he wasn’t ready for his match and he has to take up two minutes of our time to lace up his boots.  Yes, advertisers, you’re sponsoring a show where we get to watch one of the top stars tying his shoes.  In fact, he actually knocks Tatsu down and goes back to trying to tie his boots.  It didn’t matter anyway, Tatsu ultimately picked up the win with a roundhouse kick to the face.

After the match, Matt Striker mentions on commentary that Regal’s foot appeared to be outside of the rope.  Kozlov and Jackson came down to argue with the referee on Regal’s behalf.  Josh Matthews reminds us there’s no instant replay, and that the referee’s decision is final.

Last week, Shelton Benjamin was attacked before the match and still managed to get a clean victory over Paul Burchill.  Benjamin will face his attacker, Sheamus, this Thursday on Superstars – Enjoy that one, tharvey1!

Oh radio, tell me everything you know

Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring while Regal continues to protest his loss.


William Regal is still ringside as the ECW Champion, Christian comes out to face Zack Ryder, who made his entrance before the break.

Christian def. Zack Ryder via disqualification

Hey, here’s a question.  What the hell ever happened to Curt Hawkins?  Anyways, the action spilled to the outside, and the match ended when Regal, Kozlov, and Jackson attacked Christian, giving him the disqualification win.

After the match, Ryder questioned why Regal and his associates would attack Christian – and he gets dropped by the trio for his troubles as well.

That’s it for me tonight, time to go watch Homer Simpson by a Canyonero.  Goodnight from the land of Extreme everybody!

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  1. Christian's promo was brilliant! Hands-down the best thing I've heard recently on WWE tv.

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