September 11, 2010.  North Tonawanda, NY.  One year ago, Empire State Wrestling returned to existence with an event also titled Overdrive.  The event capped with the man known then as Mastiff, Will Calrissian, literally cracking his skull on the ring apron, as his partner, Chris Cooper, stole the victory – and the ESW Tag Team Championships –  in the ring.  A year later, the team is once again Tag Team Champions, and set to defend against popular ESW stars Kevin Grace and Pepper Parks.  This is ESW Overdrive 2010.

Somebody else was in the audience that night last September.  His name was Mark Oship.  Before the last ESW show, Mark passed away.  Saturday night’s show started off with a video tribute to the longtime fan of WNY Wrestling.

The new ring announcer, who’s name I didn’t catch, stated the rules of conduct for the patrons of the event, and distinctly middle eastern sounding music played out through the speakers.  From the back emerged Sheik Al Qaeda, flanked by two bodyguards.  The Sheik and his men taunted the audience, until Primal Warpath emerged and quickly disposed of the trio, earning what I’d imagine to be an unsanctioned victory as the crowd counted a pinfall for Warpath.

Following the match, Warpath proclaimed the United States to be the greatest country in the world and introduced the national anthem.  An instrumental version over the PA, in lieu of former ring announcer Jordan Olivencia’s rendition.

Not Jordan Olivencia Justin Tromble, the new ring announcer, stumbled his way into the ring ripped his pants, and nervously got set to announce the official opening contest, but he’s interrupted by the sounds of Tommy Lee’s “Fame ’02.”  The World Tag Team Champions, Famous, make their way to the ring and offer Kevin Grace and Pepper Parks the opportunity to back out of tonight’s Tag Team Championship match.  Parks and Grace arrive with a counter offer – Parks suggests we start the match right now.  Famous opts to take off instead.  Our main event for the evening is still on!

The ring announcer finally gets the opportunity to announce an actual match.  An ESW newcomer, “Biohazard” Patrick Poison is set to take on ESW vet Tommy Caliber.

Tommy Caliber def. “Biohazard” Patrick Poison

Either Poison’s been doing this a while or Pepper Parks is one hell of a trainer.  He looked pretty solid in the ring, and held the offense for a good portion of the match.  In the end, Caliber managed to pull out the victory.

Caesar’s Legion (Tommy Mandrake and Superbeast) def. Dalton Castle and Barry Hardy

This match was initially scheduled to have Barry Hardy teaming with his son Brian.  Not sure what caused Brian’s absence.  Hardy started the match for his team and eventually tagged in Castle.  When Caesar’s Legion took liberties with the rules, Hardy started to argue with the referee.  When Castle finally managed to get to the corner, Hardy short-armed him and walked away.  He watched the rest of the match from the aisle, and the Legion made short work of Castle.

Following the match, Caesar took the microphone.  He sent his team to the back, telling them what a good job they did, even telling Mandrake that he’s earned some cookies.  When a “we want cookies” chant broke out, Caesar said that the fans didn’t earn cookies but Mandrake did.  He goes on to say that his favorite acquisition, Ryot, will destroy Jonny Puma later in the night, because the fans look at Puma the way Caesar feels they should look at him.  The theme from Batman hits, and out from the crowd comes a man dressed like Batman.  Caesar feels somebody is playing a trick on him because he kind of looks like The Joker.  It’s no trick, however – Batman dropped Caesar.  It wasn’t Bruce Wayne under the mask, however – it was Jonny Puma, who hits the Jonny On The Spot before telling Caesar that he’ll be the one laughing tonight.

Freddie Midnight has a new valet, and he’s also got himself an ESW Interstate Championship match.

“Inferno” Johnny Adams def. Freddie Midnight by disqualification to retain the ESW Interstate Championship

Midnight’s new valet continually interrupted the proceedings, but it wasn’t her that caused this match to end via disqualification – it was a steel chair to Adams’ skull courtesy of “Bad Boy” Barry Hardy.  Hardy claims that he’s been here for over a year and thinks it’s time he gets a title shot.

“Party Guy” Brett Mednik makes his way to the ring.  He’s scheduled to face Cade Cassidy, however Cassidy has other ideas.  He’s got a couple of party guys of his own – The Young and the Wrestlers.  Mednik is prepared for this however, and he brings out The All-Knighters.  We’ve got ourselves a 6-man tag!

“Party Guy” Brett Mednik & The All-Knighters (Joey Knight and “Sexy Monkey” Robin Knightwing) def. Cade Cassidy the Young and the Wrestlers (Nick Ando & Superbad)

Cassidy never removed his fur coat during this match – nor did he get involved much.  The Young and the Wrestlers were no match for The All-Knighters, who chugged a beer with Mednik following their victory.

Brandon Thurston def. Danny Danger

I’ve got two words for this match – More, please.  These two put on one of those matches.  A good, clean match between two guys who can really go in the ring.  Thurston came back from Iraq as popular as ever, and picked up the victory in a hard fought match.  Afterward, he announced that he’s setting a goal for himself to be the ESW Heavyweight Champion.  (YES!  This match is on YouTube:  Part 1 Part 2)

Ryot has new music this time around, and it’s brought to my attention that it’s the theme from Unsolved Mysteries.

Ryot def. Jonny Puma via count-out

Puma held his own against the much larger Ryot.  After being taken down on the outside of the ring, Puma nearly made the 10 count, however as the referee paused the count momentarily to reprimand Ryot, Caesar smashed something (I couldn’t see what) across Puma’s back, and Puma fell back to the floor and was counted out.

Finally, our main event…

Kevin Grace was announced as hailing from Kodiak Valley and weighing in at one Great White Buffalo, Great White Buffalo, Great White Buffalo.

Kevin Grace & Pepper Parks def. Famous (Will Calrissian & Chris Cooper) to become the new ESW Tag Team Champions

With apologies to the competitors in this match, business obligations kept me distracted with text messages through most of it.  At one point, Calrissian and Cooper tried to take off, which would allow them to keep the titles despite the loss, but the faces in the ESW locker room brought them back out.  Parks and Grace nail their finishers, and pick up both the victory and the ESW Tag Team Championships!

The faces pile in the ring and hoist the new Champions up on their shoulders.  Kevin Grace dances to end the show.

My Thoughts: I love these ESW shows.  I didn’t really get to talk to a lot of the guys this time around.  Only a couple of them came out during intermission.  I was planning on hitting the afterparty, but didn’t make it.  I did get to say hello to my old friend “Inferno” Johnny Adams, who it turns out went to high school with the friend that I went to the show with.  I always look forward to talking with Barry and Brian Hardy, but unfortunately Brian wasn’t there and Barry didn’t come out during the break.  I left the place with Pepper Parks sweat on my hand as I talked to him immediately after his match, congratulating him and pointing out that he has less and less hair every time I see him (via shaving, not balding).

I once again have to give props to the Brandon Thurston/Danny Danger match.  I wish I had a video of it.  It was one of those matches that make you remember why you’re a fan.  They even shook hands after, which made it even better.

I’ve got a few pictures from the show on my phone, but they didn’t come out all that great.  Otherwise I’d post them.

Lastly, I’ve got to say this to all of our readers – if you guys have a local promotion in your area, find out when the next show is and check it out.  These guys on the indy scene bust their ass and put on a way better show, IMO, than the big guys put on TV every week for the enjoyment of the fans.  WWE says they’re the best value in entertainment.  I never paid just $13 for a WWE ticket and been just four rows back from the ring.  I don’t get to go shake Triple H’s hand after a match and become friends with The Undertaker.  Indy shows are the best value.  Find one and go!  Support your local wrestlers!

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  1. Generally, I skip a lot of the indie reviews. But never do skip one at BWF. Likely because this site is awesome. Loved the review!

    With that being said, I do my best to support the local scene when I can. A good fan should. Damn… I really miss Stampede Wrestling even more after writing this. Even though it was bigger than local…. it was Calgary's own.

    I plan on trying to do up another WrestleMania weekend panel discussion with indie wrestlers having their own exclusive article again this year. I know it's a ways off, but if you know anyone (JoE or anyone reading this) who wants some exposure and free promotion the weekend of WrestleMania 2011, get in touch with me via PM in the BWF forums.

  2. i feel like i missed a good show. obviously i did. but its nice to read because i feel like i really was there! glad you have fun. hope i can sit beside you one of these days as a fan and see how it is on the other side.

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