I love independent wrestling shows.  I know I’ve mentioned time and time again that the first time I went to a local show, it was headlined by current TNA International Champion “Showtime” Eric Young, who was feuding at the time with “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde over the affections of Angel Williams, who went on to greater fame as TNA Knockout Angelina Love.  Also on the card that night were The Original Sinn, who would later become Kizarny in WWE, and “Textbook” Tyson Dux, who represented Team International in TNA’s World X Cup a few years ago.  Saturday Night, I attended Empire State Wrestling’s “Unbreakable” event, the follow up to November’s “OverDrive,” which you can read about here.

Back in November, Will “Mastiff” Calrissian fractured his skull when he crashed head first into the ring apron.  We’ll hear from Mastiff later tonight.  Before ring announcer Jordan Olivencia could announce the first match, he’s interrupted by Mastiff’s tag team partner, and one half of the ESW Tag Team Champions, Chris Cooper, who is carrying both tag team title belts.  He promises that at the end of the night, we’ll see him standing over a bloody and battered Johnny Puma.

Match 1:  Curtis Lee Walker def. Col. Sanders III

According to the ESW website, Walker defeated Red Dragon, which can’t possibly be right, because Walker wrestled a guy in a confederate flag mask who was announced as Col. Sanders III.  Walker made short work of Sanders in the opening contest.

Match 2:  Mike Radski & Brandon Thurston def. The Coverboys (Cade Cassidy and Tommy Caliber)

This match was to determine the number one contenders for Chris Cooper’s ESW Tag Team Championships.  Thurston was way over with the fans here.  He and Radski won when Thurston dropkicked Caliber from the top rope off of Radski’s shoulders.

Caesar and Tommy Mandrake made their way to the ring.  He announced that the other members of Caesar’s Legion, Purple and Superbeast, were out taking care of Legion business, but that Superbeast would be replaced in the upcoming match by Flatline.  He then goes on to say that after tonight, ESW will be renamed Caesar’s Empire Wrestling.

Match 3:  Caesar’s Legion def. “Inferno” Johnny Adams, Matt Kovac, and Michael Kovac

The whole reason I started going to Indy shows several years ago is because I’ve known “Inferno” Johnny Adams since high school.  Adams was pinned for his team, thanks to some underhanded tactics by Caesar’s Legion.

“Mastiff” Will Calrissian came to the ring to a standing ovation.  He thanked the fans for allowing him to live his dream of being a professional wrestler before leaving his boots and trunks in the middle of the ring and leaving.

Since Mastiff would have been the number one contender for Kevin Grace’s ESW Championship, that left Grace without an opponent.  ESW Commissioner Jimmy Olsen wouldn’t let us down though, as he’d organized a “Don’t Stop Believin’ Lottery.”  Whoever’s name was pulled out of a bucket (ThinkSoJoE’s note:  It’s a trash-can!  clap clap clapclapclap!) would get a shot at the ESW Championship.  Kevin Grace made his way to the ring and did the honors.  His opponent tonight would be… Freddie Midnight!

Match 4:  Kevin Grace def. Freddie Midnight to retain the ESW Championship

Midnight was accompanied to the ring by an unidentified woman, who sprayed his hair with hairspray before spraying Grace in the eyes with it before the match. This allowed Midnight to take the early advantage, but Grace turned things around quickly and defeated Midnight with no problem.

As Grace was celebrating his victory, the sounds of “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” played over the PA System.  Grace looked up the aisle to see Caesar and Tommy Mandrake wheeling out a coffin.  Caesar told Grace that it’s the season for giving, and he’s brought him a present.  Grace asked if it was a pony, to which Caesar replied, “Maybe,” before telling him that it was not, in fact, a pony.  Ryot burst through the coffin and attacked Grace, leaving him lying in a heap on the floor of the St. Johnsburg Fire Hall before tossing the ESW Championship down on top of him.

Brett Mednik, Kwan Chang, and Jay Moore came to the ring and Mednik talked about an incident between himself and 103.3 The Edge DJ Josh Potter at a local comedy club where Potter was performing.  He’d challenged Potter to a match, which Potter foolishly accepted.  Potter came to the ring and made fun of Mednik’s weight before asking why Mednik brought friends to the ring.  Potter asked if they’d rather have a tag team match instead, then brought out his partner, Warpath.

Match 5:  Josh Potter & Warpath def. Kwan Chang & Brett Mednik

Warpath is apparently new, because even the commentator at ringside, Captain Dan Glanowski, had no idea what his name was.  Warpath, who was a direct rip-off of Warrior, did the majority of the work, with Potter getting a few slaps in on the heels.  When all hell broke loose, a distraction from Jay Moore allowed for an attempted Singapore Cane shot from Chang, but Potter moved and Chang hit Mednik instead.  Potter’s team, predictably, picked up the win.

Match 6:  Chance Taylor def. David Evans

I actually don’t remember much of this match.  I’ll take ESW’s word for this one.

Match 7:  Johnny Puma def. Chris Cooper in a No-DQ match

In a heated rivalry, Puma and Cooper battled all over the St. Johnsburg Fire Hall.  Tables, chairs, and the ring bell came into play in this one, and both men were bloodied by the end of it.  In the end, Puma put Cooper through a table and picked up the pinfall victory.

As Puma was celebrating his victory, Cooper attacked him from behind.  As he was wailing away at a fallen Puma, Mastiff’s music hit, and Cooper’s apparently former tag team partner hit the ring and threw Cooper off of Puma.  As Mastiff kneeled down to check on Puma, Cooper pulled off his “Cooper” wristband and threw it at Mastiff.  Mastiff smiled, and put the wristband on, as Cooper put on a “Mastiff” wristband (the wristbands have arrows on them, so when Mastiff points at Cooper the arrow that says Cooper points at Cooper and vice versa).  The duo make their signature pose, then Mastiff continues the beating on Puma.  Cooper hands Mastiff his tag team title belt, and Famous celebrate in the ring until Thurston and Radski, the number one contenders for Famous’s tag team titles, run down to the ring to make the save.

ESW’s next show is January 16, 2010 at the St. Johnsburg Fire Hall, and will feature an ESW Championship match as Kevin Grace defends against Ryot, and presumably a tag team title match pitting Famous against number one contenders Thurston and Radski.

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