Yours truly went out to Empire State Wrestling’s “WrestleBash” event in Lockport, NY earlier tonight with one thing on my mind — I’m going to get Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake’s autograph.  That didn’t happen.

A table was set up for Beefcake, but his agent wouldn’t allow anybody to have an autograph signed by or a picture taken with him unless they paid $10.  Well, so much for that autograph – I had less than $10 cash on me.  So, I walked away.

Across the room, former WWF Enhancement Talent Barry Hardy and his son Brian were looking over their merchandise.  I remember seeing Barry on television when I was younger, and so I went up to him and struck up a conversation.  He’s a down to earth guy who appreciates his fans.  He signed an autograph for me, as did his son, and the duo posed with me for a photo.  The father-son team won a match earlier in the night with an awesome finisher – Barry held the opponent up in Hart Attack position, and Brian nailed him with a 360 flip clothesline from the top rope.

On the way back to our seats, my girlfriend and I ran into Pepper Parks.  We’d met Pepper before, and he remembered us – probably because of my goatee.  Pepper took a few moments to thank us for coming out to the show before having his attention diverted by a few kids wanting an autograph.

Former ESW Champion Kevin Grace was standing near the entrance, so we walked over to him.  He was wearing the awesome reflective ring gear that he wore the last time I’d gone to an ESW event, so I had to ask him where I can get that kind of material (I’ve got a show with my band coming up, y’know).  Kevin was a great guy who very much appreciates every single one of his fans and will take the time to sign anything and talk to anybody.  My girlfriend, Caroline, got her picture taken with him and he told me (while signing tons of autographs) that his gear was inspired by EMTs.

Since it was on the way back to our seats, I decided to stop back at Brutus Beefcake’s table and at least shake his hand – after all, I understand the guy’s got to make a living somehow, and I have been watching the guy since I was 8 years old.  We got back to his table as two girls were paying for Beefcake’s autograph.  He looked at his agent and said “did they pay?” before signing it.  He didn’t even look in their direction.  I said that I couldn’t afford the 10 bucks but I wanted to shake his hand.  He didn’t even look at me when he went for the handshake.  After seeing how much of a prick he was to anybody who couldn’t afford to – or otherwise didn’t want to – pay $10, I should’ve left him hanging.  I didn’t.  I shook his hand and went back to my seat.

Now, you may have noticed that I haven’t talked much about the wrestling tonight.  I can’t.  Unfortunately, this show was further away from home and went later than usual, so I missed the last two matches.  It wouldn’t be fair to Chris Cooper, Johnny Puma, or Mastiff Will Calrissian if I talked about the rest of the show and didn’t get to talk about their matches.  I would like to offer my congratulations, however, to my good friend Inferno Johnny Adams, who won a 20 man battle royal to claim the ESW Interstate Championship!  Other participants in the match included a Doink The Clown, the Goldust knockoff Dewdust, and the Warrior ripoff (but otherwise awesome guy) Primal Warpath.

"AHAHAHAHA! Look at all these idiots willing to pay $10 for me to write my name!"

I do apologize to the ESW crew for not having a full review of the show, if in fact any of them read this website, but I do encourage you all to check out for more on Empire State Wrestling!

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  1. I suppose I shouldn't be shocked by the Barber being in this spot, but that's kind of a brutal thing to be like towards fans. Sure, he's trying to make a living. But if it's based on fan support… well, sounds like he's forgotten something important. And that certainly sucks the way it went down.

    Most importantly, while you should have left him hanging… you didn't. And that sir, was the right thing to do.

    • I texted JT from the show that "Brutus Beefcake is a prick." He responded with "One of Hogans buddies a prick, no way!!!"

      I've met Hulk Hogan. Class act all the way, in my experience. He wasn't demanding money for autographs and pictures, he wasn't rushing me away from him – in fact, Hogan initiated the conversation. Beefcake on the other hand, well, screw him. Over two decades of being a fan, and this guy won't give me five seconds of his time because I won't pay $10? I paid $13 at the door to see you, you prick!

  2. that was a great show! and ESW fans and personel do read this forum. i try to come here whenever i get the chance to see what has been posted. the hardy's are awesome. very nice both on the floor and in the lockerroom. im sorry if you felt like that during the show with brutus. i guess "to each their own". but ESW is proud and glad to have great fans. without them, none of us would be doing this. every show i am extremely happy and surprised at the same time to see so many fans cheering when i walk through the curtain. its a great atmosphere to be in! the lockport show was a very long one… but i am glad you showed respect to adams winning the title as well as not writing due to missing puma and coopers match along with mastiff's. we hope to catch you and all the other fans at the next show!

    • Thanks for writing! I'm glad to hear that the ESW staff are BWF readers! I've never been disappointed by an ESW show, and I try to get you guys a little more exposure by not only writing reviews of the shows, but by posting on our social network pages when you guys have a show coming up.

      Barry and Brian Hardy are indeed great guys, a trait they share with the rest of the usual ESW crew. As far as Brutus, I don't mean to bash the guy. I know he's got to make a living, but he could've at least act like he cared about the fans more than he cared about the money. That's my personal observation of the guy, and I could be completely wrong about him, but I call it like I see it.

      We're proud to be ESW fans, and we respect each and every one of you guys for going out there and putting your bodies on the line to entertain us. I really would have liked to have seen the cage match between Puma and Cooper, as well as Mastiff's mullet cutting at the hands of Brutus Beefcake, but like you said, that show was a long one. You can bet I'll be there the whole time this Saturday at St. Johnsburg though!

      We'll probably be up walking around through intermission, and most likely will be wearing our bWf shirts, if we don't find our way over to you, feel free to find your way to us!

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