Despite matches featuring the WWE Champion, the US Champion, the WWE Tag Team Champions, and the two women who will be competing for the new Divas Championship at The Great American Bash, this show was completely centered around the relationship between the number one contender for the WWE Championship, Edge, and his former fiancee, SmackDown General Manager Vicki Guerrero.  Not that I’m complaining – I’m a huge Edgehead.  I just think the champions should’ve had some mic time or something, since, y’know, they are champions.  Oh well, whatever.  Not really much to this week’s show – not saying it wasn’t entertaining, there just wasn’t much to it.

The review, after the jump.

Edge kicked off the show, saying that he doesn’t need Vicki Guerrero, and he’s happier without her.  She interrupts, and makes the match:  Edge vs. The Big Show, no disqualifications, later on tonight.  Edge says he’s not scared of Big Show, and that’s fine with him.

The “Maria is coming to SmackDown” video airs again.

Shelton Benjamin scored a victory over the United States Champion, Matt Hardy.  He blocked the Twist of Fate and hit a modified Gold Rush to pick up the win, which should put him in contention for Matt’s US Championship.

Hawkins and Ryder are there for Vicki.  They need a favor though – they want another match with Jesse and Festus.

MVP did commentary for the next match.  Mr. Kennedy introduces himself as the most valuable player on SmackDown, as he’s set to take on Domino.  Interestingly, Domino’s video wall thing still says “Deuce and Domino” on it.  Not that it matters, he got beaten pretty quickly with the mic check.  As Kennedy is looking down at MVP, who has stood up from the broadcast booth, he gets attacked from behind by Umaga, who hit’s the Samoan Spike, much to the delight of MVP.

Chavo Guerrero tells Edge that he’s right about everything, and no matter what, he and Bam are still Edge’s family.  He’s going to go set things straight with Vicki…

… Which apparently means he’s going to tell her the exact same thing she said to Edge.  They’re both Guerreros, they need to stick together.  Vicki isn’t buying it – and as punishment, Chavo gets Triple H in a match tonight.

Finlay and Hornswoggle took on the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz and John Morrison.  Unlike Night of Champions though, the Finlay family got the victory, after Miz took a shillelagh to the skull followed by a tadpole splash.

Chavo Guerrero didn’t do much against Triple H, but Bam helped him out a little.  Not enough though, as Triple H nailed a Pedigree and picked up the win.

We’re told that Michelle will take on Natalya at the Great American Bash for the WWE Divas Championship.  Those two are in tag action, with Cherry and Maryse as their respective partners.  Cherry got beat down by Natalya, who focused on the leg.  Natalya picked up the victory with the Sharpshooter.  As Michelle was checking on Cherry, Natalya attacked again, with a beatdown that culminated with a snap suplex on the floor.  Natalya and Maryse walked up the ramp victorious, as Michelle struggled to get up.

BISCUITS AND GRAVY!  Jesse and Festus are here for their rematch with Hawkins and Ryder.  After Festus got the tag, rather than fight, Hawkins and Ryder opted to get intentionally counted out.  When the bell rang, they went back on the attack though, dumping Jesse out of the ring and attacking the hapless Festus.  Jesse grabbed the bell, and with an evil look in his eye, rang it, sending Festus back into monster mode and chasing off Ryder and Hawkins.

Vladimir Kozlov has music and a TitanTron video now – but still only the spotlight and a blank video wall thing.  He’s still undefeated, putting the hurt on Stevie Richards.  Kozlov got the pin after a headbutt to the back of Stevie’s head.

Edge is arguing with Chavo and Bam, when Hawkins and Ryder join in.  Edge calms them all down.  Vicki is to blame for all their troubles this week, so why not stick it to her by working together to beat the Big Show in this No-DQ match tonight?  Well, because Vicki heard them plotting and decided that anybody who gets involved in the match is fired, that’s why.  Not only that, but if Edge tries to get out of the match, he’s fired. The match is up next!

Big Show makes his way to the ring, followed by Edge, whose pyro seemed a little lighter than usual this week.  Vicki was wheeled out by Hawkins and Ryder to watch the match from ringside.  Show starts off on the offense, but when the match ends up on the outside, Edge hits a spear.  He’s too beat up to capitalize though, which of course sends us into a commercial break.  Edge is on the offense when we come back, but as he goes to hit Show with a singapore cane kendo stick, he’s blocked.  Show goes to drop Edge on the announce table, but Edge still has the kendo stick, and uses it to get out of the situation.  Back in the ring, Edge counters a chokeslam with a DDT, and sets up Big Show for the conchairto.  Show grabs Edge by the throat to prevent that, knocks the Rated R Superstar down, and sets up for a conchairto of his own.  That’s when Vicki Guerrero orders the match to be stopped.  Big Show leaves and Edge and Vicki reconcile in the ring.

That’s where we end.  I had read a spoiler that said the wedding was back on for next week, but apparently that announcement didn’t make TV.  It was a pretty good show, but it didn’t really do much.  Unlike TNA this week though, SmackDown could get away with that kind of stuff because they don’t have a Pay Per View this Sunday.  Hopefully we’ll get some storyline advancement next week, and hopefully for Jeff Hardy he won’t be stuck in dark match hell.  So far the move to SmackDown hasn’t been all that great for him.  He’s not the only one, but he’s the one that comes most prominently to mind.  In any event, SmackDown’s been pretty decent since the draft.

I’ll be back Monday morning with a review of TNA Victory Road.  Until then, take care!

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