ECW’s not on until Thursday this week? Now what will people do? How can you survive two days without anything wrestling in your lives? I understand several people have been doing this.

First of all, I’d just like to say that I am sick and tired of hearing about him. Sure, his effect in the history of the world will not go un-noticed, but hearing about him all week has boiled my blood. Although I’m shocked about one thing. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more comparisions with this man.

Anyways, onto slightly more important matters. Is anyone shocked that the Main Event of Night of Champions has become a Triple Threat match between Randy Orton, Triple H and John Cena? I’m not, but Orton will still win. Maybe a H/Cena feud will ensue from this match?

Edge has been injured and is out for what is rumoured to be anywhere between six months to a year. This is bad news considering that the Tag Team of himself and Jericho was just beginning and starting to get it’s wheels in motion, and then this happens. Just what will happen to the Tag Titles now? Will they go to DiBiase and Rhodes, their opponents for Night of Champions? Nobody knows at the moment, not even me. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t send Jericho into obscurity.

Do you like pandas? Then click here. I dare you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring to you, the unclickable LINK!

*insert weekly Kurt Angle reference here* If you don’t mention him, then he comes after you at night time. He will watch you in your sleep.

Myra Hindley became my facebook friend. Not only is she my babysitter, but she’s been dead for about seven years now. It just shows you, the dead use facebook.

Has anyone else notices that this column is starting to turn into JT’s column, rather than my own? Well, according to the poll, people read JT’s column more than anyone else’s. However, not even JT would post something like this, or say that how he once had a friend who dated a cannibal. He didnt know she was, nobody did. That was, until the one night she went down on him.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, or Thursday the 9th of the seventh month, for those reading this on a non-Wednesday or past the date in question. Celebrate it whichever you wish. I choose to celebrate it by skidding out on a very icy road, and bending up the wishbone among other things on my car. That is a true story.

Did you know that Catholic Girls take LSD?

Does anyone remember the Sooty Show? With Soo and Sweet? The Puppets? If you don’t, this might help. However, this will help.

Finally tonight, the most important thing to remember is, is that we can be friends, and that’s the most important thing. See you next week!

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  1. That unclickable link looks just like a real one on BWF Classic. Lucky for me, I'm probably the only person using Back in Black.

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