First of all, I have to welcome myself back, after being unable to provide the three of you who read my column each week. The reason why, is because someone in the household changed ISPs without meaning to, thus I lost my internet access. Also, as I write this, I have fallen ill. I get the best of luck don’t I? Anyways, let’s continue …

ZZ Top guest hosts RAW. I thought ZZ Top had three members?

The usage of Chavo Guerrero at the moment is nothing short of a complete joke. When he was in WCW, he was Cruiserweight Champion twice, and his talents were shows off each week. Recently, he’s been up against someone who strangely enough fits into THE Brian Kendrick’s jacket with ease from what I hear, Hornswoggle. Nobody should be “wrestling” Hornswoggle. Period.

Chris Jericho’s mystery partner is either Ted DiBiase, Mark Henry or Kane.

My future column for VinceRussoWatchesHisBeardGrow will elaborate on this further, but what happened to the good ‘ol days of watching wrestling? These days, the WWE is aimed at the kids, TNA is aimed at Kurt Angle and ROH has only just begun, and thus targeting anyone who’ll watch. What are the fans that have watched this product for years meant to enjoy? The fans who lived through the Attitude era flicking between RAW and Nitro? Why doesn’t pro wrestling care for these companies anymore?

UFC 100 was nothing short of awesome. Georges St. Pierre schooled Thiago Alves. Michael Bisping got dropped. Hard. Frank Mir got owned, and Brock Lesnar doesn’t like sponsors.

The Main Event Mafia hold 3/5 of the titles in TNA. Is the X-Divison and KnockOuts Championships not worthy of being owned by the MEM? Samoa Joe’s advisor, and one of the worst kept secrets in wrestling, Taz, was introduced at Victory Road. Notice how Joe, is the only member of MEM without a title belt? Is that because he didnt compete in another of the big two before arriving in TNA?

That’s all I can comment on for this week, sorry for the short column. As I said earlier, I’m unwell, and my head is spinning more and more as I type. Stay tuned for future columns by several BWF staff in the coming days. Who knows, you could see me again before the week is done.


  1. Get well soon LK. I was sick last week and am just getting over it, so i know how you feel.

    but what happened to the good ‘ol days of watching wrestling? I wonder the same thing. It just hasn't been the same since Vince bought out WCW.

    • I know. I feel so old! I have two huge cardboard boxes of VHS tapes from the Monday Night Wars era. My brother, my friend Dave, and I would tape every show. We'd watch the first hour of WCW, flip over to WWE, and then watch the repeat of WCW. My brother's friend Jim is in the process of converting those tapes into dvds. Oh, the viewing parties I could have….

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