After taking a few weeks to check this show out I’ve found it’s pretty enjoyable and I’m going to give reveiwing it a shot.

We open with CM Punk teaming with Darren Young. I’m actually a little surprised by that. I kind of figured when it was time to team, Punk would pawn him off on Luke Gallows.

They’re apparently going to do some eliminations two weeks from now.

They’re facing Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel. After his horrible ring attire the first week, he’s wearing a Hardy t-shirt for the second straight. His trunks actually match Hardy’s tights. Young with a shoulder block. Gabriel rolls through an armbar and reverses, then Young starts throwing punches. Gabriel slides under him and hits an armdrag. Matt in and they hit a step up splah. Matt with a clothesline. Justin tags in, but Young takes back over. Punk is in with a bodyslam. Forearms and kicks in the corner by Punk, then he tags out. Spinning kick by Gabriel. Young tosses him to the apron then avoids a springboard crossbody. Elbow in the corner, then a shoulder. Gabriel tries to go over the top ala HBK but Young catches his legs and kicks him in the gut. Then he throws him to the steps in a unique style.

Punk in briefly, but he tags out and hits a couple forearms then does some taunting that costs him. Elbows and a snapmare by Gabriel. STO but he misses 450. Punk in and gets 2. He grabs a leg scissor. Gabirel elbows out and jacknife covers him. Cheap shot at Matt. Young in. Back suplex. Rams him in the corner and tags out. Gabriel ‘s come back is cut off with a couple of knees. Springboards into a dropkick to the ribs and Matt is in. Series of clotheslines. Corner clothesline followed by a bulldog. Side effect. Matt to the second rope but Punk tags out. Matt hip tosses Young in and hit s neckbreaker then clotheslines him over. Gallows decks Gabriel. Matt hits the side effect on him. THey’re back in. Punk hits the GTS while the ref is distracted and Young picks up the win. Gallows beats down Gabriel. Young high fives Punk, but then Gallows attacks him.

Next up, Daniel Bryan is facing the Great Khali.

Bryan comes out on his own. Khali throws him into the corner. Bryan gets some kicks but is tosses again. Chop. He goes for the Punjabi plinge, but Bryan gets a guillotine choke and several kicks. Missle dropkick. But he coesm off the second time into a chop, then the Punjabi Plunge.

Cole goes on and on about how he’s 0-4. It’s annoying.

And here comes the Big Show. I’d prefer it if Khali doesn’t just let him have a go at Bryan. Chokeslam by Show and I don’t like it.

The main event is Skip Sheffield vs Wade Barrett.

Raw rebound.

David Otunga promo. It’s the same one they ususally do though.

Before we get to the main we have another match which is surprising. Heath Slater, the first rookie to beat a pro takes on Carlito’s rookie Michael Tarver. Tarver with a flying shoulder, then and armbar. Tarver with a knee to the gut, but Slater tosses Tarver then dives over the top rope. They get back in, but Slater misses in the corner and Tarver hits a back of the head wash. Neckvice. Dropkick by Slayer and a clothesline. Faceplant. Knee to the gut by Tarver. Slater goes over the top and gets a rollup for the win. Post match Tarver attacks. and hits a T-bone suplex.

Even with the post match attack this is the quietest match I’ve seen on NXT.

Regal and Sheffield are talking and they’re argueing, because Sheffield says he wants to learn from Regal but he won’t actually shut up so Regal can talk.

Wade Barrett comes out with Jericho. Barrett is the one guy here I’m less interested in than Slater and Tarver. Sheffield’s playing to the crowd really doesn’t work with Regal’s music. They ought to do a show where they’re allowed to choose the music they come out to. Kick by Barrett. Whip to the corner but Sheffield leaps over the top and runs to the opposite side and hits an axhandle off the top. Chop to the back. They go outside. Barrett rams Sheffield into the post after they both block it. Barrett bends Skip around the ropes.

Jericho won’t shut up. Surfboard by Barrett. Barrett puts his foot on Sheffield’s neck. Skip elbows out. Suplex blocked after some trouble setting it up and Sheffield reverses. Barrett misses in the corner. Polish Hammer and again. Massive clothesline. Bodyslam. Strutting splash gets two. Interted atomic drop by Barett. He runs into an elbow. Skip gets pulled off the second rope while he talks to Regal and Barrett hits a forward fireman’s carry slam.

Very good show. I’ll probably give some toss some opinions out on the wrestlers tomorrow or Thursday. But over all I’ve felt there’s actually a different style to NXT that might be nice to see on the main shows.


  1. Hey! Welcome back! Here are some great tweets from the show earlier in the night:

    @Miss_Dani_Baby Bring out Justin Gabriel, Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Cena in blackface. That's all of who I want to see

    @JTar2 CM Punk and Blackface Cena is my new favorite tag team. #WWE #nxt

    @WellYoureWrong I forgot something…#MattHardyIsFat #wwe

    @jerzygrl44 @BrdWrstlngFn …the Best Just climbed in the wring..MMH-n-JG…yeah baby!!

    @KatKaBOOM Punk's always been straight edge, so I don't get how he all the sudden became this sXe savior & was like "no more shaving my chest. SAVING!"

    @MaskedTweeter Matt Hardy's guru, the Great Khali, versus Daniel Bryans is up #NXT.

    @markjamesbrand Figures Justin Gabriels first loss is when he tags with Matt Hardy.

    @TKeep123 Good news, Hardy gets Punked. Bad news is that PELT that Punk is growing on his chest. …Next week, Hardy jobs to Serena. #nXt #WWE #BWF

    @MUGATUBRAND Why does daniel bryan have to get his ass kicked all the time?

    @oldiesmike Ha! Kahli almost fell with the foot cover. Pathetic! #WWE NXT

    @MrsJedge I forgot the Great Khali was supposed to be face there for a second….I think the crowd did too….o_O

    @chuckee01 Anyone else remember watching the Rockers back in the day and thinking Jannetty would be the break out star? #NXT #WWE #BWF

    @coreysantiago 12 days away from WrestleMania! Who's excited for WrestleMania? I kno I'am! #WWE #WM26

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