Of course the big news for NXT is that Daniel Bryan broke his losing streak last night, pinning Santino Marella.

Oh, yeah and someone’s going to be eliminated tonight.

We start off with a review of some of the show’s hightlights.

Matt Striker’s at ringside in a suit. He brings out the rookies, so apparently we’re getting right to the elimination. They come out in alphabetical order to give nothing away. Is it me or does that spiked vest not fit with the cowboy thing he’s got going.

We get a replay of the NXT rookies getting the win over the Raw stars last night. Striker gets the fans to give them an ovation.

Replay of Tarver saying he should be eliminated. Tarver is eliminated, because WWE officials feel that if he doesn’t believe in himself then how can the fans. Tarver is yelling at everyone. He says he was held back.

Bryan is confronted with the same situation. He’s been eliminated as well. That’s stupid. They’re still eliminating someone else.

Wade Barrett and Heath Slater are in the ring.

I see the pros doing something to shake things up. Maybe they still will include Bryan in the pros poll.

Barrett gets a dropkick by Slater and tossed over the top. Slater misses a dive, but lands on his feet and gets clotheslined. Elbows to the back. Surfboard by Barrett. Knee to the gut. Runs into a knee in the corner.

Slayer comes back. Running forearm. Flapjack. Barrett with a shot to the gut. Slater elbows out of Barret’s finisher and gets a neckbreaker. Barrett catches a crossbody, puts him up on his shoulders and hits his finisher.

Barrett still doesn’t have his own music.

Tarver says he thinks the ruling was fair, but the contest wasn’t. He says you can’t put him in a crowd without noticing him, unless you choose not to. And even then he’ll make you.

Skip Sheffield has the next match. Regal accompanies him to the ringside. Or at least I think he did. His opponent is Darren Young. Matthews claims that Cole is jumping on the rookies bandwagon.

Back elbow by Sheffield. Euro uppercut. He tries mounted punches but Skip steps out and pushes his legs to Young is crotched on the second turnbuckle. Forearms. Neckvice. Rear chinlock. Bodyslam. Misses his splash. Matthews said it was “vintage Sheffield. ”

Young with a couple inverted atomic drops and a flying shoulderblock. Skip is able to come back reversing out of Young’s finisher, grab a fireman’s carry and shift it into his backpack Stunner finisher for the win.

Daniel Bryan says he’ll find a way to make it somehow. Does he regret coming from the small pond of the indies to the ocean of the WWE. He points out that Daniel Bryan never wrestled in the indies. And this may be the end of him. But there was this other guy… Bryan Danielson. Some people called him the best wrestler in the world. He’s not sure what’s next for Bryan Danielson.

David Otunga has the last match. Replay of his loss to Truth. And he’s facing off with the guy he got in the face of last week, Justin Gabriel.

Fireman’s carry takeover, legsweep and dropkick by Gabriel. A forearm in the corner, but when he tries a springboard Otunga knocks him off the rope. Otunga lifts him up and slams him face first. Shoulders in the corner.

Abdominal stretch. Armdrag out and kicks by Gabriel. Knee to the gut by Otunga. Flips over the Alister and kicks him in the face. Otunga gets a front suplex by reversing Gabriel’s attempt to suplex him into the ring and hits his finisher for the win.

Time for the elimination. Striker asks the same question. Young says Wade Barrett. Slater says Otunga doesn’t belong. Gabriel says Otunga as well. He gets on his nerves. Sheffield also gives a similar answer. Otunga says no one matches up to him. Otunga says Slater. He says he’s a wannabe and he want to copy him. Barrett says it doesn’t matter since they’ll all drop in the end. But if he has to name one it’s Otunga.

Barrett is number 1. Otunga is number 2. Gabriel remains number 3 and Slater is number 4. Darren Young is number 5. Skip is eliminated.

He says that he’s been misguided. He says he should have listened to William Regal and he will be back.

The tossing of Bryan and Tarver comes off as very strange to me. It also throws things off for eliminating people. Especially with their only being one more elimination to the final four.

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  1. Ok, I finally got to see this… even though I try to avoid spoilers it airs Sunday at 3 AM in Canada. And I already knew how it played out… nonetheless it was a decent episode, and your review is good. I can't blame the WWE for turfing the two guys who said they should be eliminated…. why bother keeping them if they agree they should leave? At this point, I am more interested to see where Danielson emerges… does he stick it out in FCW? Doubtful. TNA? Perhaps. ROH? Seems like a step backwards, but on that token, I'd bet he will have no problems finding work!

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