We open with the rookies in the ring. Daniel Bryan is growing a beard. Skip Sheffield has added spikes to his jacket. We’re down to two weeks till an elimination.

This weeks challenge is testing likability. Go out to the crowd and try to sell merchandise in 60 seconds. WHoever has the most cash wins and gets a shot at at a WWE superstar of their choosing.

Skip is given a bag of programs and some changes and asked to sell. Suggested retail price 15 bucks. He gets 60 bucks, selling four programs.

The first match is a tag team match. Christian and Heath Slater vs Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett.

Start off with Slater knocking Jericho down and he instantly tags out. Christian gets a forearm and a second rope missle dropkick. He decks Christian, then Barrett gets a boot. Stomps away then Jericho comes in and pummels him. Back suplex. Jericho pounds Christian down in the corner. Christian gets a reverse DDT and tags out.

Slater with a flying forearm, then one in the corner. Eats a kick as he ducks his head but comes back with a neckbreaker. Barrett breaks up a cover. Christian comes off the top, then tosses Barrett. Dive over the top.

Jericho attempts a Walls of Jericho. Rollup gets two, but Jericho gets the Codebreaker for the win.

Some good stuff during the match. Cole refers to the faces as the team of Christian Slater, and Jericho is just nuts. He gets in the ref’s face and tears up the announce table.

Daniel Bryan just tosses the books away for free. Cole calls him a tool, and Matthews says Cole is the definition of a tool.

Replay of the triple threat last week. Carlito is giving some advice, pay attention to the little things. Details matter. He then walks away, telling Tarver to get their stuff. When Tarver asks if Carlito wants him to carry bags Carlito congratulates him for getitng the little things.

Justin Gabriel is up next. He asks the fans for help. He wants to fight a pro and show them that he’s good at WRESTLING. He says all the American money looks the same to him. He sells 22 progams.

Michael Tarver has the next match. We get the pros talking about him. Most see nothing him. Punk says he’s saddled with a poor pro. Regal calls him a sleeper. Truth calls him a character. Miz sees nothing in him.

His opponent is Darren Young, who’s accompanied by Serena and Gallows. Punch to the gut and a hard whip to the corner by Tarver. Powerslam. Stomp to the gut. Punches to the gut. Keylock, of some sort. Young fights out.

Tornado punch. Dropkick. Flying shoulderblock. Runs into a kick, but nails Tarver in the gut. Tarver with a knee on the outside. Shoulder to the gut and pulls his shoulder to the corner. Serena distracts the ref and Gallows nails Tarver, allowing Young to hit his finish. Gallows separates Serena and Young.

Justin Gabriel only got 210. Otunga is up next. he says celebrities don’t do manual labor, so he picks a couple of kis to carry the stuff as he hawks the programs. “Money Otunga” like Money Mayweather.

The pros talk Justin Gabriel. He’s got some moves, but doesn’t really have a lot of personality basically. Replay of Otunga/Gabriel and R-Truth not helping him. Truth is giving his some advise backstage and tells him if he can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch.

Heath Slater has to get over 315 dollars worth of merchadise. He encourages the fans to buy by saying that he’s beaten two pros so lets make it three. He falls a little short.

Darren Young wants to face CM Punk but he fails to get enough.

Michael Tarver refuses to sell, saying the WWE should sell him. He is thr product.

Wade Barrett says he’s proved he’s the number 1 rookie. He takes the money given to give change and walks out.

Pros on Daniel Bryan. Punk, Jericho, Regal and Christian all praise him. Miz says if he’s listened to him he’d be a winner. Matt Hardys says he needs more personality but if he gets that he says nothing but good things.

Otunga won the challenge. And he wants to face R-Truth. It’s time the student beats the teacher.

The main even is the Miz vs Skip Sheffield. Miz has a big ass bruise on his face.

Regal gets in Miz’s face. He has a mike. It’s very painful to talk. He can’t compete due to the Big Show’s suckerpunch. Taking his place will be Daniel Bryan.

Fireman’s carry but Bryan escapes. Kicks and then a dropkick in the corner. Punches to the gut. Leglock. Skip gets the ropes. Kicks to the chest, But he grabs a kick then knocks him down.

Clothesline. Skip gets his finish, a backpack stunner.

Overall an excellent show, but three out of five people choosing not to compete is a bit much. Breaking it up the way they did actually made it a bit better this week.

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