We’re down to five men due to two extra eliminations last week. If they haven’t changed the rules this should actually be the final elimination of the show. We start off with a recap of last week.

Instead of introducing the rookies we get the pros introduced, except R-Truth and Carlito. Each take a seat and pick up a clipboard.

Striker asks what they’re looking for in the next star. Miz says it factor. He wants someone who adds to the WWE’s audience. Who people stop on when flipping channels.

Regal says adaptability. In WWE the situation can change in an instant. He for example can be funny, the next he’s jumping down someone’s throat.

Punk refuses to.

Christian also says it factor.

Matt basically agrees.

Jericho says he’s looking for someone who would make him want to pay money to see them wrestling.

The first match of the night features Darren Young. Punk briefly acts like he’s going to accompany him, but doesn’t.

He’s facing Wade Barrett, so we have the top guy vs the bottom ranked guy.

Replay of Young and Barrett fighting two weeks ago.

Shoving and Young tackles Barret for it. Barret heads out and pulls Young down on the apron when he tries to follwo. He then rams him into the apron. Big Boot back inside.

Jericho won’t shut up.

Surfboard by Barrett. Elbow drop. Elbow by Young. Barrett runs into a punch as he tries a clothesline. Flying shoulderblock. Inverted atomic drop. Jawbreaker by Barrett, but he runs into a forearm. Young tries his finish, can’t get it. Barrett tries his. Young escapes to the second rope. He goes up top and gets crotches. Barrett hits his finish for the win.

Jericho comes in and raises Barrett’s hand. Punk looks non-plussed. The announcers wonder if Young’s done.

They talk about Otunga. Most people praise his it factor. Punk calls him the worst rookie and says he’ll hurt himself. Christian thinks he’s engaged to Kelly Clarkson.

Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan are in the ring. Striker says they were “controversially” eliminated. Tarver says he was supposed to be judged by the Pros Poll, not WWE management. He calls them easily intimindated pencil pushers who didn’t have the guts to do it in person. He says not participating actually made him stand out. And he’s cut off by Striker.

Daniel Bryan gets a big grin when he says his name. He talks about the politics and nightmares in the back. He says the WWE needs to pick the best person for the job. He says “blessed are the meek.” He talks about how everyone knows how good he is. He says Miz knows he’s better than him. Miz objects.

Bryan calls Miz down. Striker interrupts, which Bryan says he doesn’t miss. He proceeds to tear down Michael Cole and attack him, for saying he doesn’t have it. He calls Cole a poor man’s replacement for JR. He then attacks him.

Justin Gabriel(I always want to call the guy Peter) is up next, wrestling Heath Slater.

Cole won’t shut up. and leaves.

Slater knocks Gabriel down and gets an inverted atomic drop. And the focus is on Cole. Gabriel misses sucide dive and was then rammed into the announce table. Abdominal stretch on the mat. Gabriel fights out with knees.

Spinning heel kick. Slater with a short arm flapack. Slater runs into both boots but gets a Double A Spinebuster. Spinning kick by Gabriel.

Gabriel elevated over the top. He kicks Slater in the head, then hits the 450 for the win. Matt comes in to congratulate Justin, while Christian talks to Slater. The men shake hands all around.

Interview with Skip Sheffield. He says the pros were intimidated by him and they viewed him as a threat. Just like on Survivor you take out the biggest threat first.

Cole is back.

The pros talk about Darren Young.

Oh, we get to see the Pros poll tonight. It’s got to be David Otunga, the guy who didn’t care enough to show up.

Otunga finally shows up at the end. He’s still number 2. How stupid. Slater is number 3. Darren Young is eliminated.

Stupid. The obvious choice is the wrong one. Strike gives him the mike. He thanks the fans in the audience and at home. The difference between him and the other rookies is he has respect. He’s not going to holler and cry. He’s just going to thank them. He says this isn’t the last time people will see him.

Striker says the competition will truly intensify. We end with a replay of the attack by Bryan.

Okay, so the final four thing isn’t happening. I hate when they give facts and don’t stick with them.

Overall a good show. But Otunga’s not being eliminated was weak. They should have given him a pro to face.

As for Daniel Bryan, I’m surprised he didn’t call himself Bryan Danielson and his attack on Cole. Well, that’s the sort of thing that WWE main eventers did all the time.


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